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    Mercury Morris

    "Don't call me when somebody's on my block, call me when they're on my street."

    Start cleaning up around the house, Mercury, company is coming.

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    Mercury Morris

    t minus 2 days and counting until he becomes irrelevant.
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    Mercury Morris

    Did you read in the NY Daily News that he defends the Pats against the allegations of cheating? In the column "Is Belichick Just a Common Hood or the Perfect Coach?", Morris says:

    "It's such a non-issue because it really didn't play a role in them winning (games)," said Mercury Morris, a member of the 1972 Dolphins. "When people refer to that, it's to make an issue against the Patriots. I don't do that. This is a fraternity. You don't go through a season walking on rose petals; it's a gauntlet. What they've done is tremendous."

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    Mercury Morris

    Mercury, the Patriots are not only in your neighborhood, they are in your house, marching through your master bedroom on the way to your bathroom throne upon which each Patriot will make a "personal deposit" for you to remember the Patriots' successful conclusion of their perfect season.

    GO PATS!
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    Mercury Morris

    I like the commercials of "Perfectville." Especially MM's population of 1. I'm hoping the Pat's will win and change the sign to 19-0 Land - population 1 team.