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    Manny's weekend plans?

    zac, you don't see the double standard here? If Clemens wants to wait and see til July to find out if the Sox are the front runner, the only way he should see the inside of Fenway Park is if he buys a ticket. The start of spring training is damn near meaningless and yet people are attacking Manny as if he owes them to be there. Not the team, not the gm, not the manager, them! Is he asking for a perk, a little special treatment, yes he is and he deserves it because he's an elite player. I was being sarcastic when I suggested he pull the hired gun routine next year. But think about it for a second. It would surely be a hoot. I would like to see how many Sox fans who have bashed him at every turn would continue to say the hell with Manny knowing Steinbrenner was reaching for the checkbook.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    You can bash Shaughnessy or you can accuse the Globe of being propaganda for the Sox, but you can't do both.

    Shaughnessy has spent the past year and a half planting doubts about Sox management. He and other writers have painted them as dysfunctional, arrogant, and foolish. Hardly the stories that you'd expect to see if the Sox were really calling the shots for the Globe.

    Also, what exactly has Shaughnessy done to inspire such hatred? He writes that Manny gets away with #### when he shouldn't because he's a good player, and that sucks... which is exactly what most of the people on this board are posting. And he writes about how he doesn't like Schilling personally, which, who knows, I haven't met the guy. But he doesn't impugn Schilling's work ethic, or his results. I have no problem with Dan.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the CBA stipulates the official reporting time to be March 1, correct. When he's not there on March 1, then everyone can start calling him a disgrace.

    I may not like it any better than you guys like it, but MLB and the Players' Union BOTH agreed to that CBA. So along as he's not violating it ... back off.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    What blows me away is that all Boston is asking for is 8 days of Manny's time. Manny knows showing later than the other players make him look bad in our eyes. He only has to sacrifice 8 days a year during the short period of time he actually has to work in his life and then he gets to go sit on a beach earning 20% the rest of his life. Is that too much to ask from him?
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I kind of feel strongly about this. And while I, too, think Manny could, and should, think about his job when it's time to think about his job, I also think that if the contract says March 1, then as long as he's in camp on March 1, nobody has any REAL right to call him a dog ... or whatever.

    Besides, all of you union people out there -- and I'm sure you know who you are -- please tell me YOU haven't followed the letter of your contract once or twice in your life.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Let's do try to keep this in perspective. Edes has it on good authority from a used car dealer in Atlantic City that Manny will be in Atlantic City on Sunday. Could we wait to see if that turns out to be true before we tar and feather him?
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny needs to be Manny ... somewhere else!


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    Manny's weekend plans?

    No he is not in NJ- take it from a Sox fan in NJ. The rumor here in NJ is that this show is not selling well and the promoter is trying to drum up business. Manny does have a car for sale at the auction - but he will not be there,
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I could care less if he was going be selling girl scout cookies outside wal mart this weekend. I could care less what he does b/c as long as he puts up the numbers he normally puts up and he will, why should we care what he does or doesn't do. I am not on the team and if they don't care, why should I? He was distraction every year pretty much since he is been here and he will continue to be a distraction b/c we give him all the attention in the world when he does these things. Spring Training is spring training, his position is filled by him and him alone and he knows it. Please don't get me wrong, I can't stand the guy at all but if he gets us to the world series, go to as many car shows you want. I mean how much batting practice does Manny really need?
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    yes, steve, I am a union guy who has followed the contract and put in nothing more, once or twice. But that was when we were without a contract, and has truly never been done when the job required I put in the extra time to do it to my best. Manny not only has a contract, but a damned good one. And he has shown up at the last minute before, and it has hurt his performance. He doesn't give a rat's a$$ about doing the job to his best. His baserunning and defense prove that repeatedly. He likes to hit, so he does it when he feels like it. He likes cars, so he screws his teammates and team owners (those guys who sign his check) when he feels like it. He acts like a spoiled brat, and he gets away with it. Nobody, including Manny, ever gets away with it once and then says "no more." Getting away with his act only gets a repeat of the act. It's Manny being Manny, and too many of the fans applaud him for it, so we see more and more of it.

