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    Lead down to 4 games

    I think it is premature to panic. With Oritz hurting I don't think this team is going to score a ton of runs. They do need to remedy the rightfield situation. Ellerby in my opinion deserves a least a platoon opportunity with Drew. He would also settled the leadoff situation, which has also been a weakeness all year.

    The Gagne issue is complicated. If he has another outing like today the team is going to have to use him differently. Maybe in the seventh to start an inning and go with a combo of Lopez, Timlin and Delcarmen. Okijima and Papelbon for the 8th and 9th seems like the way to go.

    The starting pitching on this team is a definite strength and Lowell, Youks, and Pedroia have played well this year.

    If the Sox can resolve this current middle-inning relief dilemma that they have now they should be in fine shape. They may lose the Division but I wouldn't count this team out.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I agree. Why doesn't Terry have to acquiesce to the front office. We can't afford to placate Theo and Eric Gagne.

    Okakima in the 8th, Pap in the 9th.

    Backups: Timlin and Delcarmen.

    Wake up!!!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    The team has adopted JD Drew's personality:

    Nothin shakin on Landsdowne Street. Used to be the heart of town.

    NO EMOTION, NO HEART........

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Manny Ramirez seems only concerned with Manny Ramirez. Does anyone else get tired of him mailing it in? He's seems pretty lazy. I wish my brother hadn't emailed me the list of the players' salaries. I haven't enjoyed the season as much since then

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I completely agree with the writer that said the Sox are lost now. Calm down is acomplete absurdity. Opie Dopie the manager has no clue on what he is doing. His lack of understanding on who to use in the bullpen and when has countless evidence over the last several years. This team has too much pitching to be losing like this. I am certain that if a manager with half a brain had this team he could have won all three games with the performances that the starters gave the last three days. Further, what the #*$& is going on with the team baserunning. Does anyone have the guts to have a "conversation" with Manny and friends on the basics of running the bases. I have said this many time. Getting all those hits and not using the bunt to move runners from 1st and 2nd with no outs is shameful game management. We have some good everday ballplayers and great pitching. We just need a clue on what to do with them. What the Yankees do is irrelevant. We have met the enemy and it is us!!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    i think Theo got fleeced on that deal with Gagne. It wouldn't be the first time. Something is wrong with the guy. 2 to 1 he ends up on the DL

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Yanks are gonna clinch the division. I just hope the Sox play good enough to get the Wild Card.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Managers who manage by the book need to inject thier gut feelings from time to time. This is not happining. Franconca stays with the plan, even when it is not working!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    The Sox need to go back to getting runners in motion, hit and run more, move runners over, to avoid the DPs. Now, I don't get to see many Sox games being out in Seattle, but I have noticed the lack of clutch hitting. The way to do that is get guys moving. Youk is a great guy to to hit and run with, handles the bat well. The bottom of the order, Crisp/Lugo, need to create as well.

    As for the Sox not hitting all year, they are 5th in hitting, 3rd in runs scored as of Friday. So it is not that they are not hitting.

    As for firing Theo, how is that going to help this year?

    I thought the Gagne pick up was good at the time (Gagne, Oki, then Paps), but it looks like they do need to ease him in. I agree he would probably better starting an inning than coming in with men on base, but he has allowed runs that way as well. I would now go Delcarmen, Oki, Paps when needed.

    For all those who have given up on the Sox, don't root for them anymore. And when they win, either this year, next, or ten years from now, don't celebrate. You don't deserve to. It is those of us who see them through the tough times that can truly appreciate a year like '04.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    It's probably too late -- I think that this series was a sadturning point in the season -- but I would say fire Francona. That, of course, will never happen. He won the world series, he'sloved by the players, etc. And he's not the only problem. But anyone who watches every Sox game can easily see that this man hasno common sense, much less baseball sense.
    When the Sox win it is because he gets out of their way. They are,after all, with a few exceptions, an amazingly talented team. Managing them takes about as much work as managing the Yankees-- i.e., next to none.

    When they lose, it's all too often because "Marshall" Tito makesa bad call, like putting Gagne in again today after he blew the gameFriday. Why did he pull Okajima? We all know why he didit. He wanted Gagne to get right back on the horse and restorehis confidence. Also he probably wanted to vindicate his own poorjudgment in leaving Gagne out there to get shelled on Friday. "Goget 'em, Eric, we'll show 'em, won't we?" Yeah, they showed usall right.

    What do you think of Gagne's confidence now, FrancoMa?

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Each time I see the numbers Hanley Ramirez is putting up it's like getting kicked in the nuts. Yah we got Beckett, but I'd take a daily playin' stud over a starting pitcher anyday; however, the Sox and their ridiculously slow ability to bring up their farm talent is the reason they're in this mess. There is no reason Ellsbury shouldn't be getting a lot more playing time than Pena and Hinske. Also, would it have been so bad to give Clay an honest shot at a spot back when Tavarez was making his miserable starts? As for the Gagne deal, if it was done to block the Yankess well then the Yankees just got us back for losing out on the Dice-K lottery. I can't help but think it won't be long before I look at David Murphy's stats and see that once again the Sox have traded away quality, youthful everyday players for a pitcher. Tap you own farm system for crying out loud! It's suppose to be stock full of strong future players (TOO INCLUDE PITCHERS), but at this rate they'll all be gone and we'll be stuck with a bunch of pitching stiffs via trade. As for JD Drew, all I have to do each day is look at the box score and see how many men he left on base again....enough said about him.

