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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    Good work Drazz.

    Lowell is the only free agent on the market that this team needs.
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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    I agree - Lowell is such a huge asset... oh and by the way, the idea of letting go of Lowell and going after A-Rod because Lowell is older is pretty stupid...

    I was curious how old A-Rod is and he is.... 32 years old while Lowell is an ancient 33 - give me a break...

    Message to Theo...


    NO BRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    i do not know if lowell is going to start a gradual decline and no one else does either, but he might need to really think deeply about leaving the sox and fenway especially if for only a small amount of money.

    i have no doubt that he will continue to be a great team leader, etc wherever he might go, but he is very likely to see his offensive production drop off dramatically if he signs somewhere else. his 'fenway stats' are clearly better than his 'road stats' . 81 games a year in fenway might be hard to duplicate even though there are some other good hitter's parks.

    and if he is thinking yankees, i predict that his home run total, average and rbi totals (although this stat is likely to drop even if he plays again in boston) will drop significantly even before his physical skills erode just enough over time to diminish his high salary level towards the end of his next contract.

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    I think it is highly unlikely that Lowell will be playing for the Red Sox next year. I like Lowell, but I think his asking price will be way higher than anyone outside of Yankee stadium will be willing to pay. It is a perfect storm right now for Lowell. He had a career year and was the World Series MVP, all in a contract year. At the same time, Arod has opted out of New York leaving the yankees with a big hole at 3rd base. That equals a very unique situation for Mike Lowell. I think Arod just made Mike Lowell 5 million per year more than he would have gotten if Arod had stayed in NY.


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    Is Lowell in a Decline???


    I think you answered your own question, But just incase there is any doubt.........If Lowell is in any decline at all........ I say let him continue that decline at 3 base here in Boston......... At the rate he is declining he may hit 400 next year, hit 50 Hr's and not make a single error.......

    As someone else said the only free agent we must sign is Lowell..........

    I would say however that given the youth on our pitching staff. resigning Schilling should be a close second.........I would love him in a role next year to really help mentor these guys.

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    Drazz,...........I totally understood that you were proving Lowell is not in any decline........I agree with your logic not 100%, I agree with your logic 1000%..........Sorry if my post was in any way unclear about that!!!!!!
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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    He strikes out FAR less than AROD. He hits FAR BETTER with RISP. His defense is LIGHT years ahead of AROD, and he's only 17 mos older.
    Well, two out of three.
    Lowell strikes out much less. He fans once every 7.15AB's. A-Rod strikes out once every 4.82 AB's. The trade-off there is A-Rod obvious advantage in slugging and home runs. Once every 14.2 AB's for A-Rod to once every 25.7 for Lowell. In fact, it is easy to argue that players who hit home runs as infrequently as Lowell are by no means sluggers. A-Rod, on the other hand, is among, if not the, best in the history of the game.
    Defensively, Lowell is better, though it isn't a fair comparison since A-Rod has spent much less time at the position. Last year, Lowell's FRAR was 24 runs above average. A-Rod's was only 13, but up from being negative in 2006. Lowell is better, but A-Rod is improving.
    But RISP? For his career, Lowell is a very respectable .287/.367/.474. A-Rod has been a phenomenal .306/.404/.561 for his career. No points awarded.
    The guy may be a Stupideeeeediot, but he is right. Arguing that Lowell is better is like arguing that a horse is better than a car. You can rationalize it all you want ("Horse runs on grass, doesn't pollute the air, gives off fertilizer, repairs itself, and makes its own replacement"), but you're just fooling yourself and missing the big picture. A-Rod is the universally agreed-upon as best player in the game today, and you don't get that title if you are not better than Mike Lowell.
    However, there are still plenty of reasons to chose Lowell over A-Rod, the biggest of which is that Lowell is cheaper and therefore less draining on other resources. A lot of people like to propose clubhouse arguments, which normally fall on deaf ears with me because I've never been around either guy and never will be, so I don't care and always feel there is less evidence to support most of these arguments. Although when it comes to A-Rod, I do remember an article (I think it was) Jeff Passan wrote about how all the Rangers were glad to see him go because he was so ridiculously condescending to everyone else, to the point where his in-game chatter was insulting to the baseball intelligence of all his teammates. It's not often you see a bunch of guys happy to rid themselves of a league MVP.
    I do prefer Lowell over A-Rod, but I'm not going to rationalize it. Lowell is fans who want the greater good of the team. A-Rod is for fans who want to see records broken. I also think Manny is NOT entering his last season in Boston, and therefore the great financial windfall that should pay for Rodriguez just won't be available. Lowell is more than enough of a compliementay player for the core of this lineup that the team will be competitive, and he won't prevent the team from retaining the younger players as arbitration years approach. (Like Papelbon, who is eligible after 2008, I believe.)
    Of course, there is always the third possibility that the Sox do not get either player, which will make this off-season very interesting and certainly controversial...

