We need to make obvious adjustments. This is ridiculous, Hobbs and Watson were right. We as Patriots fans are spoiled, its one loss. People need to relax and stand by our team. Players need to step it up. Brady is not coming back, it seems everyone is standing around waiting for someone else to make the play. Its time to rise to the occasion and seize the moment. The O-Line couldn't get out of there own way non the less give M.Cassel time to throw. On that note M.Cassel is not the quarterback for this season. There is a reason he was a back up for the past 8 years. There are a few free agents that are better suited for the job, and a man named J.Garcia on the bench in Tampa who could fill in and give us a better look then M.Cassel. Defensively we need to make a change B. Merriweather , E.Hobbs are not good secondary players. We should think about bringing in a Ty Law and bringing back J.Lynch. We need players who want to play and make things happen. The front office needs to realize, its time for a change and do it