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    Lawmaker wants FBI drop Clemens probe

    So I guess the message we should be sending to our kids is " It's�OK to do performance enhancing drugs because you can then lie about it and everything will�just go away " Lie to a federal grand jury, need to pay the price, its only a matter of time before the truth comes out. So I guess its OK to have a conversation with A.Pettite in 1999 about HGH and say it was concerning his wife and later claim he didn't know wife was doing it until 2003. I really don't think Pettite misheard?

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    Lawmaker wants FBI drop Clemens probe

    1. The hearing on Roids was a truly embarassing waste of Congressional time and status.

    2. However, despite the above, once you perjure yourself before Congress you HAVe to be held accountable. You cannot excuse perjury at that level. I recall the Republicans Impeaching a sitting President for lying about something of even less consequence.

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    Lawmaker wants FBI drop Clemens probe

    Now lets have a test - lets see if we can name two cowards who hid when the chips were down for my country. �EASY;�Bill ClintonAl Gore...Want a third?...Teddy Kennedy....�How many more do you want, they are easy to come by...Want�one who was treasonists toward their country?...KERRY.... �Want some that ignored the fact that Americans were being killed for 8 years?.... BILL Clinton....Want one that SOLD parts of the whitehouse and then invested the money into his Own PAC?... Bill Clinton...�Want one that allowed our fellow countrymen to be held hostage for 440 days, and allowed the worst ever GAS price rise (Figure it out- adjust for inflation) .... Jimmy Carter....The list keeps going on.. because you socialists do not realize that there is bad on both sides of the aisle...... BOTH SIDES....� YOU are the worst parent in the history of the world.. if you have a child who you have brainwashed to HATE half of everyone..... TOO BAD....� someone didn't use their 2nd ammendment rights to visit you before you pro-created.�� AHHH, but alas.. at least we will know what to expect from your daughter... a brainwashed fool who expects free abortions and free health care and free everything... after all it will only cost her vote... THANKS for making sure your child wil be one of the entitled Brainless ones!

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    Lawmaker wants FBI drop Clemens probe

    Ummm, SORRY about that!� I felt that comment but I should have kept it to myself... �Oh and I would suspect that Yeomans probably did use a gov't issued condom.... the problems with that include;1) Gov't issued means he isn;t even willing to pay for his own sex life.2) The condoms were probably stored by the surplus cheese (for 50+ years)3) Those condoms are now the consistency of cheesecloth, and apparently they allowed the straining out�of any matter that might develop into a brain.�I find it wholly ironic that a person who states that he has taught his child to HATE one-half of the public includes in the sentence just how smart she is..... Apparently someone made this fool believe that he can judge intelligence when he teaches HATE! �

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    Lawmaker wants FBI drop Clemens probe

    I would go along with dropping the Clemens investigation if they dropped the charges against Barry Bonds and let Marion Jones out of the slammer.� You have to be fair about this and Weiner is looking at this through tunnel vision.� What might be good for a New Yorker must also be good for a Californian as well.� Besides, to drop the investigation against Roger but continuing� harassing Bonds smacks of racism to me.Solution----Drop charges against both and deny them entry to the Hall of Fame.