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    i mean, i dont hate obama, he seems like a good guy, but his plans are way off base and i think mccain would be the better fit for president. Obama also held a news conference the other day where during the whole 7 minutes he said absolutely nothing to back up what 'great" things he was going to do for this country. As much as bringing people back from the war seems like a good idea at first, it really is not. There are going to be a ton more homeless people and unemployed people around the world who wished they were back in the war. But hey, with obamas system, you might as well be unemployed, eh?
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    [Quote]I'm lucky to have been brought up in a safe, well-policed town, got a good public school education and a degree from a state university. I'm happy with my life and am very happy to share my good fortune with less lucky people....and if a small minority of people are abusing the system (and it is very small) I simply have more important things to worry about.[/Quote]

    Well put, and I agree 100%
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    Bush W was A Republican, ran as a Republican and won teo terms as a Republican so it makes him right wing and he did many far right things which will get undone 1/20/09.

    You may say he is not a conservative but that is your opinion to protect your partys higher standards. The facts are the facts Republicans have controlled the House, Senate, President and most Governers Offices for a long time. The Country is changing now because it did not work.

    George W Bush was in fact a Republican and that black eye will forever be on your party like Hoover. True Conservatives dont work in a society you need a moderate leader.

    Nixon had to quit
    Regan ~ details below was brutal
    Bush H ~ adequet, he was right about Vodoo Economics HUH?
    Bush W ~ we all know the facts, and again he was a right wing republican who hired the biggest sob in Karl Rove.

    Recent history shows your party stinks. Not a little either. Newt Giengrich whole idea was to keep power more then help the people or do there elected job. His job was to try to destroy Clinton which he never really did.

    This country is in terrible turmoil and the right wingers have alot of blame.

    BTW ~ Regan stunk as a President, FACT added $6 Trillion to National Debt, Stock Collapse 1987 due to his policy, IRAN CONTRA SCANDEL did you forget Ollie North?, 14 members of staff imprisioned, massive recession that went from 87 into 91, S& L Collapse 1989 Keating Five $500 BILLION. If he is your BAR then it is set pretty low. People for some reason think he was great when he really was brutal. Did you forget the Banks and Insurance Companies getting crushed in CT and RI? Regan somehow gets looked upon favorably for a hostage release that was negociated before he took office and spending Trillions of dollars on defense that was not needed.

    Bush H was the only decent one and lost because he had to raise tax's to cover the mess Regan left him and he got economy straightened out before Clinton came in. He was also at fault for not finishing the job in desert storm.

    Keep spinning Softlaw2.

    I like my life, I am happy I have plenty of land and opportunities. The police protect, fire man put out fires, the roads get plowed, my kid gets a education and there is food for me to buy. I am also very happy a forward thinking man not a Chenney puppet will now be in office and maybe things will happen for the better. Obama has more potencial then any President we have had since 1960.

    Last point, the health care system stinks, you need a million refferals, companies decide how much to pay, then you have to fight, the $15 Co pay for pescription drugs is a joke it only works for some as many are much more. All this and premuims doubled since W took over. I am not saying the doctors are not great they are, the system however stinks. I never paid more and got less.

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    "Unprecedented levels of taxation" ?? Come on ...Tax rates were much higher in the pre Reagan years. Cutting them the way he did raped our needed social programs, halted our investment in our country's intrastructure, and left us with a record deficit. We all have a responsibility to contribute to the country to maintain our laws, environment, roads, etc. Capitalism is important and is a driving force in why this country is so successful, but it has to be tempered with some sacrifice to maintain some level of order, and a reasonable quality of life for all. No one has equal opportunity and money isn't made in a vaccum. It isn't socialism to expect reasonable pay for jobs, reasonable hours, a reasonable life. America is a mix of colors, religions, sexual orientation, ages and physical/mental abilities/impairments. We should cherish our differences and realize it's our diversity that makes us unique. ALthough not always the easy path, we should try and accept each other despite physical/mental handicaps, color of our skin, etc. Instead of trying to make all of us fit into the same mold. So we skeletonize our tax system and leave our veterans, our sick, our less fortunate without benefits, and without a reasonable existence. We ban gay marriage lessening their rights, we bannish to hell all those who believe in a different God...That's not America to me..

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    [Quote]Softlaw2, is this the same Softlaw with new ID, you make 007 Proud.

    Move out of the country. It may add a few years to your life.

    I dont disagree it is a mess. The mess has got much worse the last 28 years and that is a time that the Right has dominated the President, House and Senate, also, Governers as well. Clearly that played into the failure.

    So I am not sure if your blaming Left anymore or just blaming everyone.[/Quote]

    I notice you choose the last 28 years for your argument. Let's be fair. The Jimmy Carter years were no bargain either. Say what you want about Bush, it's fair game, but if you think that Ronald Reagan was not a better President than James Carter, then you are kidding yourself. Where were you from 77-80? Those were not good times for this country.
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    AGAIN, Softlaw2 aviods the great answer given his responses and choses the only one he sees a slight hole in to pick on.

    Over 40% does not pay income tax . . . .fine.

    The reality is income tax is a portion of tax, the most tax you pay is on all the other taxed things: Property (everyone pays it even if you rent you pay landloard ect) Tax on meals, clothing, food, gas, alchol, cigerettes, tolls, cable and phone bills it all counts and these tax's add up to just as much.

    I hate paying a dime of them BUT I like roads to drive on, schools for my kids, power coming to my house, police, fireman, and all the other benifits from living in a society.

    Seriously if you hate it so much move or better idea start a Softlaw2 movement, this is a free country if Obama can rise up from nowhere you to Softlaw2 can!!!

    Yes you can!!! You can rise up and again DIVID the people like Karl Rove and steal a election and them make your mark on America!!

    Think about how great it would be so you could get rich and the rest of the country fall into ruin. Like Obama said, "if you ever doubted anything is possible, this is proof it is".

    So go for it Softlaw2, but I will tell you upfront, unless I am dead and you like Bush have me vote, you wont get mine.