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    Manny's weekend plans?

    While Manny RamφrezÆs teammates are scheduled to be working out Saturday at the teamÆs player development facility in Fort Myers, the Red Sox left fielder is scheduled to appear at a classic car auction in Atlantic City, according to radio ads playing in the Philadelphia area.What's your take on this news?

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I was a little taken aback by the Boston.com poll which presently shows that some 65% of voters think Manny should not be held accountable for his actions.

    I guess when you're good, you can show up for work whenever you want, even if the rest of the slobs have to follow rules and show up on the agreed-upon date. When you're good, you can dog it up the first base line, even if it costs your team the game. And when you're good, fans will look at the games you won and forgive the games you lost -- even if your team finishes the season 1 game behind the Yankees.

    Red Sox fans being Red Sox fans, I guess.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Well hello Loan!! I thought you dropped off the face of the earth. So I guess Manny's mother must be feeling better huh? LOL I can't believe this guy. I think I am finally at a loss for words. Give me a while to come up with some.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I think this is consitent with what he has said all along; he does not want to be in Boston. There is no doubt he is taking a shot at the team...

    But look, lets have a little perspective here. Sure, he's dissing the Sox, telling them he does not want to be there, and would rather be doing other things. But on the other hand, he is not out there kicking puppies. He is not smoking crack. He is not beating up his wife/girlfriend/mistress. With all the trouble pro athletes get into these days, that is worth remembering...

    What I'm trying to say is that this is not really THAT big of a deal, and that there is a certain amount of news manufacturing (or "yellow journalism", if you like) going on here. Bottom line, at the end of the day, the man will hit his .300-.350, hit his 40-45 HRs, and his 120-140 RBIs. When you are the best pure right-handed hitter in baseball today, you should be able to get away with a few things...

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I'm not sure that they can fine him because the gd players union says they dont have to show up until february 27.

    The players union and management agreed that players need not report until February 27.

    Most players report to work in advance of the date required under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Many employers would welcome that practice.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Epstein et al. are invertebrates= no spind
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    As a Yankees fan, I love this. Manny being Manny means Manny minus games in September when they really count. I'm sure he'll quit again during the heat of the pennant race. The best thing Epstein ever did was not trading Manny!!! Thank you THEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny is here to play baseball. As long as he does that the way he's been doing it, then who gives a damn where he is this weekend? Dan Shaughnessy, that fat, drunken, bozo slob.

    It was Edes, btw. And somehow this is the media's fault? That Manny lied to the sox FO and to the fans about why he was not showing up on time for ST? You guys love to kill the messenger don't you? LOL
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny actually stunk the park up the first month last year. You would think he might decide to jump on the program a little earlier this year so that doesn't happen again.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I'm sorry, but I simply refuse to take any profession seriously that involves grown men running around on a field in tight pants.

    This is entertainment, people. While I understand noble sentiments about equality and teamwork, some people are more equal than others. When you are really, really good at something in life, people tend to cut you some slack. And, for the most part, I think that's OK. Imagine if you had been at your job a long time and were really good at it and your bosses were forever trying to make you adhere to all the BS rules that they impose on the entry-level college grads fresh off the turnip truck. Methinks you wouldn't like it so much.

    Manny, to the best of my knowledge, is not a murderer, rapist, or child molester. So, if his worst offense is showing up a few days late to camp, I really don't care. I enjoy being a Sox fan but my interest stops at keeping tabs on things like who shows up to camp when. My only concern would be if I thought his preferential treatment caused enough of a clubhouse issue to seriously disrupt team chemistry. Given how long Manny's been here, how well he's performed during that time, and how well the team has generally done during that time, I suspect this is not the case. Personally, if I played for the Sox, I think Manny would pretty much have to sleep with my wife while running over my dog before I'd start to have an issue with having his bat in the lineup.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Dear Theo:

    Please, Please don't trade Manny.


