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    Lead down to 4 games

    One solution...pure and simple...get some leadership. There is a manager who doesn't even wear the team uniform. When the Sox won in 2004, it was because they had leadership within the dugout in Millar, Damon and Pedro. The team needs new life and it isn't happening. Too many excuses!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Francona the best Red Sox Manager ever? First what does that amount to? Aside from Dick Williams and Ralph Houk the entire enterage of managers was do do to the nth degree. As to Francono, he was the manager when the Sox won the world series. That does not make him great. That team was great. They had heart and great pitching and a great lineup. Tito is following in the footsteps of the "Gerble" at this point. Great leaders excel when things are going badly. Tito should head back to Yugoslavia with the moves he makes. No fire, no guts, just a plan that is workng poorly. Use your instincts man and lets not be so predictable. I cant stand the likes of Billy Martin or Lou Pinella, but this team needs some fire right now and it its not coming from Francona!!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    As much as the thought of 2004 still causes me great headaches, the Sox beat the Yankees because after game three, they realized they had nothing to lose and played with reckless abandon after that. Don't sell the 2004 Sox team short by just saying it was a choke job by the Yankees. The good thing now is that I believe Damon's attitude along with the kids is finally rubbing off on the business men that the Yankees have for players. Personally, I think Theo should win Executive of the year for allowing the Yankees to steal Damon away. This Sox team is still up by 4 games, but one thing that should happen is the next time Manny admires a double, Tek should hit him in the face like he did A-Rod in 2004.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    It's a long season. The hitting is off due to injuries. Players were brought in to fill the gaps and not all have worked out as expected. Dice K is on and off, Drew is adjusting, still. But what I cannot understand was the Gagne trade. Not only because of his performance thus far, but because of the lessons I thought were learned from Papelbon and Tavarez. One is a closer, the other middle reliever. When the attempt was made to create two starters, neither happened. Papelbon understood his best position and kept it. We saw what happened to Tavarez as a starter. Great opening but lousy by the second or third rotation. Now Gagne, one of the better closers in recent memory, is a setup man! What are Tito and Theo thinking? I don't think it's over by any stretch, but a 5 or 10 game lead would have made it much easier. Now it truly is a contest between the two best in the east. We can only hope! I do!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    The Sox should have picked up at bat, rather than Eric Gagne, at trade deadline--The bullpen was not the problem this season--lack of offense has been...And now Gagne is responsible to TWO losses this weekend...

    And Julio Lugo is useless....WHY the FO has such a high opinion of this guy, I will never know...

    The Sox need to score runs...period...

    Go Sox!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Give the Yankees some credit. They didn't panic and grab Gagne. Instead, they brought in their two young studs Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. They learned a lesson about having fresh, young arms in their rotation in the second half of the year...Their hitting is firing on all cylinders. They will be tough down the stretch.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    What good is getting 11 hits in a game, and scoring 3 runs. They don't hit when it matters. Stats are for losers.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    Very poor manager decisions on pitching and strategy, very poor base running by Lugo and Manny, confused hitters at bat wnen men are on 2nd or 3rd with no outs, unable to hit a ground ball to move runner over, extremely poor fielding decisions throwing to wrong base, game a few days ago Sox made 10 mistakes including not covering first, throwing to wrong base or not throwing to cut off man. Last year sox were 27th in this area called defensive efficiency. 4th worst team in baseball in 2006 were the Red Sox in this area and they have not improved.

    Fire Francoma. Bench Gagne!

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I agree- watching this team is painful.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    There will be no wild card so forget that. Mistakes by manager, poor base running, no clutch hitting all season long have doomed Sox for 2007.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    You've had some stretches there where God forgot you. Mid 60's to mid 70's. Early 80's to mid 90's. And oh yeah, the choke of chokes- 2004.
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    Lead down to 4 games


    First of all, going all CAPS in your post is annoying. Stop it.

    Second of all. You point of that if it isn't broke don't fix it....doesn't fly here. The Red Sox are in a heap of trouble with the Yankees making a very hard charge to gain the top spot in the division. The offense is weak, the power guys are not producing and Gagne has been a disaster to this point. In addition, the bench is horrid and Francona has made some idiotic managerial decisions. There are a bunch of problems with this team and they need fixed fast. It is sorta like a boat racing out to a huge lead only to find out that the boat has a bunch of holes and is sinking fast. Better start patching the holes as fast as you can to right the ship.

