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    Lowell stats

    BA .297 since he came to the Sox, OPS well over .800

    last year with injuries BA = .274

    IF he is healthy he should still be very good.

    Seems like a lot of people say he is too old to play well anymore. H turns 35 next month - he may have a few great years left.
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    Lowell stats

    dkindc, I totally agree with you. A number is just that a number, and Mikey will come back and prove everyone wrong, it's the kind of man and player he is. And yes, I also agree he has at least a few good years ahead of him. His surgery was a complete success and he well ahead in his rehab. He will be ready to go by the start of the season, and I wish him all the health and productiveness for this year and the years to come.
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    Lowell stats

    I wouldn't be surprised if Lowell got off to a slow start, and he may have conditioning problems that show up in August and Sept., but i think reports of Lowell's career demise are premature.

    I expect him to be a major contributor this year.
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    Lowell stats

    We just need a better backup. God forbid something happen....I would hate to have Lugo, Lowrie, and Tek in the lineup every night. That would lead to a terrible runnings left in scoring position stat (the stat that killed us in the post-season of last year). Also, a good backup will enable us to give him AND Papi frequent rest.

    I love Lowell. But we are kidding ourselves with Lowrie as his backup. Then again, we could always trade should something go wrong.

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    Lowell stats

    Drew I see you replaced Coco with Lowrie as a dire forbodding hitter in the RS lineup!!!!?????!!!!!.

    Drew you do know despite having a hand injury at the end of last season his stats are exactly the same as Pedroia at the same stage. His FA at SS was 1000 over the 49 games there and 974 for the 45 games there.
    The kid can play and I wish people would stop putting him down like they did Pedroia.