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    Lead down to 4 games

    H-I-T-T-I-N-G duh!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Except the Red Sox are not playing .600, they are playing closer to .500 since the beginning of June. And what evidence has anyone seen that they are about to turn it around?

    The Yankees don't have to keep up their current pace, they only have to play 4 games better than the Sox for the rest of the way to tie the division. They can do that head-to-head alone.

    Both teams control their own destinies... that fact alone should scare you.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    hopefully the yanks can keep rolling. I love hughes and Chamberlain.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Management of the bullpen leaves something to be desired. First, why is it that the Boston relievers pitch only one inning? Second, why bring in Gagne on Friday to pitch to three lefthanders when you have a Okjima available? Third, why replace Delcarmen when he pitched well in the ninth? While Gagne is taking the heat, some of the blame belongs to the manager who seems to operate the bullpen by a too-rigid plan of operations.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    Get rid of GAGNE!, Pena, Drew, Hinske, and Theo (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) for getting rid of Gabbard. And yes, light a fire under Big Papi, Manny, Crisp, Lugo (he is borderline anyway-bring back Cabrera!)

    I watched in utter dismay to see the Red Sox lead go from 5-1 to a 6-5 loss! Somebody else said trade Gagne to the Yankees but as soon as you do, the guy will be striking out batters left and right.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Hey Ld, hope all is well. I hope the yanks are not forced to do a Paps on Chamberlain. The kid was made to be a starter, I hope they don't keep him in the pen after this season. The kid is pure nastiness!!!!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    My hat goes off to mr.CASHMAN.... stuck to his guns and kept the kids. I hear this Kennedy kid is the real deal too.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    I have found a group of people that hate the Yankees more than RSN and that is the group of knuckleheads that think they know about sports on ESPN. Their hatred towards NY is out of this world. At least RSN shows some respect to them. Not much, but some and a hell of a lot more than ESPN talking heads. Steve Philips is ridiculous and the guy who subbed for Jim Rome today spoke without having a clue.

    To my fellow Yankee fans, please do not get overly insane over this. Cautious optimism is the way to go. As Keith Richards posted here, do not mess with the Baseball Gods.

    Finally, everyone keeps talking about the strength and depth of the R.S. starting pitching. I will admit that come playoff time, Beckett, Dice-K and Schilling are definitely a good three. But during the season, especially these last 45 games, the Red Sox are still throwing Wakefield and either Lester or a rookie out there. I know Wake has 13 wins, but his ERA is not even close to being acceptable. If the Sox were getting clutch 2 out hits or doing better with RISP, then I think all would be fine with them. But while they are slumping, starters 4 and 5 can really hurt the post season chances of the Sox. I think this can really hurt the team. This is just my opinion!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I have to admit, these lolly-gaggin' moments and flat play really bother me and I expect a roaring return of the Yanks, as always, and a choke by the Sox. I am frustrated by Gagne's lack of fire and control. I fear another team taking the division away at the end. Of course, if ya can't keep the division, ya don't deserve anything this year. The Wild Card is NOT an option for these guys!

    Keep playing your butts off. Stop effin around with the batting order. Settle on a lead-off and 8 and 9, stop shuffling so much day-to-day. Let Gagne get some earlier innings in. This is a guy who has always been a closer, and some guys just don't do well in different roles. Also, he came from a less-than-stellar team, and now he's on the SOX! He'll adjust. I call on all those attending the games in Fenway to NOT boo, but give him a standing O for a boost of confidence. He's not the sole reason the guys have been flat (just a very visible one). If the team really plays the way it's supposed to, a Bedard doesn't shut you out and runs at the end of a game aren't the only ones you get. Are we forgetting the Angels made the Sox look like the Devil Rays?

    Complacency is the problem here, and a severe drought in the consistency dept. A little confidence will go a LONG way. Play like you're the best team in baseball, act like your the best team in baseball, breathe like your the best team in baseball, and these guys will BE the best team in baseball again.

    Panic is all part of being a Sox fan, unfortunately. But optimism and mule-headedness are, too. Let's get off the fannies and stand up for the home team, and root them to some great wins!

