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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    To all idiots who want to sign Lowell to 4yrs:

    What are you going to say when he is 38, hitting .225 and is a bench player making $14m.

    You guys are CRAZY! if you think he will ever duplicate his 2007 numbers. He will never even approach them. This was a contact year aberration. He will probably never drive in 100rbi again

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Hey Tulsa,

    I totally agree with your ARod assessment and being a known quantity and valued contributor, the RS have nothing to lose but money by signing Lowell. I don't know how bad of a clubhouse influence he was, but moreso than that, he is a genuine distraction... a 3 ring media circus, even when he doesn't bring it on himself. I think Torre handled him as well as anyone could, and I'm sure Francona could as well. I don't think he was a role player in the yankees losing these past series. He was a scapegoat, with as much fault as many of his teammates. But it is always about him, no matter where he goes. If the sox sign him, it's part of the package. In many ways, he is the antithesis of Lowell, who is a classic example of quiet leadership.

    The Yankees have the greater need at this point, especially since you have the flexibility to move Youk back to 3rd if needed. 1st is easier to fill. The yankees need help at both corners. Maybe powerplay is too strong a word, but I just think that there are members of the RS FO, Lucchino in particular, that would revel in having the best player in baseball on their roster, not the Yankees.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    -->-->Lowell-->--> is a team player. Humble, unselfish, has a great attitude towards life and the game. (Arod is the complete opposite) -->-->Lowell-->--> is probably one of the top five third base men in the league. Defensively, he might be the best available right now. Theo might want to stay at 3 years but raise the salary. Something in the 16-18 million range will seal the deal. Also, it will be really unpleasant to see him in a Yankee uniform. Unfortunately, thatÆs were heÆs going if we donÆt seal the deal. -->-->

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    The GG Youk to 3rd and the 24yr old phenom to 1st. I know we will give up a lot of talent, but a hitter like this comes around once every 10 years and he is only 24. You cannot teach this type of power. If they sign Lowell to 3@45 great , but you can build around Cabrerra till 2018.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.


    Don't be so nervous over the negotiations with Mike Lowell!!! That is exactly what they are....negoitations. Now if the Sox and Lowell were not trying to put together something where both sides are happy then there would be major concern in Red Sox Nation. However, progress has been made and an three year solid offer is on the table. Lowell and Lowell's agent can come back to the table and say that they want the extra year or no deal and that will make Red Sox Nation nervous. Seeing though how popular Lowell is with the fans and how important he is both on the field and off the field to the Red Sox, I really do think the Lowell and Sox will ink a deal by Wednesday and Thursday with the Red Sox offering a 4th year with conditions attached to the contract in the fourth year. This deal will happen quickly like the Schilling deal did. The Red Sox brass would be FOOLS if they didn't re-sign Lowell knowing that by signing Lowell they pay peanuts contractually as compared to what ARod and Cabrera will be looking for this off-season. In addition, the Sox get a better player in many ways and also a player who really loves playing for the fans here in Boston.

    If the Sox and Lowell don't come to terms and he signs elsewhere. Expect the Sox to go after Saltalamacchia as a first baseman initially until they groom a first baseman coming up through the ranks. Maybe Chris Carter or Brandon Moss could get groomed to take over at first if Lowell goes elsewhere and Youkilis takes over at 3rd. Also, I don't see them going after ARod for two reasons. 1. they have had to deal with Manny's huge contract for seven years now and they really don't want to weigh down the team with another huge contract that handicaps thier options when it comes to paying other players. 2. He sucks in the playoffs.

    Anyways, my friend, I don't see the drama of Lowell going past Thursday this week. I think he will go on the free agent market on Monday, see he has a couple 4 year deals elsewhere, goes back to the Sox and re-negotiates and the deal gets done quickly by Thursday as Theo himself gets the 4th year into the contract and both sides sign-off on the new contract happily. As I said in the beginning, NEGOTIATIONS!!!!!

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    And no, I do not accept the idea that we have to go through two or three years of mediocrity. That's the philosophy of also rans and losers. It takes a hell of a lot of sweat and toil to get to the top and a helluva lot more to stay up there.

    We have the next two years of Manny and Ortiz still at the top of their game, 08 - 09 will be potential WS years for the Sox if we keep the core in place. Replacing Lowell with Cabrerra will be a huge defensive gamble . What ever we give up in youth we get back in youth , HE IS 24 !

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Tulsa, until last night I felt as you do. Now I think Mike is gone. Theo will not give him four years,

    easy SBF

    take a deep breath....

