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    Lead down to 4 games

    It will help to remedy the downfall to do the following:

    1- They need more offense, since it is difficult to make a trade in the waivers, and expensive, it will help if the use Ellisbury, he is hot now, and he can hit an run, he will help instead of playing WIlly Mo o Hinske, or to give a dayoff to Coco Crisp, and will give the offense and upgrade. Also when Big Papi cannot go, put Manny on DH, and Ellisbury on the field.The sox played well then he was on the team.
    2- The way Gagne is throwing the ball, is better to return the way the bullpen was used before the trade Papelbon is great, Okahima is pitching great, Timlin has been doing good lately, the same for Delcarmen. Do not use Gagne in close games, so he can fix himself and return to the way he can pitch.
    3- I would like to see Buckholtz, I read he was leading all the minors in strikeout, he could help, I am hoping it they promote it to pitch friday in Boston.
    4- it will be nice to get another bat, but not at the expense of Buckholtz, Ellisbury or the other grate prospects.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Everything is going wrong now and when that happens we tend to magnify all the little chips and dents and bruises that we've seen all year long. We always knew that Francona wasn't the brightest light in the outhouse but when he takes out Okijima to put in Gagne, and then disaster strikes ... it stands out as a monumental blunder. We all knew that Theo was a one-year-wonder so when he opts to disrupt the pecking order of an allready excellent bullpen and ignores the glaring need for more offensive production ... it once again stands out as a monumental blunder.

    So, once again, here we are. The lead has shrunk to four games and, following another brief homestand lurks another lengthy (10 games) roadtrip. And, while the lead slips away into oblivion and the going-wrong becomes even more going-wronger ... we must sit by and watch:

    Francona throwing old Willy Moe into line-up for more k's and misjudged fly balls

    Gagne becoming a 'lets save the ten run lead' late-in-the-game pitcher.

    Okijima's increased unhappiness with being relegated to the sidelines.

    Tina lobbing softball questions to Terry after another series of mis-managed ballgames; Jerry and Don ignoring the game and trading jokes with one another; and, sad to say, another couple of Stadium and Fenway massacres by the charging Yankees. Oh, the life of a Red Sox fan. What-to-do, what-to-do, what-to-do?

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Sorry dude, but the Yankees played an over .500 team on the road this weekend and the Red Sox are the ones who played a crappy team. Yankees swept and the Red Sox lost 2.

    Also, everyone forgets what the Yankees pitching staff was like at the beginning of the year with the likes of Chase Wright filling out the rotation.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Well, they have lost 10.5 games in the standings to the Yankees thus far.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Wasn't the greatest fade in history, the 2004 ALCS collapse, 3 up and then losing 4 straight, something no other MLB team has ever done? Most respected Baseball Analyst including many who are former Yankees seem to think so

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Dave Magadan needs to get CANNED TODAY and bring back PAPA JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    I still think, in spite of the recent bad weather, that the Sox will win the East, will win the AL Title, and will win the World Series. Things will even out and a couple of good homestands will correct all. If Gagne hadn't blown the leads on Friday and Sunday we would still be ahead by Six games and the road trip would have been a very pleasing 6-3.

    The problem with the Sox, one that should have been addressed before the trading deadline, is offensive production. Ortiz is having a not-too-great year, Manny is not as productive as in the past, Willy-Mo is a disaster and an embarassment, JD Drew isn't working out, Varitek isn't producing as he should, and on and on and on. Epstein should have concentrated on getting another good bat instead of creating chaos and wounded feelings in a previously great bullpen by added the crazy frenchman, Gagne.