    GO RED SOX!!!!!!!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    i just came back from a red sox game, the 1 that waas before gagne blew it, and i realized that there is a bigger problem. The sox leave too many on, about 10 a game. They need to move Lowell or somebody back in the lineup so they can get the runner in.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Not a dig deal. If the Yankees continue to play at .800, they'll win the division. If the Yanks' bats go dead again, like they did earlier in the year or during 2004 ACLS, then the Yanks will fall back. The Sox just need to worry about the things they can control:

    -- Gagne should not pitch in close games until he resolves whatever problem he has (is it physical?). The losses in Balitmore were completely unnecessary.

    -- They Sox need to improve situational hitting -- squeezes, sacrifices, hit and run, etc. The starting pitching only needs 4 runs per game.

    -- The team is boring to watch due to the low energy level. Bring up young guys who have spark and motivation; release a player (Pena or Hinske) if needed. Guys like Manny feed off the energy of other teammates, e.g., O Cab in 2004.

    -- Theo needs to reevaluate the whole OBP concept for certain hitters. Some guys do not hit well when they're deep in counts. I'd put Tek in that category. Run production is more important than OBP; recall that "moneyball" never won the WS for the A's.

    -- If Ortiz is too hurt to play effectively, bite the bullet and get him the rest/surgery he needs now.
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    Lead down to 4 games


    Well stated, I think thier Moneyball theories have to be thrown out the window. Hell, I would look at how the Angels play ball and try to adapt to thier style of play. More exciting, more move the runners along in different ways, and score by constantly putting pressure on the opposition. The Red Sox are not getting the power numbers from the power guys so why not attempt to play more smallball. Also, call up Ellsbury, if he is healed from his injury and just flat out release Pena. He is one player who I feel could light a match offensively with this team with his speed. In addition, bring up Buchholz and trying him in the pen if Snyder has options left and see what he has. Youth can always shake up things and shake the doledrums from this team.

    By the way, did a little research. The Yankees since June 1st have gone 44-22, while the Red Sox have gone 35-30. Still the best record in baseball, but not playing like the best team in baseball right now.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I hate Farnsworth too. Yeah he can pitch 97-98 mph, but he's wild, gives up too many HRs. He gets himself in trouble with walks, HRs and then when gets upset when Torre takes him out of a game!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    zeus did you see Chamberlain last night with the fist pump and all. This kid is to good to be true. Makes you wanna say Phillip Hughes who? jk. Our young guys are really good. After the smoke has cleared I guess the Yanks had the better farm after all. Could Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy be the next Glavine, Maddux and Smolz. I know, I know but even still I'm loving what I see.

    You can see Melky working out with Arod is playing off. I never knew the Milkman delivered every night!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I'm sorry but comparing Francona in Philly to Boston is absurd.

    Philly has the most losses in a franchise and it continues today. They surpassed 10,000 in June. They have yet to hire a winning manager. That's the history of that franchise.

    And if Boston fans turn into Philly fans with harassment and death threats, destroying his car, etc. it will make Boston fans overtake Stankee fans as the worst in millions of baseball fans eyes.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I have been to numerous Yankees/ Sox games at Fenway and at Yankee Stadium. In my experiences, Sox fans have been treated much nicer at the Stadium than Yankee fans in Fenway. I am a female Yankee fan, and I have had someone physically hold my arms at my side to prevent me from cheering when the Yankees scored at Fenway. I have even had an old man tell me that Yankees don't suck, just Yankee fans. I wasn't even wearing Yankee gear when those things happened, because I knew I would be a target. Meanwhile, I was at Yankee Stadium for game 7 of the 2007 ALCS (yeah great game to be at for a Yankee fan). There were tons of Red Sox shirts in the crowd and no one bothered them at all. I don't know why it is like that, but those are my personal experiences with the two ballparks.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Sorry- meant 2004
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Caubrey, Chamberlain is so much fun to watch. And how about that throw by Melky?

    Don't know how old you are Caubrey, but I grew up listening to Phil Rizzuto on the radio and TV. Really sad that he passed. HOLY COW!!! Heard him call some great games and plays. My favorite being Mantle's 500th.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Lead back down to 4... only difference is another week has gone by and the yankees still haven't climb over the M's to take the wild card lead...

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Just for you Jimmy form Florida i made sure this thread didn't get repeated... So i went back 300 threads and found it...

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Sox pitching is very over rated just like their farm system. Everyone claimed for yrs Yanks had a weak farm. Yanks have had better players come off the farm than the sox. Only player that stands out is Paps. The rest was just a bunch of hype in the wind just to get the fans to keep their RSN memberships.