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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    HereÆs your chance to step in Bill BelichickÆs shoes and make a blueprint for SundayÆs game against the Jets. One of the things the Pats do best is fool teams with their gameplans. One week theyÆll go into the shotgun and Tom Brady will spread out the offense, throwing the ball at will. Other weeks theyÆve stuck with screen passes or beating teams with their double-barreled running attack. What offensive plan would you devise to beat the Jets? What about on defense? What can Belichick do to fool Chad Pennington and the Jets and keep them off tempo?

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    It should be fairly easy; just make these changes from the game in November:

    1. Reduce the turnovers from two to zero. This shouldn't be a problem, given the Pats have had zero turnovers in each of the past three games. And two of those teams were better at causing turnovers than the Jets are.

    2. Do better than 3 for 13 on third-down conversions. This won't be a problem, either. The Jets had two weeks to prepare for the November tilt, and I think Mangini gave the Pats his best shot in that game. Brady will be better prepared for the kind of pressure the Jets employed last time, so if the Jets do it again, he will beat them. If the Jets don't do it again, then what do they have that will stop the Patriots from scoring more points than last time? Jonathan Vilma... and who else?

    3. Don't panic. They are better than the Jets, and they were one play away from winning the last game (Ellis Hobbs should have intercepted the touchdown pass that Jerricho Cotchery out-dueled him for). Ty Warren will play this time, and he was their best defensive player this year. And Stephen Neal will play this time, and his replacement got run over last game.

    My biggest worry, actually, is the next team they face. This game looks like a rout to me.

    - Scott

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    on offense I would start in the shotgun using 5 wide. Use this to set up the running game.

    Light will need some help on his side.

    Defensively, pressure Pennington with repeated blitzes.

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    O line needs to open holes early so we can establish the run. then can mix in some screens, play action and throw downfield against their secondary.

    Pats need to score points early. Jets do a good job chewing up the clock on long drives and can keep the game close this way.

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    Just simply beat them up physically. This is the postseason, loser goes home. Who wants it more and plays with the most emotion and desire wins. We shall see if uncle Bill can motivate.
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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    1. Play smart - no mental presnap errors and no turnovers

    2. Play physical PATS football - send Pennington to the turf whenever possible

    3. Play the game plan - execution will mean success

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    Beilchick: Blow smoke up the Jest a$$ about how much the pats respect them.... Scour the NY media outlets for bulletin board material. Doctor the field as much as possible to try and give the Pats an advantage. Warm up the snow plow. Get ready to take the Dolphins job.On offense: Hold, trip, block in the back, hope for roughing the passer, PI and obscure tuck rule type calls to keep drives alive. On Defense: whine to the refs you're being held, hold the receivers, pile on after the play to make it look like you were in on the tackle (Tedy Bruschi will lead this drill). -->-->Fans will come up with nicknames for the Game, the stadium, the handshake. They will come up with a stupid ôjambalayaö type code word about Miami like ôCuban cigarö. They will also complain about poor officiating and leave in the third quarter. -->-->

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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    we need to start playing patriot football and care less about what the jets are gonna try to do. We outmatch them in every roster spot. Needless to say they can't compete with us. As for the jets win earlier in the year,, every squirrel can get lucky and find a nut sometimes.. The pats need to just line up and smack the jets around both on offense and defense. The jets can't handle Corey Dillon, Kevin Faulk and Laurence Maroney running all day. So run that ball patriots .......and when you want the first go ahead score toss up a play action pass infront of the officials so we can get a first and goal from the 1. That will take the life and game away from the jets. Then penington can deal with the likes of bruschi, seymour, vrabel, warren, etc.... in his face all day long...assante samuel might as well bring an extra pen to start signing playoff interecption balls. the pennington jump ball doesn't work at this time of year ........... sorry chad!!!
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    Make a gameplan for the Pats

    First, lets remember that Pennington has a weak arm, so he's perfectly suited for the west coast offense. Dink and dunk, take what they give you and steadily inch your way down the field. What I do on defense is something we haven't really seen from the Pats in the last 2 years: lots of disguising the lay at the line of scrimmage. I'd have players shuttling back and forth, in and out all day. I would also be in a perpetual state of blitz, whether it be 1 man or the whole crew. Keep Pennington confused, take away the short game, limit his ability to get rid of the ball quickly and dare him to beat you deep. Given that Rodney is not available, I'd feel more comfortable in the secondary challenging the quarterback THIS WEEK.

    On offense? Well, I'd come out VERY aggressive. The rabbit I'd pull out of my hat would be, on the first set of offensive downs, I'd put both Maroney AND Dillon in the backfield, and I'd run it down their throat. That would in turn open up the passing game. I would milk the 5 yard pass for all its worth, and when they least expect it, I'd hike the ball to Kevin Falk and have him throw it to Brady in the end zone.

    But that's just my opinion.