    Give them another week or so of losing and it will be fun to watch the camera when it pans to the dugout and old Tito is caught rocking back and forth, as he did a couple of years ago. Oh my word!!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    If they could find a way to put Fracona on the DL they might have a shot. All he did was watch in 2004 and they won. Now that he has to actually manage they're blowing games. His plan of resting players early in the season has once again backfired. Resting them for what? Torre doesn't hesitate to put Rivera in for 5 or 6 outs because he relizes the magnatude of the situation. Francona needs to take a page out of Belichick's book and leave his heart in his golf bag. The Philly fans could't be happier at his departure. He was the luckiest man alive for one season. Oh, by the way, Larry, Kevin, and Robert are not walking trough that door, Terry. Wake me up when it's over. It's to painful to watch.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    During the course of a year players will fail to come through in pressure situations from time to time. But the team needs to always be put in the BEST possible position for each player to succeed. Okijima should have pitched the entire eight inning both yesterday and Friday, Millar should have been walked to load the bases, Lugo and crisp should be running more like they did at the begiining of the year, the line up should go back to the opening day line up, despite the big hit Friday night wily Mo Pena should nevr play, Manny Delcarmen should pitch more and gagne and Timlin less, And here is a crazy idea how about moving runners over with a sacrifice or a hit and run. The RS have to lead the majors in number of times getting runners on first and second with no outs and not scoring any runs. So what is the problem with the Red Sox? Simple: TERRY FRANCONA!!!!!!!!!! How can it be fixed? Fire Terry Francona and hire Joe Girardi. Who will the East? NY Yankees.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Despite Francona, this team is still in 1st, but he's got to be the #### (contending team) manager with a job right now. They tell us the hitters averages against Okijima .156 and .180, and next thing you know he's yanking him for (GAG)ne. This is a move he WOULD NOT have made before the trade, he's trying to get the guy into situations he can excel in, but not at the expense of a game in the standings for chrissakes. Can you imagine how many more games in front we would be if Torre was the manager?

    BTW, is LUGO the crappiest bunter in baseball or what?

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Feel free to call me the worst "fair weather fan" of all times, but I will save you the trouble. I gave up on the Sox in 1986....I don't really need to mention I?

    I have a limited amount of energy, time and emotion to dedicate to anything...let alone a long, long season. After having my heart torn out still beating as we all did in 1986, I simply can't expend the energy to maintain an optimistic attitude about the Red Sox. Do I love and support the team? Of course I do. Do I believe they can stop this stumble they are on? NO.

    Anyone who believes this team will turn it around and stay in the hunt is either delusional, new to the country, or you've been living under a rock for the last 20 years...Sorry...I am a realist.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    PatsFan, you could not be more correct. I made this claim on Friday in this discussion and also on ESPN. Are you not completely sick and tired of the phrase "We knew the Yankees were not that bad" or "We knew the Yankees would make a run"? OK fine, the first statement holds water, but the second can only coincide with this team's complete lack of consistency, or, their consistent inconsistency to use a cliche. They are now 35-31 over the 66 game period in which the Yankees have made up 10 1/2 games. Go 39-27 and its an 8 game lead still. Of course, I never expected the Sox to win the 115 games they were on pace for, but I sure as hell expected them to reach 100 and that is not too much to ask with this payroll and the start it had out of the gates. That was playing UNDER .600 ball for the remainder of the season but I guess that was too much to ask. Say what you want, but to win this division it will take at least 100 wins with the way the Yanks are playing. That means going 30- 25 to reach 100 to close out the season. Their offense is far too mediocre encompassing a complete lack of timely hitting, literally 10 cents on the dollar value from Lugo and Drew and nothing compared to any season we have seen over the past 6 from Manny and Papi. I would love to have the time and resources to see how many times they(team) have put the first two men on base in an inning or with one out and come out with absolutely nothing. Manny is now tied for the league lead in double plays. Compounded, the overrated pitching(I have been saying this since June), especially the bullpen(not just Gagne, Oki has been pretty sketchy his last 5 times out) has come down to earth.

    I said it from the day the Jermaine Dye talks started. He has traditionally been a hot 2nd half player do what you can to bring him in. This organization had better realize its in Boston and not Minneapolis and it needs to be willling to part with at least ONE of its prospects. They do that, you're looking at Dye in the 5th spot instead of a "heating up" Drew who still for all these "fireworks" only has 3 RBI in that time and is still at .260. Look, this front office put together a SOLID team that made the most historic RUN in '04. But it is kidding itself if they honestly believe a Championship caluber team is gauranteed once the rotation is Buchholz, Lester, Papaelbon(?), Beckett. Tell me, outside of the latter two who is even close to being a safe bet, not even a gaurantee, to be a better than average MLB pitcher? Oh yeah, not too mention we will have glaring age or performance problems at catcher, 3b, ss, EVERY outfield position. Are we going to a World Series beyond with that staff and Manny, Elsbury/Coco(he'll be gone though), and Drew coupled with an infield that, given the results of this year and the turnstyle of product this front office supplies yearly in infield, will be imploded come offseason.

