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    is baseball rigged too?

    ok...I'm really getting frustrated after watching this latest L. I'm in shcock at how complacent we look night after night. How does this team have such a good record? I heard a Yankee fan say it earlier and I have to agree....we are the worst team with a great record. I seriously don't know how we did it.

    #1 I think tonight was an inportant game yet we play half of our bench. From all reports Manny is doing well. We need him NOW not later. Who knows if we'll even make it to "later". 3.5 games is nothing.

    #2 Francona seems to have no strategy..wearing out pitchers & leaving them in too long.

    #3 It's time to sit DREW. Enough is enough.

    #4 we look soo tired....aside from Pedroia & Youks everyone looks bored and carefree.

    #5 inconsistency......4 hitter tonight.

    I'm's been great year but at this point we'll be lucky to get the wild card...

    The Yanks are surging and we are slowly dying.

    I hope I'm wrong......

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    is baseball rigged too?

    No sense of urgency whatsoever. Not winning 2 of 3 over the weekend actually meant 3 games blown off the magic number, since the tiebreaker swung in the Yanks favor.

    Dont watch it anymore. Its not worth it. I havent followed them at all since Fridays disaster (now a predictable 1-2 since then) and I feel the best I've felt since the ASB.

    And I agree with your premise about it being rigged.... it just seems too damn coincidental that the Sox have blown literally a dozen opportunites to end this race. They either dont give a damn about the division (most likely case), or there's something in it for someone to have a pennant race.

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    is baseball rigged too?

    Sure it is rigged. No doubt about it. But, the way money controls everything, all sports probably are. Even Nascar...Beats me how a team can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology and "Run out of gas just before the finish line." Bull Hockey.....And how many football games are won on a last second field goal, or basketball games, (God forbid) on a last second shot.....It needs to be investigated.....