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    How long do they go with Wily Mo?

    pg, what are we supposed to do? Crisp was horrendous, and a couple of hits and bunts hasn't erased that. It's a start but he's got a long long way to go to set things right. Those asking for Pena, including myself, were doing so out of desperation. There was the slim chance WMP might get it together if he saw enough at bats. Ok, it didn't work. Personally I'd like to the Sox make a move to try to get someone else out there who carries a big bat. But seeing as how Andrew Jones isn't about to jump out of the dugout we're stuck with the lesser of two evils.
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    How long do they go with Wily Mo?

    I agree completely about Wily Mo. I have to admit that I believe him to be a very likable fellow, but he hasn't gotten any better at all as a player. And, it could be argued that he has gotten a lot worse. He can't play the field either. Last night he looked foolish out in center field. With Coco out there I feel like he will catch everything that is catchable. With Wily Mo out there, I feel very nervous that he won't catch anything. If they think that Wily Mo is going to replace Manny as the next big right handed hitter, boy are they wrong. I say he should have been gone already.
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    How long do they go with Wily Mo?

    It's actually sad, to watch this guy perform. I don't believe he is even a AAA quality player. All the reasons , he was signed to early, he was brought up too soon, his mother gave him too much pablum, whatever. This guy some how fell through the crack. Had he gone through the low minors , through AA . It would have been clear that he 1. cannot hit off speed stuff 2. He has hands of stone in the outfield. I am just waiting for him to get hit on the head by a fly ball. I don't want to see it happen, but it is a real possibility.

    Give the gentlemen his 2 million . It's too painfull too watch .If he gets 2 million a year, what would Teddyballgame get? 1 trillion . That's about the difference in their respective performances. Everytime he K's or misplays a fly ball. Theo must be be rolling the eyes. The longer he stays around the worse Theo looks. Ship him down the road Theo and you get a get out of jail free card. Keep him around and don't win this year and your gone along with Wily Mo Zero.

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    How long do they go with Wily Mo?

    I think if Coco goes on the DL, we get the WMP experience part II. If he performs well (assuming that these last few games are shaking off the rust), he might have some trade value at the deadline. e.g a Ryan Shealy (who has been awful in KC).

    If he struggles and hits .100 with errors, then who is going to want him on waivers? Yea he's still got potential, but he's being paid close to $2 million and can't be a reliable outfielder, not even in NL imho. What NL team wants that? Plus, if he does get claimed, thats $1.5 or so million saved for us this year. I dont think his value this year is that high on this team right now. Finally, If he escapes waivers, we can probably send him to AAA, where he might learn how to hit the offspeed pitch.