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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    I've followed and loved this team for many years and am overjoyed by the championships in '04/'07. The management of the team has been outstanding, ftom Theo, Larry, ownership and the coaches and talent people.

    We can be very proud of what they've built including a solid farm system.

    Living in Florida now and following the Sox on 'extra innings', has had me lose interest primarily because of the antics on Manny.

    His quiting on the team in '06 was the last straw.

    While a great offensive force, he is all for himself and the worst example of a team player.

    The offensive hero of this team is David ortiz and NOT Manny. While Manny has had big hits, its Ortiz who, time and time again comes thru in the clutch.

    The management has put up with Manny's rediculous antic for 7 years and over that time there have been discussions of acquiring several productive hitter which would have allowed us to rid ourselves of this childish monster.

    Aubrey Huff, AROD, Germaine Dye are three that come to mind. Also during this period players like Carlos Lee, Vladamir Guerero. Ordonez and others have moved to new teams. There are others as well who may or may not have exceeded Manny's production but the team would have been better served.

    During all of '07 Manny had 20 HR and 88 RBI, hardly HOF numbers and I, for one think his skills are eroding.

    I would also love to see him go!
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    I beg to differ. Manny is the problem and I agree that our bullpen has not been the sharpest, but you can not include Wakefield in this equation. People give him so much crap, but he does not get the run support nor does some of the other starters at times this year. Wakefield has 21 starts and only in 4 of them has he giving up more than 3 runs. For someone that does not throw in the high 80's low 90's I personally think that is pretty good. The offense has been so eratic this year it's driving me nuts. We have one of the best line ups, yet we are not consistent. That is the biggest problem to me. We need to find consistency in the offense then the rest will come together.
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    Manny is Manny & Papi is Papi. They personalities don't compare. We only know what the media is giving us. We don't know what's going on behind closed doors. It's a money thing for everyone involved.

    But, in the long run for the RED SOX association it's getting the TITLE of World Series Champs again. Therefore let's not get it twisted.

    Like it or not...Manny played/plays a big factor in that as well as all the guys on the team. Look ...he's going to say how he may not come out right and it's open for anyone's interpretation but, Manny & Papi is what we RED SOX fans now see when you mention the RED SOX.
    Do you think PAYROLL is taking that into no. IT's $$$ signs for them too. This is 2 sided. Here's a grown man being d--Ked around on whether they'll keep him on or not ...what would your demeanor be? Don't judge because really don't know what's going on. Money is talking for both Sides!!!!

    He has his ways yeah...that's what makes him Manny...I wouldn't change that about him at all.

    In the long run, the fans will be the ones who can you have papi w/o manny? The fans went crazy when Papi came back and the duo was together at last. They sucked last night but, hey it happens.

    I want to keep them in tact. Don't know if I spelled that right.

    VIVA Papi & Manny. VIVA la RED SOX. LOL
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    I'm sure they'll read that and take it very seriously

    Good thing you spent the time writing it

    man, this board is so full of complete tards

    I will have to go to Sons of Sam Horn for some reasonably intelligent baseball discussion by mature fans who actually understand baseball and know what the hell they're looking at when watching a game on TV
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    to say manny is not the problem is in correct.... first, pitching will come around s.s. is a problem but it will come around.. but this jerk in left is a big problem on and OFF the field ... there sprit is gone and there looking at managment to rite the ship.. which they should by throwing jerk-off overboard . it is still early .do it now, or loose the year.
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    The Sox have hit a rough patch these last few weeks, like they do almost EVERY YEAR around the All-star break. They've played many of the league's best team's in this stretch and have still kept themselves in the race. They are still one of the elite teams in MLB, even with their obvious flaws (middle relief foremost among them).

    But Manny is NOT the big problem here, and losing him would end this season (not to mention put the next few years in jeopardy). Anyone who thinks Papi can carry this team without Manny is dreaming. They have won 2 out of 4 WS BECAUSE of the Manny/Papi tandem- the most feared hitting duo in baseball. Papi wiould not be nearly the hitter he is without Manny there to protect his spot in the lineup- they would just pitch around him in tight situations, and there goes your clutch performer. And when it comes to the post-season Manny has been absolutely astounding, especially against NY.

    Bottom line, there is simply no one else out there who comes close to bringing the skills Manny brings. We just have to suck it up and deal with his personality. And to those who say it 'ruins the team's chemistry', was he any different the last 4 years, when we WON 2 WORLD SERIES for the first time in 86 years?!?! How quickly we forget. Ingrates.
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    Letter to Sox Manament - Manny

    To the original poster - Wow, I'll bet you got "manament"'s attention with your letter! I'm sure they'll take your advice regarding Manny's "rediculous antic."
    PS just what is "rediculous" anyway? Is it diculous done over again?
    Just ridiculous, I swear.