    It is really time for him to take his act somewhere else. I don't know what the CBA says about the maximum fine that could be imposed on Manny if he shows up late. I doubt it allows much. so any money fines that are handed out will likely have no effect whatsoever on Manny. (So what, his next pay check reads 1,599,000, instead of 1,600,000. What does he care?) Sitting him for a few games might be as big a reward for him as anything. He doesn't really seem all that into playing baseball in a Boston uniform...hitting, yes. Playing ball, no. I just don't see him being hurt by not getting into the starting lineup.

    That leaves a trade as our only punishment. But, most of the members of this board are of the opinion that Manny's bat is irreplaceable. Therefore, we just cannot do such a thing. Ortiz will be nothing without Manny's protection.

    Well, in two years we will have to deal with this very same problem, regardless. Except that right now we may still have a viable and doable option. If we revive the trade Manny to LA talks, and take the best youngsters LA will offer, pitching and 3b-wise. We could then spin those guys off for Helton and a good chunk of cash towards Helton's salary. We get a very productive bat for the lineup that might very well do as much for the team as Manny's. We save some money. We don't give up any of our own young pitching prospects, and we improve our team defensively. Put WMP in LF and give him his shot. Bat Ortiz 4th, with Helton in front and Drew in back (followed by WMP). Ortiz is still protected.

    Obviously, I haven't thought out the entire Colorado deal (does Lowell go, does Youkilis go instead -- one of them is expendable. Does Tavarez go, etc). Anything I propose here would be nothing more than wishful anyway. But my point is that there ARE options out there that would replace Manny's production, and could end up not only improving our overall defense and baserunning abilities, but also, and most importantly, our team morale. I've just got to believe that most of the players are sick of Many being Manny. Just read today's quotes of Ortiz, BEFORE the news broke about Manny 's plans to stay away from his team to be at an AC car show.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny is a 1st class AHole if he shows up at that car show. I can see that being the straw that breaks the backs of his teammates.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Here is how: Manny has been the best bat in the AL for the last decade or so, and Helton has been the best bat in the NL for the past decade or so.


    TOTAL 14245106101817002869968646863625.430.593.333


    TOTAL 18176575125820664701516105414513431.411.600.314

    Helton has come as close to winning the triple crown as anyone (his 2000 season) since 1967, and has 3 gold gloves. He is also 1 year younger than Manny and, last I knew, is NOT planning on being in AC this weekend, rather than joining his teammates at spring training.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Let's ship him there and see first hand! Manny to LA for Penny, and two of their best prospects.
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    Manny's weekend plans?



    Other than HR totals and RBIs, not too different, except for Helton striking out 77 fewer times! I'm not sure it makes much sense to compare RBI totals of players on such different teams, and I don't just judge a player's hitting ability by HRs. For instance, if you dig deeper, Helton had (28) more doubles in the last two years, more than 3 times the triples, more HBP and 25% fewer GIDP.

    I do not have home/away splits for either player. Please enlighten me.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny won a WS in boston, and he was a big reason why they won the only WS title here since 1918. The team has been either a playoff team or a team just out of the playoffs with Manny on the roster. Part of that reason is those 35 home runs, the 110-120 rbi, and the .400 plus on-base percentage. He can run whatever asylum he wants, what has happened to the Cleveland Indians since Manny left? What kind of team were they when Manny was there--a playoff contender. I really don't care if he doesn't want to play in meaningless exhibition games, I don't really care if he asks for a day off after 25 straight starts, I don't really care if he asks for a trade every other week. He's a rainmaker. He's a show. And he's the most important sox hitter to his team other than Yaz in 1967 and Rice in 1978. There is no Ortizzle, without Manny protecting him in the lineup. Once the fans, and the media gets its way, and Manny is gone, remember that. Think about his production, and think about how many games he's won with his bat, and how many times he's had the big hit in a rally to save the team. I'M BAFFLED BY FANS WHO THINK HE'S A MENACE TO SOCIETY. HE'S NOT, HE'S A SELFISH GUY, BUT HE'S MADE MY SOX FANSHIP A FUN ONE SINCE DUQUETTE SIGNED HIM...and a successful team thanks to his consistency at the plate.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Let's ship him there and see first hand! Manny to LA for Penny, and two of their best prospects.

