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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    I want to keep Jacoby. The twins need to decide and do it soon the Sox can move on other free agents and make deals using some of the guys the Twins are "deciding" on. Are they even deciding, or just waiting for the Yanks to come back?

    Ellsbury is exciting to watch and see grow as a MLB player. The Sox never have an exciting CF-type player come up through their system (I can only think of Burks here). Why give up so much fun potential for Santana? Would love to have his arm, but not for Ellsbury. They have plenty to offer right now without him as part of a deal.

    Jacoby brings so much to the Sox, it would be a shame to lose him to watch him give the Sox fits for years to come.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    I seem to remember a fellow by the name of Fred Lynn.
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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    I seem to remember a fellow by the name of Fred Lynn.

    So do I, and I think it's a little early to compare either of those two to Lynn.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    " Jacoby seems a bit more hard core and although he may not have the power of Lynn could still have a huge impact on our offense for years. "

    May not have Lynn's power? Jacoby will take 10 years to hit as many HR's as Lynn hit his rookie year.

    Soxway, please don't become one of the "Ellsbury is the next Sizemore" crowd.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    "While I disagree on the point about Santana not being worth Ellsbury, but I would not include Ellsbury right now because there is no competition for Santana and why would the Red Sox pay more if they don't have to?"


    We're also in a place where pitching is not as big a need for us as it is for some other teams.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    My feeling is Ellsbury is going the kind of player that people will compare future players to. Ellsbury will be .... the Ellsbury.
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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    Remember how ''flat'' the team was just before Jacoby got called up from the minors? Remember how ''flat'' the team was before overwhelming demand forced Francona to put Jacoby back into the lineup trailing Cleveland 3 games to 1? Jacoby is one of the key ingredients to this team. Just like in a great spaghetti sauce, you can't guarantee that you won't screw up the sauce if you replace a certain ingredient by another. Trade Jacoby and chances are you'll screw up the chemistry that got us a World Series this year. You wanna see a bunch of big names with no chemistry? Just look at the Yankees. Is that the Front Office's future vision of this team? I hope not.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    ok, let us know when we are allowed to

    Dreamer, don't get your panites in a twist. If you want to compare Ellsbury and/or Pedroia to Lynn and look foolish in the process, then go fo it.

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    Explain to us again why we should take anything you post seriously?

    Message #35211.2 in response to #35211.1

    Posted by CLEATSOX on Aug-24 11:08 AM

    You needn't worry about thelead because it's inevitable it will be gone. If you've been watching theYankees, you know it's a different team than the one who came into Fenway andtook the second series in as many weekends in June.

    I think they match up sowell right now with the Sox that 5 of 6 remaining likley and all 6 wouldn'tsurprise me a bit as well, we've seen it done with ease before to 4 of the same5 pitchers you've still got now and Dice doesn't seem to bother them so why beconcerned.

    Yet again I'm amazed thatafter stumbling out of the gate worse than I can remember, but for the thirdconsecutive year, the Sox have never nailed the coffin shut. When you guys havestumbled in April and May, season is all done and division is a wrap with nolooking back.

    With the Sox it's anywherefrom 6-16 game lead at it's peak 05-07 and no matter what the lead is lost. Youguys can't play consistent baseball and year after year the Yankees play bestin MLB ball for 2nd half.

    The talent was there all along,the kids (half the team now home grown, as it should be but since you've takenon the Yankee identity of 2002, it will take a few years for Theo to get it.Maybe not as he seems to be in "throw it at the wall and pray itsticks" mode with his moves.

    This is why we chant"April's team" in the bleachers when you guys come in, this is whyyou still got arrogant looks from Yankees fans, and this is why no true Yankeefan was worried. Death, Taxes, and a 2nd half collapse, choke, and gag job bythe Sox regardlesss of year, players, or lead size. I'll admit it's strange,but since we here in NYC set our watches by it, we always know it's coming.

    On the bright side, once youget past the all the new Choke - 07 shirts, websites, and hats you the teamwill be completely overhauled and the punchline to the big joke won't be"JD Drew, Lugo,and Dice for 230 Million!!!!!!!!!!"

    All that typing and not a word of it came true, Nostradumbass.
    Did you buy your "Choke 07" T-shirt yet? You know, the one with the Yankee emblem on the back?

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    Jacoby & Dustin are key

    "Notin you mentioned how great Lynn was and the fact Ellsbury would take forever to even come close to Lynn's power but I don't quite get where your coming from. Lynn had some great power years and some very average ones. Fred averaged 18HRS a season for his 17 year career.

    Jacoby had 3 in 116 AB so if you figure he could easily have 586 AB as a leadoff hitter that could average out to 15 his first year if his numbers stay consistent which isn't bad at alI. I have to agree with Ellsbury and Pedroia possibly being tougher than Lynn who made great catches but came up hurt more often than he had to, or limped off the field for attention. Ellsbury will be himself and probably have as much or more impact than Lynn in other areas. JUST MY TAKE"

    Your take is crazy.

    In over 1,000 AB's in the minors, Ellsbury hit 10 HR's. In over 600 AB's in college, Ellsbury hit 16 HR's. Yet for some reason you think the truest measure of his power is the 110 AB's in the majors?

    As I've said before, if all players who got off to hot starts in the careers progressed as fans expect, 31yo Ben Grieve would be deciding which $100 mill contract offer to accept, instead of being 2 years into retirement.

    Ellsbury is not a power hitter. It's not a crime. Not his game, nor his role. Yet for some reason, his biggest fans seem unable to live with this...