    Now with that said, one thing the Sox can start doing is not pitch Gagne for a week or so. Evaluate his arm/shoulder to make sure he isn't injured. He just hasn't been the same pitcher since coming over.

    Another thing to do is to adjust thier lineup to accomidate "smallball" play. Speed at the top. Best contact hitter(s) after, power guys deeper in the lineup and a couple of solid hitter in the back of the lineup.

    Challege the superstars on this team to "STEP UP" and be the leaders on this team that they are paid to be.

    Make solid managerial decisions and play to win the game, not to play safe constantly.

    As for the Gagne signing, you are correct. On paper, it looked like a great move that would propel the Sox, but unfortunately it has blown up in our faces.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Return to the previous pattern of Oki in the 8th and Paps in the 9th. Make Gagne a middle reliever until he shows he can get batters out.

    But if the Sox don't start hitting in the clutch -- starting with Papi and Manny -- then even great pitching won't get them past the first round of the playoffs.

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    Lead down to 4 games


    Yah those 6 games with the Yankees do look really big right now.........I totally agree with you we have played ourselves into a corner.

    Terry needs to set the rotation up with our top three SP for both series. No one gets any rest, and we need to play each game as if it were the play offs which in this case they realy are. If he plans to start pitching anyone other than CS, JB, and Dice K for both series FIRE HIM ON THE SPOT!!!!!!

    Our year comes down to those 6 games. Not much else we can do but try our best to hold on to our slim 4 game lead going into those games, and at least split the 6 games. If we do split, I would hope that would give us the gas we need from that point. I think anything less than a split is death, anything more is huge!!!

    In the off season first and foremost no matter what the outcome this year.............DUMP THEO..........DUMP THEO.........Then after we have dumped him, DUMP HIM AGAIN!!!!! I'd wait on Terry until we see what he does in the last month but at this point I m leaning to dump him as well but NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE THEO......

    In the off season we somehow need to retool an OF that produces too few runs. Obviously we have concerns at catcher and back up catcher so we need to at least accept it's time to at least move Wake from the starting rotation to the pen and let Doug M go and find a back up for Jason.

    Lastly we need some decent speed off the bench.

    In all these moves the only thing I ask is that Theo plays no part in any decision on any of them.........IMO he and he alone is reponsible for this mess with his endless bad moves. Terry can only try his best to bluff with the cards he has been dealt, but he only is holding three of a kind, and Torre has a full house..........

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Stream of (un)conciousness.......

    We are playing them 6 more times - of course we can stop them.

    I'm not sure but isn't there some convoluted part of the "gag-me" deal about him getting to keep to his 'normal pitching routine' , it'll just be in the 8th? Did they have to let him pitch today?

    Francona had no trouble jumping up and yanking Beckett yesterday with 2 outs in the 9th and a 4 run lead. I still think he's the best manager in my lifetime.

    I do think there was some concern about using Okajima so much. Didn't they say that he has already exceeded his previous most innings / season?

    Hopefully, we can now forget about normal pitching routines or any other prima donna clauses, and let gag-me prove himself in safe spots only. He can throw on the side on the correct day like every other relief pitcher in the world does when they are not needed for a while. I think this has something to do with the actual definition of "relief pitcher".

    BUT, even though gag-me *****, the first thing The Eck mentioned after the game - The game never should have been so close in the first place. We left NINE runners on base. The Eck knows what he is talking about. We need more runs, not better piching.

    THEO, we need another hittah. outfielder preferably [with a good arm?] . I know there's good bats out there on done teams. Why can't we rent a big bat, if we can rent an arm? Don't we already have a couple of said outfielder / hitters? What's the deal with Keilty - isn't he an outfielder? And Jacoby Ellsbury needs to come to Boston now, not in September. He's not a fragile pitcher, he'll be fine.

    DO something Theo! We need the whole closing-team-on-the-bench thing that we had going in '04. [I loved that part, when they brought in the closers.] After all, you seem to have also promised gag-me that he was going to win a World Series. Let's live up to that clause. PLEASE. Do not end my summer in August.

    And let's NOT go for the wild card this time.

    I got that 1978 feeling in the pit of my stomach today too.

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    Lead down to 4 games

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Timely hitting. The problem is having to depend on the pitching staff to be nearly perfect at every outing due to the lack of TIMELY hitting. Right now, a pitcher cannot falter because of the lack of run support. I do not expect a no-hitter from every pitcher every game. And when an offense is semi- stagnant and the defense isn't stellar...

