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    Law, I miss our time together.

    Fer realz.
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    Law, I miss our time together.

    hope you don't get busted
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    Law, I miss our time together.

    Nobody's on board with me here?
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    Law, I miss our time together.

    Dr Marvin, I thought you were in NH!!

    Baby Step Law all the way to Fenway. Get him to Phizer as well and maybe you guys can reunite.
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    Law, I miss our time together.

    Posted by Ram

    Wrong as always Flaw.

    Here's a list of your hilarious mistakes. Beyond just the general idiocy you spout in each post when you hate on Theo. This list is 100% true and will be cut and pasted in the future if you try to lie or do spin jobs to alter the situations.

    Here is his TOP 10 (in chrono order) of ignorance:

    1.) Flaw said that Clemens was "traded by the Sox" it was witnessed by many posters, then he went back and deleted it in shame

    2.) Flaw badly confused an article that said the Sox were thinking of signing Burnett AND IN A SEPERATE MOVE trading Crisp, into a "Theo blew a sign and trade with Crisp for Burnett" wow... reading comprehension anyone?

    3.) Flaw said that the Sox should "sign and trade" Varitek. These type of deals NEVER happen in MLB, the NBA yes, but not in baseball, even if they are not technically illegal. Had the Sox signed Tek he'd have been a 10-5 player (needed his permission) AND he can't be traded till after the season starts.

    4.) Flaw said the Arroyo trade was a "sign and trade" Not true, he was signed by the Sox, then traded weeks later. Yes he was "signed" then later "traded" but this wasn't the move you think about when you hear the term "sign and trade," when you are talking "sign and trade" you think of deals where the team getting the player in the trade has a say in the contract being signed. Plus Tek was a FA so it couldn't happen anyone, Arroyo was arb eligible.

    5.) Flaw said that Youk and Papelbon were free agents that would flee the Sox right after 2009 b/c Theo had badly disrespected them. In fact they were under team control through 2010 (Youk) and 2011 (Paps) and Theo got Youk signed to a great deal a few weeks after this Flaw blunder, then gave Papelbon the biggest 1st year arb deal for a pitcher EVER... while... hold the press.. still controlling him in '10 and '11.

    6.) Flaw insisted that Coco Crisp was just as good, AND said he'd be equal value to Ellsbury in the Santana trade proposal(s). MN had ZERO interest in Crisp, his trade value was WAY less than Ells (and Melky and Gomez), and unless he was included with BOTH Lester and Buchholz was not going to MN instead of Ellsbury EVER.

    7.) Flaw refused to acknowledge ANY of the consequences if the Sox had aquired Santana. Including giving up multiple good/cheap prospects, signing him to a MASSIVE contract, where to get a 4th Ofer who could fill in for Drew/Papi (when Manny Dh'd) and a new SS to take Lugo's place and fill in @ 3B for Lowell. How all that cash to one guy affects the future ability to get players.

    8.) Flaw dismissed clear cut stats showing Santana to have less than steller #'s in the AL in '07 and '08 interleague, and refused to accept many OBVIOUS stats that show he is in decline from his 2004-06 years. Flaw refuses to consider the possbility that Santana will be anything but a dominant top 3 pitcher in the league worth 23 million a year till age 34. He can't admit failing to get Santana can't be considered bad for 2-3 years.

    9.) Flaw called the Gagne TRADE a "Theo signing" Then backpeddled frantically, trying in his pathetic way to prove he wasn't wrong (hey just be a man and admit you screwed up) by finding (after his first wave of excuses like "he wasn't under contract" failed) that Gagne had to sign some form to waive his no-trade clause. Therefore when we TRADED Gabbard/Murphy to Texas for Gagne, it was really a "Theo signing" WOW

    10.) Flaw said that the Red Sox had TWO SS's other than Lowrie ready to step in and produce in '08 when Lugo went down. He gave the names of some 20/21 year olds in A/AA who won't be ready till 2012!!! He REFUSED to admit that these players could not even play in the league last June, let alone do the great job Lowrie did

    Error after error

    lie after lie

    There is a reason he is called Flaw