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    After reading this entire thread, I am struck with just one burning "rationalization," if you will. The reason for not signing Lowell up this point has always been that the Sox FO (ie, Theo) does not offer 33 year-olds long-term contracts, so as not to have a 35-year old player under contract for multiple years. At least that is what I've read.

    f that is the business model, how does it make any sense for Theo (or anyone here) to talk about giving a 32-year old a ten year contract? As one poster said, I'd like to hear Theo say, "We want Mike Lowell at 3B, next year." But I would also like to hear Theo say, "we have no interest in having Alex Rodriguez under a 10 year contract that would force our team to play him until he was 42." If Theo is refusing to commit to Lowell for 4 years, because he is afraid of what Lowell will be at age 37-38, then he should be publicly laughing at the idea that the Sox would offer A-Rod a ten year deal.

    The troubling reality is that Theo has been absolutely dishonest regarding this "rule" that the Red Sox have about long-term deals and players over 35. Varitek, Drew, Schilling and Wakefield are all examples of some level of hypocracy, regarding this "rule." I'm not a Theo basher, as some are here, but Theo looks like an insincere BS artist on this one.

    Theo, sign Mike Lowell now, before we end up with neither and the Yankees end up with next year's repeat World Series MVP! If the Yankees sign Lowell and resign Rivera, Pettite and Posada, they will be a better team than they were this year (and they would likely pay less, to boot). And if the Sox end up without Lowell (and A-Rod) we will be worse, for sure. Either we end up with Youkilis at 3B and some combination of Ortiz/Moss/Carter at 1B/DH or we trade some of our young talent to get a 1B on the market, and still end up with less offensive production (in all likelihood) and much less defense (almost certainly).

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???

    Five reasons for lowell to stay:

    1.) The ballpark. He'll continue to pile up homers and doubles hitting at Fenway, as opposed to hitting long fly ball outs into Death Valley at the stadium.

    2.) Postseason. He has to look at the Sox roster and know that even without Schilling, the Sox are in a position where they could be a fixture in the playoffs for years to come. Probably a better position than the Yankees.

    3.) The city. The nation has embraced Lowell as a fan favorite. They appreciate his work ethic, his leadership, and the graceful way he handles pressure in Boston.

    4.) Manny and papi. Granted Manny may be here for only one more year, but Lowell knows the size of his next contract is partially due to hitting behind the best 3/4 combo in baseball. With Papi and Manny due to have rebound seasons in 08, Lowell will see a lot of pitches to hit. More than he would see in NY with A-Rod out of the picture.

    5.) Oh, yes . . . the Money. The Yanks will outbid the Sox as usual, but Boston will come up with a fair offer for the years he wants at 4-5 mil per year more than he's making now. I know sentiment counts for little when a player has a chance to negotiate his last big contract. But if lowell is willing to extend a hometome discount, the Sox will still be able to make him a very rich man.

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    Is Lowell in a Decline???