Law im not going to call you a troll or anything because i respect you and your opinions, but that does not mean i beleive them. Your bashing him for not bringing in all the big name player. We could've used tex but oh well. Now what was our problem in the postseason last year? it was pitching. Your offense cant do much when your are down 8 to 0 in 2 straight games. And you keep saying we should've traded buchholz for Santana? why would theo. with buchh's first stint in the majors he looked great everyone including u i bet thought he would be great and he still will be in my opinion. He is 23 he will develop. Why would you want to mess up that chemistry he had going on. You wouldnt want to our team didnt make the series b/c of injuries not offense or offense was good. and since 2000 lets look at the teams that have won 2 championships from 2000 to 2008. Since 2000 the only team to do that has been the sox and im not counting 1999. So no disrespect to you the guitar hero playing GM knows more about what to do with a team then you do. 2 world series titles since 04 is nice. It seems to me your philosophy about getting all big named players you can is like the Yankees maybe you can be the next Cashman good luck to you :/