    This is a win-now town and this front office, as you mentioned, has not had the forsight to see this trend and realize this team needed Jermaine Dye tremendously more than it needed Eric Gagne even before the horrific results he has produced here. I know this organization blends win-now with building the farm, but the emphasis has been far too much on the latter and this season is suffereing for it. Red Sox nation, prepare yourselves for one heck of a strain in the next 6 weeks. You better hope this offense finds some sort of rythem or this will be the worst collapse in the history of this team and sport.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    The problem is that on Friday and on Sunday, they lost without even using their best players.

    Francona is too much of a #### to pull Snyder. He's too afraid to use Papelbon. He wants to get Gagne comfortable.

    The offense needs a fire under their asses.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Your post made me laugh. I'm a HUGE Yankee fan and I have to say, although I'm thrilled with the way the Yankees have been playing of late, I believe in the words of the great Yankee himself, Yogi Berra: "It Ain't Over Till It's Over". Anything can happen in this great game of baseball (i.e. 1978 and 2004) and I'm one fan not about to count any chickens before they're hatched. I love this game and the unpredictabilty of it all (mainly due to the length of the season) is one of the reasons. And because any of its teams can excell in any given season, if you want thrills, the AL East is the best division in the Major League bar none.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Jeff in SC, there is no possible way to stretch out the arm of a closer at this point in the season. Further, I forgot to mention in my epic, I am a Francona supporter but last night was absolutely pathetic. Why in the name of all that is sacred would you not bring DelCarmen back in for the 10th? And, at some point, you have to realize an extra inning is more valuable than the prospect of having the lead and keeping Papelbon in the bullpen. Especially when he is capable of pitching 2 innings. Awful.

    I do not share the same doomsday outlook as you PatsFans, but I have been around to know that WEEI and all listeners and callers who are calling us true fans pessimistic bitter fans are absolutely irrational. This is an extremeley mediocre team with a much better team(right now) on its heals. I am convinced WEEI has been told by its producers it must take this sunny, grass is always greener, its just baseball outlook. Honestly, it has been arrogant, they(media/team) feel above this talk just because of '04. This is still New England, we expect to win, we expect for players to be held accountable for unbelievable underachieving.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Sorry DUDE, but instead of looking at the last 3 days, try reading what i meant and it was that if you look at NY schedule the rest of the way they now get to play the the teams the Sox just did on the road! So am I to assume you're a Baltimore fan or a Spankee fan? Which ever, try looking at the big picture and not a weekend series. I am going to assume your're a NY fan and instead of listening to all the crap you're getting ready to throw, just watch the games and come back at the end of the regular season, we'll know then how it has played out!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Have you noticed that Sox fans don't constantly ram that down NY's throat, but Yankee fans always want to look at things as a trend and compare it to another season past. I echo this statement...THE YANKEES HOLD THE RECORD FOR THE BIGGEST CHOKE IN BASEBALL HISTORY, AND I WOULD RATHER LOSE ANY OTHER WAY THAN THAT WAY!!!!!



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    Lead down to 4 games

    With Theo 'Swing a deal' Epstein, anything is possible...........
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    Lead down to 4 games

    I just proved my point, that is all you yankees fans can talk about, not too mention how many of those rings they won were you actually alive for 4-5. So what, I'd take one ring the way we went thru the Yankees, rather than being 2 outs away from the world series and then choking for 4 straight only to lose in front of my home crowd. If I were a Yankee fan I wouldn't be bragging too much after that. But as usual go ahead and throw the ring totals out it makes you forget the biggest embarressment in the history of baseball. It's a record I wouldn't want!

    Next time read the entire post and try and comprehend what it says, rather than putting out how many rings you have, it means nothing to me! You're wasting your time.

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    Lead down to 4 games


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    Lead down to 4 games

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Yes, 2004 was just a fluke. Yankees had a little four game losing streak and you guys got hot at just the right time. Haven't won anything before or since. Too bad they're blowing the division again this year.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Another one, what's redundant is Yankee fans saying look at our rings Boston

    Definition - redundant: a word to describe how Yankee fans reply to Boston fans, ie: look at our rings, look at our rings. Redundant, can you use it in a sentence other than your ring total?

    It is so old, way older than '04 that I have been listening to this ring crap, it is now the perfect response though, it is the denial factor, a yankee fan will never ever be able to muster up a better response, it's not in them! They went to bed after game 7 and said after tonight we will never think about it, then it will never have happened...oh but it did!!!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    You are a moron and since lunch is over, I now don't have to look anymore at this thread. I'll come back when your reading the NY Post, subway paper for the illiterate.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    4 games in a row is fluke? I'm sorry, you AND Melkman are morons!