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    Joba out for the year

    Joba is scheduled to see baseball orthopedist Dr Andrews. The only time the Yanks have sent a pitcher to see him is when they felt there was a serious injury (Clemens and others). Perhaps it is just cautionary, but I would be very concerned if I was a Yankee fan.
    I followed Joba through college and he was a horse; he played tough, and played hurt. I do think conditioning is an issue for him.

    or the fact that you think his stiffed shoulder is due to his weight

    Victory, I respect you and your posts, but in this case, you could be wrong. Your weight has a lot to do with the pressure you put on your shoulder when pitching, especially for a power pitcher like Joba.
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    Joba out for the year

    [Quote]Oh our players our players are all well conditioned and physical specimens. Papalbon is not exactly fit & trim and Ortiz and others could work on conditioning more.[/Quote]

    PAPELBON is a stud obviously have not seen the video of him
    dancing in his skivvies during the playoffs last year...
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    Joba out for the year

    Joba is a remarkable young talent and although he is a Yankee I have a hard time rooting against him, except when he is facing Boston. I would be perfectly happy if he missed a month of starts but came out of it healthy when the Yanks are 12 games out in September. That would work for me.

    I'm SO disinterested in Manny. He's paid $20 million and deliberately sabotages his team? Indefensible. "See Ya!"
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    Joba out for the year

    some of the comments about joba border on want to see potential greatness develope regardless of the team they play for...i grew up watching gibson, koufax, marichal, seaver, palmer, yaz, lynn, bench, rose, ozzie, reggie, munson, brooks and frank robinson, mantle, berra and so many more...thank GOD their careers were not cut short by injuries and i had the opportunity to see greatness...they were tough hardnose players with great athletic skills and would run you over to help their team win--just like joba!!!

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    Joba out for the year

    [Quote]8 for 13, with 2 home runs, batting average went up 13 points in just 3 games. He's lit a fire in the Dodger lineup. [/Quote]

    Right, because the NL West is just as tough as the AL East. Hey, isn't the NL West leader finally above .500? Wow, now there's some tough competition.

    Manny will light up the AA line-ups he faces the rest of this year, no doubt. Let's see what he does with his NEXT team that commits multiple years to him. I'm calling for him to start tanking by the All-Star break in 2009. We'll just have to wait and see.
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    Joba out for the year

    [Quote]The stiff is Youkilis. Instead of whining to the umps and anyone who will listen, how about getting a little guts and charging the mound? Four times Joba has almost nailed him in the head and all Youk does is groan and grimace. Youk doesn't even to worry because he's never reach the mound sine Pudge Rodriquez will tackle him 30 feet short. Time for Youk to shut up and man up.[/Quote]

    Right, because nothing proves you've got balls quite like a 5 game suspension while your team is in the middle of a pennant race. Your premise is truly moronic.
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    Joba out for the year

    A weeble? Actually, Joba looks exactly like Jonathan Winters.
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    Joba out for the year

    Maybe he will be. Going to Dr. Andrews is never a good sign.
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    Joba out for the year

    Joba 'seems' to have a bigger ego and more arrogance than most.

    Maybe he's a swell guy, but I don't like his attitude.

    Throwing at the same guy, time and time again, and especially at his head, deserves no respect.

    I have an exceedingly hard time believing the ball just 'slipped' that many times and ony when one specific person is at the plate.

    He's messing with someone's career and potential health. 96mph in the head is BS. You throw an offspeed and you throw it down if you are going to me a jerk to a batter.

    I agree that this shoulder stuff is karma.

    He may be a good pitcher, but he does not appear to have good character.

    I respect Yook even more that he didn't charge the mound. Yook may get hissy when he K's, but he doesn't do anything to threaten anybody else's health. He respects the game and the other players.
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    Joba out for the year

    I completely understand why us Red Sox fans have the reputation that we do. Can anyone be positive about their own team without disparaging the other teams.

    As for Joba, he is a great talent, but not a CY Young pitcher YET and the last outing was not all that impressive in my eyes. The umps gave him 3 key pitches that were nowhere near the strike zone that allowed him out of two tight jams and the sox hitters let him off the hook multiple times by swinging at the same pitch that was so far out of the strike zone I would know to lay off it. IF he learns to mix-up his pitches better and gets control of that slider he is going to be dangerous, but I would be very surprised if the Sox continue to swing at the slider away when they have 2 strikes on them time after time.

    Bay not be the threat that Manny was but his attitude is much better and Manny was due to leave. He deserves everything he gets for handcuffing the team that paid him $20 mil a year. If you are getting paid that much money do your job, hit the ball catch the ball and SHUT THE %*&@ UP!!!!!
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    Joba out for the year

    Joba the hut doesn't deserve the title "great pitcher" yet. Granted, he's shown tremendous potential, but he needs to put in a few good seasons bell to bell. If this shoulder problem acts up again, I think we'll see him in the bullpen being groomed to take over for Rivera. Similar move to Paps when he showed shoulder problems.
    As for the Sox, they need to put together a nice streak, gain some confidence AND most importantly win a few important series starting with the one in ChiTown. We haven't won a series that's meant something for a couple of months. How we play and more importantly how we win the important series' will determine our post season chances.

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    Joba out for the year

    [Quote]Pitching and defense still win in the end. No one has more than the sox. The hitting will come around. The Yanks pitching is in shambles esp. relief. The Rays will hang tough but do not have enough in the end. As with Joba never want to see anyone hurt but when you throw that hard and are not in shape something will eventually give. The Sox should be worried about the Angels no one else.[/Quote]

    GO RANGERS!!!!
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    Joba out for the year

    [Quote]I've yet to see the complete assortment of pitches that makes him a career long outstanding pitcher.

    Stuff like that makes me laugh. You must have never seen him pitch.