    I think it goes something like this

    while we have exclusive rights, Theo makes a decent but low end offer - 3yrs / 36M ish

    Lowell tests the market and sees he could get 4yrs / 56M ish

    they meet somewhere in the middle

    3 yrs guaranteed / 37.5M ish, 4th yr option that vests based on production goals, and a 5th year option in place of a no-trade clause - if Lowell is traded, both options become guaranteed -

    call it 5 yrs / 62.5M - the sox are on the hook for 3 yrs, Mike gets a 4th if he earns it, and he gets some no-trade protection

    it's a dance (the same one Posada is doing, although I don't know if he'll give a discount)

    look at Lowell's 07 home/road split - he wants to play at Fenway

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    In spite of the fact that his "age" is an issue, Mike's one of those players that offers much more than stats. He's obviously important to the team as a strong influence, something that Me-Rod lacks, and has the intangibles that are difficult to find. I feel the Sox have a rent a player mentality that has in the past impaired their development. Some stability here is important to team concept development.

    As a side issue, I'm very upset with the Sox for trading for Gagne and giving away alot of fine young talent. I predict that Kason Gabbard will eventually become a 20 game winner.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    GM Pete and Tulsa have it nailed. Lowell has to test the FA market and see how much he can boost Theo's initial offer. And Theo has to have a Plan B in place.

    If some other club presents an offer beyond the top value Theo has assigned to Lowell, we have to tip our collective hats to Lowell - even if it turns out to be NY. He's been entirely different than Traitor Damon or Diva Pedro. Smarmy Johnny happily positioned himself as one of the icons of the 2003-04 team, "wrote" a book, declared he never would play for the Yankees, on and on. Pedro felt "disrespected" by a team that had paid him $90+ million. Lowell's behavior seems to have been flawless.

    I'd hate to be reading (or writing) on this board 2+ years from now how we need to dump Lowell, he's done. So I'm hoping the Sox can limit the contract to a 3-year deal. But if not, 4th year option seems perfect.

    Let the negotiations continue!

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Mike Lowell is a must resign. He will be worth big dollars. Even if you slightly "overpay" for Mike, how much more do get for seriously overpaying A-Fraud? Lowell has a track record of success and has won the WS with 2 teams, A-Fraud might be great statistically in the regular season, but what has he done in the playoffs? NOTHING. A-Fraud is a great individual talent and a bad teammate. Probably alot like Nomar was a great talent but a bad teammate. If this were the NFL and the Patriots, Pioli and Belichick would sign Lowell for good money, a 3 year deal and not even look at A-Fraud. In the end if Mike wants 4 years either offer the 4th year as a team option or to trigger a fourth year based on some stats that would show if he was performing at a high level or not and getting old.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    I've said it before, but Lowell was a skinny singles hitter when a friend played with him in the Cape Cod League. He said Mike became "huge" when he played with the Marlins. And now he's back to normal. HR stats show his best years were in Miami. I wonder why the Sox are worried about 1 year on a 4 year deal ? Maybe they wonder about the change in bulk and worry that might hurt his durability. Otherwise it doesn'r make sense. If a guy is productive at age 37, he ain't going to lose a lot at age 38. By the way, my friend said "everybody" was doing steroids in the late '90's and early 2000s.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    I think if they got Cabrera he would end up playing first and Youk back to third.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.


    HELLO MY GOOD FRIEND!!!!! Have your wife force you to do this once in a while. Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out and don't be such a "Nervous Nelly" over this Lowell saga. LOL!!!!! Man, you live intensely on every Red Sox decision. Chill for a bit and understand that negotiations are always tedious and can be drawn out past what they should be. ideally, what should happen is that Lowell's agent gives the Sox a number and amount of years, the Sox counter with thier offer and then they negotiate a settlement that both sides are happy with, but that won't happen here. Lowell will be a free agent on Monday, see what other teams want for him and then use those offers to drive the Sox offer up. Once the Sox know what others are offering, then and only then can they step up and give Lowell the correct contract to stay here that he so richly deserves. I see Theo and the gang working hard to put together a market correct contract proposal once they learn what others want for him. Also, I see them making an offer by Wednesday or Thursday and getting this thing done. Lowell, hopefully will sign and all will be right with the world again.

    Again, I agree totally with you that the Sox would be foolish if they don't re-sign Lowell and give him what he wants. In addition, they will be saving money in comparison to the other good options out there as in ARod and Cabrera. Anyway that the Sox look at the situation, signing Mike Lowell is the best option to them.

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    GM SBF

    Pete, playing Cool Hand Luke again, are you?

    I just worry about your BP, getting yourself all worked up over nothing..............

    I wonder if you were singing the same tune in the Damon negotiations two years ago.

    Not exactly - I had tired of Johnny and thought 3yrs @ 10M was just right / I for one, had no problem with the way Theo handled that one. While still a good leadoff hitter, JD is no longer a championship caliber CF

    I noticed some of the old crowd that went to that other board were saying pretty much the same things with Johnny. Well, we came a cropper with that one.

    I disagree - Coco's D helped us win our 1st division in ages and our 2d WS, and if JD was still on our club, there'd be no place for Jacoby..............

