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    If I hear Garret Atkins name...

    Please do not use any of the following terms in refering to Garret Atkins: "power hitter", "big bat", "replacement for Mike Lowell", etc.

    1) Statistics for last 3 seasons combined:

    Coors Field: .946 OPS

    Everywhere Else: .790 OPS

    2) Of the 86 position players with 225 road at-bats in the National Leauge in 2008, there were only 4 players with a worse road OPS than Garret Atkins.

    3) From 2006 to 2007, his overall OPS fell .112 and from 2007 to 2007 his overall OPS fell .073 for a grand total of a .185 drop in OPS in the past 2 seasons. Horrible....sraight horrible.

    4) In 40 postseason at-bats, Garret Atkins has a .175 BA and an OPS of .608.

    5) His career fielding percentage at 3B is .955. There is a reason he played 61 games at 1B last year.

    So what exactly does Garret Atkins bring to the table over what we already have at the corner in-field positions in Mike Lowell and KevinTony Youkilis? Is he supposed to magically improve by being traded to the American Leauge? Can anyone tell me? Tony Massarotti?
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    If I hear Garret Atkins name...

    wow, that is some trade rameakap... prob would never happen.