    A jubilant Yankees fan.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    The Red Sox have allowed Manny to become the spoiled brat he is. If parents let kids get away with bad behavior, the kids repeat it. Manny has been allowed to be a selfish, spoiled rotten, self-important celebrity. Why not do what he wants, not what his employer wants? He knows there will be no ramifications. But he is not only huring his meployer. He is hurting his teammates and the fans who pay his salary. He has no discipline or dedication to anybody but himself. So his tammates and fans will not get a full effort from him, and he will shut down when it is good for him. He needs to go. Bottom line is chanpionships..not how many hits and home runs he hits.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Hey Manny belongs in Boston. I am sure glad he will honor his contract and stay. When the pennant is going to be decided late in the year, he'll be taking his "break" while the team folds with him. You gotta love the guy!!!!!!!



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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Well Arod is now batting .091 in playoff action since the 2004 collapse. So what should he do, come a month late? Last year was the first time I recall Manny getting off to a slow start. After about 10 seasons of killing the bill, I think he knows what he'd doing. I'd rather him start slow and finish strong than the other way around.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    The trouble is your "manny" never finished.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    let me be clear, i'm not defending manny's actions. there was a time when i got just as steamed as anyone over his antics. i didn't understand how someone making so much money to play a kid's game could fail to follow even the simplest rules of decorum and professionalism.

    then it dawned on me one day that manny's attitude did not detract one bit from the excitement i felt when he got a big hit. it was then that i realized that there are limits to my fandom. i simply can't bring myself to sit in judgement of a phenomenally gifted athlete who has never been accused of taking steroids, who has never been at a nightclub when a member of his entourage shot someone, who has never been arrested for domestic violence, who in fact has never done anything worse than show up late for spring training and miss a few games with what some fans speculate to be suspicious injuries.

    there are certain athletes whose antics and/or indescretions i simply cannot stomach (ray lewis, terrell owens, etc). if i thought manny was in this category, i would feel differently. but i don't feel that he is. that's just my personal opinion. others may feel differently, and that's fine. we all have our standards for what is and is not acceptable behavior. i'm just saying that, in my book at least, manny's going to have to do worse before i write him off.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Chris, not really. His mother did have the surgery and he was there. She came through very well and he probably doesn't have to hold her hand now. He had stated he would arrive March 1st. For all we know he spoke to Francona and said he'd still like to report then and go to this thing in Philly. Francona would probably go along with that. I find it quite amazing so many of the same fans that are killing Manny for not showing up at the start of spring training are the same ones who say let Clemens take all the time he wants, miss more than half season and sign him when he feels like landing at Logan. Hey maybe Manny should do that next year. Tell Theo he'll kick back and become a gun for hire at the All Star Break.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Do Globe sportswriters get a bonus based on the number of times they concoct stories and bash Manny? I'd like to see Shaughnessy's contract.

    It's worth noting thet the Red Sox are partially owned by the Globe. The Globe seems to be the propaganda outlet for Manny-bashing and seems to have a vested interest in running him out of town.

    Every winter, the Sox are keen to get rid of Manny. And then, every Spring, the Globe leads the Manny-watch so that they can invent stories and fabricate controversy where there is none. The CBA says players don't have to show up to Spring Training until March 1. Where's the controversy?

    When the middle of baseball season rolls around, the Globe knows when to start the Manny-watch for the All Star break. They probably have Manny story templates all ready. "How will Manny extend his All Star break this year?"

    Then at the end of the year, when Manny's knees hurt (because he plays in almost every single game) the Globe questions his commitment and accuses him of letting the team down. Last year, nobody cared that the Red Sox traded away David Wells when they were still in it.

