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    joe morgan

    i propose a moratorium on joe morgan doing color for any sox game going forward.

    he hates us. we all know this. most of his reasoning comes from the yawkey racist regime that he was forced to play through and deal with. he never hesitates to bring up our being the last team to integrate. this i can understand, but we are not that organization anymore. its that simple.

    its very hard to watch a nationally televised game knowing that one of the guys in the booth is vehemently rooting against us, espesially when most of the fan base has no idea why.

    its a shame and should be dealt with.

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    joe morgan

    a good call. rsdo

    i just get frustrated being behind enemy lines so long, and morgan shouldlet go of his grudge. that was an incredible game, and the analyst did a poor job of painting that picture to a ton of fans.

    journalism is best when objective, i want him to let it go and do his job.

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    joe morgan

    Joe Morgan is the most unprofessional commentator I can ever remember listening to. His bias for the Yankees and against anything the Sox do is was never more in evidence than last night. His deadpan discussion over the 4 consecutive homeruns was laughable and he actually appeared saddened when the Yankees lost. And could they replay Bonds' homerun earlier that day any more?

    Please Sox - no more Sunday night ESPN games. This buffoon should be calling the games in Portland.

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    joe morgan

    I didn t get to watch the game last night, but I think Joe Morgan is better than freaking Joe Buck and Tim, they are the worst pair for Red Sox games. They hardly predict anything good about the Sox, and they would only say something mediocre only when its been done. They both are so biased to the Yanks and the Cardinals. I think Jeannie and Kevin can do a better job announcing the games. I can understand that for local announcers, they can be more supportive of their own team, but for national televised, you can t do that, need to be more professional about it.
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    joe morgan

    And don't forget that Morgan went "on and on" after Lowell struck outat the beginning of the game, basking in the glow of Wright'seffectiveness of fanning a person who strikes out very rarely. Note:his point was not to praise Lowell for his rare strike outs, but toapplaud Wright. Morgan actually sounded more impressed with thestrikeout than he did with the historic homers in the third! He didnot seem "impressed" then!
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    joe morgan

    A thousand pardons kingface!!!! LOL

    I agree with you about Morgan's partner. I should have noted that he does his job quite nicely , despite the monotone, repetative ramblings of Morgan.

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    joe morgan

    You need to do what I do. I live in Texas and am a member of the Red Sox Nation. I watch the game on TV (when I can get it) and listen to the Red Sox broadcast on my laptop. Technology makes the world a great place.