    For the love of God Francoma stop playing Pena and Henske. Bring up a hungry, FAST player named Ellsbury, and please make a batting lineup and stick with it for more than just one day.

    As for the Yankees, in my mind they haven't gone from just being a threat to win the division, they are now a serious WS contender. Guess that's what happens when you play with some heart, backed by a coach who actually knows what he's doing.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    The common demoninator to acquiring Gagne, Drew, Lugo and Pena is the same common demoninator to letting Millar, Mueller, Cabrera, Lowe, Nixon and yes even Demon walk . . . THEO! Time to clean house Larry.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Gagne had a late night last night in Baltimore. Maybe he needs to go to bed earlier.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    It is our God Giving right to the AL east pennant, and a world series ring. We play like that and the Red Sox don't.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    I am a sox fan and I agree with you. I have been saying it all year. Even when they got off to the hot start, I knew they weren't that good. Theo Epstein is the WORST GM in baseball.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Only bring in Gagne when there is a large lead, let him work out his issues..... at this point use the bullpen as before until Gagne rights himself.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Biggest problem = no clutch and/or situational hitting, which can't really be 'fixed' (the clutch part, anyway).
    Ortiz & Ramirez aren't the killer 3-4 punch they've been, and it shows again and again.
    They're (the Sox) done unless the Yankees just miraculously stop hitting (kinda like they started). Everyone that's been playing the "oh, you'll see when they start playing the Jays/Indians/Tigers, etc." card is delusional. For one thing, all of those teams are flopping as badly as the Sox (they rolled right through Cleveland). For another, you don't need awesome pitching if you put 12 on the board every night like clockwork.
    But the Sox' biggest enemy is the Sox. Plain and simple.
    Oh, and Gagne = 2003 Scott Sauerbeck.
    (Maybe Theo will admit the only reason he picked him up was to keep him from the Yankees? Right. How's that workin' out for ya?)
    I'm gonna go throw up now.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Yeah it sucks....but we will get it together. This is not our fathers Red Sox. The Yankees are playing great baseball right now. They deserve the praise. We just hit a down streak. Look on the bright side. Lugo, Crisp , and Pedroia have turned things around. Drew is starting to hit. We need to do better with men on base and drive in some runs. The pen needs to find itself again. Gagne will find his groove and will be an asset. Give him time. The Yanks won't continue at this torrid pace. We will win the division. The Yankees will be playing for the wild card. My prediction is that by August 25th The sox will be ahead by at least 5 games and looking great again. KEEP THE FAITH RED SOX NATION!!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Why in the world are the sox messing around with their bullpen. Use what works oki and paps have been dominant, but instead we are farting around with these guys that are blowing it. Yeah the yankees are playing good ball because they have not played anyone that has been half way decent for the last 4 series, and the francoma is like a crack head trying to find the newest drug, when the most potent drug he has is oki and paps.

    The way they are playing right now they are going to blow it again, along with a 13 game lead and will miss the play off's if they miss this year francona's head should be on a plate and they need to get someone who knows how to manage.

    Friggin sox

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Many of us have seen this self destruction before. Hopefully , the sox will be a wild card team. PG2
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    Lead down to 4 games

    The 6 head to head games look huge now. I can only hope that Tito keeps Wakefield out of both series. I am not sure I can handle back to back weekend sweeps at the hands of the Yankees.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Stop using Gagne! The Sox would have swept the birds if Gagne had blown the lead in both games they lost. He shouldn't be put back into any game with less than a five-run lead or when the Sox are way down.
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    Lead down to 4 games


    You have every right to be upset. However, Francona is the BEST manager in Red Sox history. This team is going to win 100 games easily. The Yankees were a month ago, running on desperation. Now the desperation has turned to confidence. The confidence will very shortly turn to an unwillingness to lose the division.

    It's a 1978, 1979 rewind. However, this year will prove ugly to the pinstripes. The Red Sox will hold on (by the skin of their teeth), and the Yankees may advance as wildcard. Either way, there are 7 weeks left and the Red Sox need to heed Francona's words from 4 weeks ago in that team meeting that brought them back together when they were 7 UP......

    "Don't look back."

    We will be OK

    Falconer OUT!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    But you lived the greatest COLLAPSE EVER- 2004
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    Lead down to 4 games

    We should have never traded Gabbard in the first place and assumed Lester could hold down the 5th spot yet, but seeing as we can't undo that, go back to the way the bullpen was working with Okijima, Papelbon, Lopez, Timlin, etc. Can we send Gagne down to Pawtucket???