    Sprinkle in some Shaughnessy questioning Manny's hustle throughout the season, and then pretend to wonder why Manny doesn't talk to the media. And then bash Manny for not talking to the media.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Unfortunately this boorish behavior on Manny's part is nothing new. I was of the opinion that Manny should have been held to the same standard as as teammates (review the boilerplate Red Sox contract and stipulated employee obligations) and, were Manny to be found in violation, set limits around his behaviors. He should be treated no differently than his teammates or any other employee; otherwise, the organization is further enabling this ongoing sideshow and should also be held accountable to their employer: the fans who pay for the tickets and the media outlets which pay the organization. Shame on ownership and management for allowing this matter to fester. It isn't fair to anyone, including Manny.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Fine the heck out of Manny for being late to training camp. No other team will put up with his selfish behavior. Primadonas are bad for the rest of the team, and very childish. If he wants to act as a child, pay him as a child.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Yes, it sells. It also benefits the Red Sox ownership by making the organization look good while it makes Manny look bad.

    If you think that the Globe's partial ownership of the Red Sox has nothing to do with the content of the stories that the Globe writes about the Red Sox, then I have some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you.

    The Globe is the propaganda arm of the Red Sox organization. Please don't forget that. These guys know what they're doing and these stories are a win-win for the Sox ownership and the Globe.

    These types of (non)stories whip up negative sentiment so Red Sox fans won't have bad feelings about the ownership when they finally run Manny out of Boston.

    If you ever want to know who the Red Sox ownership wants to get rid of, start watching for negative stories about that player in the Globe.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny is a bum with incredible talent. Clueless without a clue no matter who he has bought them from.

    Some of baseballs most prolific stars have been off...odd...wierd...it's one of the things that makes this game great. It's sadly part of the package he'll be remembered by. Today as long as it's not illegal, and it's tolerated, we can only blame our Sox.

    Frankly I'll tolerate all day long as long as he produces...last year he didn't so have to say I'm more pissed than usual right now. Until we start writing clauses that cover and kill that kind of behavior into contracts, no recourse, no point bitching...But it sure is fun. what a mannyhole...Auction this...idiot...go get some hits.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I don't know that people have an issue with Edes story, it is that Boston.com wasted the space on this board starting this discussion.

    Manny being Manny!

    We will see that in print until Manny retires or dies. Does anyone think it would be any different if he was traded to another team? He is going to a car show and on the way home he will stop at a Wendy's eat six deluxe jr. cheeseburgers, and perform the national anthem at the Phillie Kennel Club's annual dog show. What good does it do to whine and complain. Everyone knows Manny is an embarrassment to the players who work their butts off to make the league minimum and the fans who want players to be positive role models, but is this really newsworthy. It is typical Manny and I have learned from the past that it is useless to complain. Manny is never going to stop being Manny and the sox FO is never going to do anything about it. End of story.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Big deal...worry about something else...Manny will come in and continue to crush like he has his whole career...maybe even more now with a legit bat behind him...superstars have been getting special treatment forever....Ted Williams spitting at people, now has a tunnel named after him....Pedro was always late....Clemens working one day a week for 20 million.....the sportswriters have nothing big to write about this time of year. So anything out of the ordinary causes them to act like flies around a dog turd.....No wonder Manny keeps asking to be traded...Leave him be, and lets just enjoy him and his hall of fame production....It would suck seeing him playing somewhere else....it would suck even more to hear everybody whining about it.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Chris, "busting their butts?" Doing what? Have you ever seen a spring training camp? It's not like their paving I-95 south. Manny works out harder in the gym they these guys are doing. Mark my words if he stays healthy he'll bat .315 or better, blast 45 homers and knock in 130. He'll do that if he didn't show up until an hour before the opening game of the season. This is the 2nd time in a row we're talking about meaningless crap. The first was last year when the Sox were dead and buried and Manny bowed out the last month of the season. And now we're off to a fresh start, more meaningless garbage--the start of spring training. I guess when Manny doesn't play for the Dominicans in the WBC we'll have more posts bashing him. Thank god Manny being the guy he is doesn't give a damn what anyone writes or thinks. All this crazy talk about getting rid of him and the people saying it would be jumping into the Charles River if he joined the Yanks. If they think it's bad Damon winding up there, imagine Manny batting between Arod and Giambi/Matsui. A lot of you guys have no idea how lucky we are to have him teamed up with Ortiz.