    Manny Ramirez had limited trade value a week ago. If the reports out of Atlantic City are accurate, Ramirez has even less trade value today.

    The Red Sox will be better off tolerating Ramirez's antics because a trade would net them little in return.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    You are certainly right. Manny's antics have only hurt the Sox's chances of trading him. (All the more likely he will now demand a trade, just when his value IS lowest). However, if there is a way to get Manny out of here, it is better than keeping him on the team, IMO. And I know that I am in the minority on this, and I have received attempts at personal attacks for stating my opinion. But, if I were trying to build a winning team, I would be trying to get a winning attitude on the club. Keeping Manny doesn't create a winning attitude, it perpetuates a "me first" attitude, IMO. So, at all costs I would be trying to trade him for anything of value, and LA has stated that they are interested in moving Penny. Maybe that's all we can get, I don't know, but I would certainly try to get more.

    But really, my post was more in response to the incredible assertion that Manny would have hit .400 "for years," if he was in the NL. What, there aren't good hitters in the NL? Anyone who hits .330 there hits only .260 in the AL, and anyone who hits .330 in the AL will hit .400 in the NL? Come on! I guess Boggs and Carew would have hit .500 if they had played in the NL, damned unlucky for them they had to spend their professional lives in the AL. Oh, and I guess Rose and Gwynn are just average hitters who were damned lucky to have played all those years in the NL.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Couldn't agree more.

    This ain't the JV team.

    And i know how much he gets paid,

    Sell me some papers.

    I wonder what the dirt y dirt dogs will think of this.

    Oh the suspense.

    I heard Schilling might see if Manny wants to go duck hunting after the car show so he can shoot him in the face accidentally.

    Guess what anal sox fans....if we don't make the playoffs it won't be because Manny only hit 40, drove in 140, and .300 plus like he always does.

    Go shovel some snow for another month.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Loan!! I am surprised to see you post that. You need more kool-aid. LOL And thank you. It is refreshing for someone to look beyond his stats and see the true picture. I admire you for that. It must have been hard.
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Frankly I'll tolerate all day long as long as he produces.

    And that is why he gets away with it. Enabler.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    Manny is never going to stop being Manny and the sox FO is never going to do anything about it. End of story.

    And how sad is that.

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    Manny's weekend plans?

    who cares! seriously. why do we always make this an issue? it seems all we want to do as fans is gripe about players being late...blah...blah...blah. it is so tiresome. let the team and the organization deal with this. if henry and theo issue a press release and say they know he won't be there till the beginning of march then who cares why? if he is picking his nose the side of the road...big deal...

    oh and by the way...mooninites rule! that is another whole pack of ridiculous we got going on...i think us new englanders just need to lighten the f up!
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I am quite suprised to see your opnion on this parhunter. But I have to agree with you. I never thought we would ever agree on anything. LOL
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    Manny's weekend plans?

    I cant get over you guys. Who cares if Manny is sitting on a beach in the middle of no where? We are talking about spring training. The man is paid to hit home runs during the regular season and playoffs, if players were paid for showing up at spring training then the league would be a much different place. By the way he is going to show up March 1st, nearly a month before the regular season starts. Instead of whining on this board about how unprofessional he is, then stop going to red sox games at fenway, watching red sox games on tv and buying red sox merchandise; then demand that ownership get rid of him through a trade or just cut him, or else you will not have anything to do with the Red Sox. .... Oh thats right he hits alot of home runs, rbis, and wins lots of games for the Sox, oh wait your moral compass just got thrown out the window. This is the creation of more media BS and you lemmings eat it up. It is pure and simple jealousy, of a man that makes and ton of money and essentially can do whatever he wants, including show up to work in the manner he show chooses as long as he does his job when it counts. I hope that after you all complained about Manny not showing up to spring training, you will go over to the Tom Brady message board and talk about the moral compass he must have by getting a girl pregnant out of wed lock, but its not a big deal because he will marry her right, do the right thing...yeah we shall see I guess, it is Tom Brady the untouchable golden boy of Boston.