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    In a nutshell, why a 2nd round pick

    We all love the fact that Patriots (Pioli, Belichick, etc..) have gotten away with a few questionable moves, over the past few years. This may not be remembered as one of those times.

    As a fan, I have been making up excuses, why KC's second round pick is worth Vrabel and Cassel. The truth is, they were worth much more. Over the next few weeks we'll likely learn that the Patriots pulled the trigger way to early on the trade. It's pretty obvious that they could have gotten a 1st, and 3rd, round pick for Cassel alone. Page #1 of the "Reecaserio Files" (Floyd Reece and Nick Caserio... Pioli's replacements) could be a screamer.

    I know, I know... the Patriots don't want to pay for 1st round talent, but those picks would be tradeable. To sign a top-teir restricted free agent we would likely be forced to give up a 1st round pick. So just get ready for the Pats to sit out the 1st round, because they will go after a veteran after letting Vrabel go, and I'm feeling Ray Lewis or Julius Peppers.

    They wouldn't be able to extend contracts with a few of their own key players (Wilfork,Seymour, etc...) so they are avoiding the 1st round, like the plague. Economics definately played a part in this one. That is my excuse... what's yours?
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    In a nutshell, why a 2nd round pick

    The Pats traded a 7th round 'backup' qb, who they were on the hook for 14.6 mill for, who looked good dumping the ball off to two of the best receivers in the game against everybody but the good teams and an overpaid 12yrs in the league and 34 yr old LB, who we all used to love, for the 34th pick in the draft, which bang for your buck wise is the best place to pick.

    Another way to look at it is this...if the Pats didn't franchise Cassel they would've gotten a pick at around the 100th slot. Including Vrabel allowed them to move up 66 picks...Vrabel himself isn't worth a top 100 pick.

    KC got a great locker room presence in Vrabel, with maybe a good year left (though if last year is any indication, maybe not)...and the unproven $14.6 million dollar Cassel for not just a second round pick, but the 34th overall. The 62nd pick is a second round pick too.

    The Pats obviously feel like they can get a guy to replace Vrabel at that spot.....youtube Connor Barwin from Cincy and you'll feel pretty good about the deal.

    That's all without using the cap space we freed up as justification.
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    In a nutshell, why a 2nd round pick

    After mulling over this for a couple days I l8ike the move. we already have enough draft picks, and this gives us some money to up the defensive front. I will really like this trade if they can bring in a Peppers, heck JT was just released, maybe we trade for peppers and get taylor and have mecca defense this year and actually go undefeated through the super bowl. plus all the picks gets us some younger guys for the future.

    Another note, this gives us the flexability to give wilfork the ext he truly deserves.
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    In a nutshell, why a 2nd round pick

    Be honest. We all wanted Cassel traded because no one wanted 29m spent at the QB spot. If nothing else, the trade at least made the extensions of Wilfork and Seymour and maybe Mankins remotely possible. The worse situation could have been holding onto Cassel (no trade offers) or having him in Jets uniform for two firsts. Neither of those situations happened. It's not a great deal where Belichick fleeces the other trading partner, but once the whole world knew that Brady was healthy some leverage was lost. BB had to make a deal and not let things get worse. Trading Cassel allows the Pats to get FAs and pay for their draft picks. Having Cassel sit on the bench and pay him a ton of money (the alternative) would have been much worse for the team.