    The Red Sox may make the playoffs but if they play the way they have since the All Star break, they will be eliminated quickly.
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    Lead down to 4 games


    Well they are supposed to be our best............Who would you start for those games????

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Schilling gave up zero runs.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    The problem is August. Outlaw the month and the Sox will make it to the postseason far more often than they do. On second thought, perhaps September should go, as well.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    I absolutely disagree with your assessment of managing. No team can win despite their manager. The Orioles are a perfect example. Sam Perlozzo began the season as the Bird's manager. When they hit 5th, last place and lost gme after game after game, the manger was fired and Dave Trembley, a guy who never played ball got a shot as interim.

    There was almost no change in the lineup yet the team is playing over .500 since the managerial change. They are playing better ball than the Red Sox and I hope the Birds continue to play the same great ball during their next series, love to see them sweep the Yanks in NY.

    It's too easy to blame Terry. It's plain old mediocre ballplaying. They've been playing .500 ball since the Break. Hitting but not timely. Huge power outtage in the 4th spot that was always depended on. Lack of clutch hitting, lack of walk-offs. They should have pulverized Traschel today.
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    Lead down to 4 games

    the Gagne thing has disrupted the entire stability and rotation of the bullpen. Francona thinks that every pitcher is only good for a few pitches! Timlin came in for a gassed Schilling who had only given up 5 hits in his stint. Timlin finishes the next inning just fine and with only few pitches so he is done. Then Oki comes in and is done in a couple batters even though he was the best reliever in the pen and got the Sox where they were before the big trade. Then this loser "Gag me" tries to overpower Tejada. everyone in the ballpark saw what was ccoming!! So then comes Delcarmon then we knew it was the end because Francona had already burned his bullpen. Then why not walk Millar to set up force or double plays to end the inning. Why even give Millar the chance for a fly? The manager cannot manage!!!!!!!!!! It is his fault!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lead down to 4 games

    They're totally lacking passion or something right now, it seems liek they're goign through the motions (not everyone, but collectively as a team). I knew that when Ortiz and Co. said early in the year that they "felt bad for the Yankees" when the Bombers were ailing that this team might not have the fortitude to follow through. I also think that getting rid of Gabbard, who was perhaps their hottest pitcher of the moment, was a bad omen. Gagne has just been horribe, as though he's trying to sabotage the team... it's weird. it's really unacceptable during a pennant race for the team to blow 2 of 3 like this (after being staked to leads), to a sub .500 team like the Birds. The Orioles were playing with fire compared to the Sox lackadaisacal play. So Lugo is hitting a bit more, and Drew too, Lugo still has an OBP in the 2's, and his fielding is about as bad as I've ever seen a shortstop play. Drew... well, the verdict is still out for me on him (not like Lugo, whom we should part ways with now). He's a robot, and I'd much rather have Nixon, but he is cabeable of some damage. I say ship Lugo, get back Alex Gonzo (15 homers for the Reds!), dump Pena and bring back Millar, and cut ties immediately with Gagne-chalk that debacle up as a trading deadline loss, even if we get nonone in return. As for the team as a whole, I honestly don't think they're gonna make the playoffs playing like they have (.500 ball for 2-3 months now). They seem more like last years team then the team of 2004.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    The Red Sox have a reliever who has done lousy in 6 out of 6 appearances and who looked lousy when the Red Sox faced him.

    The Red Sox sent to the minors a pitcher who probably did not have that many terrible appearances in the entire first two thirds of the seasons.

    The bull pen was not broke. It should not have been fixed.

    Put Gagne out for claims. Bring back Javier Lopez.

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    Lead down to 4 games

    Stop babying Pap. To-date he's pitched 41 innings. He's 26 years old. He should be able to pitch more often and occasionally more than 1 inning. Bring back Javier Lopez immediately. Snyder and Tavarez are not reliable and should be used only in a lost cause or when the Sox are far ahead. Where is Alex Cora?-he carried the team for a while and his shortstop defense is superior to Lugo. I don't know what Gagne's problems are but this last trade of Theo's could be his worse. In the light of his performance so far, he must be very suspect. Francona leaves his pitchers in too long-potentially the Sox are a good-hitting team but if you put them behind by 4-6 runs by leaving a pitcher in too long, it's a long way back. They are not hitting now-perhaps try some small ball.

    Threre's still a long wat to go-do not panic. The Yankees are peaking now but it may prove to be too early for them to peak.