    Willing to bet the house or even the garage that this one will turn out better?

    I'm confident that this works out well - it's ultimately in both parties best interests for it to do so

    Hopefully, you are right and have all your wires crossed correctly, but I still remember all the posters and even the pundits like CHB, Ryan, Gammons, Cafardo, and the rest of that crowd all crowing that Johnny was too valuable and loved Boston too much to leave. I was the only one (not bragging, just had those vibes that I get every once in awhile) that I know of that said if we didn't stop that nonsense he was going to be grabbed by the Yankees, who until then hadn't shown much interest in him.

    While I didn't have any sense that he would go to the Yanks, when he did, after proclaim the he never could, I felt validated in my opinion that he was no longer a centerpiece player for us............As far as the pundits go, any time you disagree with CHB, chances are pretty good you're in the good

    I really think we are seeing a replay of that right now. Pray that I am wrong this time.

    no need for prayer on this one,

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    great point babwal! you are right. If lowell were a free agent from another team, and we were looking for a third basemen competing with the yankees for his services, we would give him 4 years no problem at 15 million.

    The lowell signing has a lot of repercussions:

    1. If we dont sign him the yankees will. they will get a double bonus taking him away from us and having an allstar 3rd basemen playing against us.

    2. we will have to trade for a 3rd or 1st basement (if they move youk to 3rd) which will cost us top young players like ellsbury or a top notch young pitcher.

    3. by moving youk to 3rd (if they do) we would lose a goldglove 1st basemen for another player who might not be a great hitter and fielder. right now with youk and lowell we have 2 great hitters and great fielders. chances are we won't have both positions equal to what they are now on top of giving up players in a trade.

    4. we lose a great clubhouse leader and well liked player which messes with our chemstry.

    5. most of all the fans will be pissed!

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    It is vary important to sign Lowell.Great team player
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Trade for 1B? am i wrong that Carlos Pena only signed a one year contract with TB? Of course if we got him back he might play like he did with us last year.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.


    I have been following all the sports teams here in New England all my life. I have learned to live with the "ups and downs" that come with each team whether it be the highs with the Celtics in the 80's or the lows with the Bruins the last couple seasons. I guess you can say that I am a "weathered fan" who has learned that sports isn't the most important thing in my life. Don't get me wrong, the local sports teams have a place in my heart always and I will root for them, but I am not going to lose sleep unless I am somehow invested in the team financially and could lose money.

    As for this Mike Lowell saga, I am just watching the Sox go through the process of attempting to put out a contract he will be happy to sign and stay here in Boston. As I said before, I don't see Mike Lowell out of a Red Sox uniform next season and I see the Sox signing Lowell to a 4 year contract by Thursday midnight.

    Be patient and don't worry about something you have no control over. You can hope, pray, cross your fingers and use voodoo if you choose, but it really only comes down to the men in the Red Sox front office getting this Lowell contract issue resolved. So why worry!!

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.


    Your non-comparison of Pedro Martinez to Mike Lowell was a good one. However, you forgot to mention one important thing when it came to the Pedro Martinez saga. The front office of the Red Sox were very cautious and diligent in not giving Pedro the length in years he wanted in his contract due to the fact that Pedro's labrum in his shoulder was a major concern to the Red Sox brass at the time.

    Sure, I was like you and observed Pedro lining up all his ducks in a row to use the "Sox disrespected me" speech if he didn't get the deal. However, the Red Sox were well within thier collected senses to come in a bit short when it came to the contract they put on the table for Martinez and his agent(s) to look at. They knew he wasn't going to sign it and go on and take the money elsewhere and run. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Pedro Martinez fan myself, but look at the issues he has had since joining the Mets. Red Sox brass right on target again in thier decision making.

    As for Mike Lowell, I have been saying I am confident that Lowell will test the free agent waters, see what is out there as far as offers he will get to look at as soon as Tuesday morning, then go back to the Sox and negotiate a contract with the World Series Champs to stay and play here 3 - 4 years at very good money. This deal should get done by late Thursday as I think the Sox want him signed and under contract just as bad as the fans want this deal done.

    In addition, look at the options if they don't re-sign Lowell. ARod looking for 350 million and would handcuff the team's ability to obtain other free agents in the future due to the huge contract he would have. Cabrera would cost the Sox at least Ellsbury and Buchholz to land and he is also looking at getting a huge contract. Maybe put Youkilis at third and go out and get an average free agent first baseman to fill the void. Either way you look at it, not re-signing Lowell is a bad proposition.

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    The hell with lowell he wants way to much money. If he comes in for three years at five mill per then keep him if not then let him go. I say go after Arod full speed. He's still the best player in baseball plus who knows what Manny and Papi will be like over the next couple of years. Also don't be suprised if Arod come to Boston for far less than anywhere else.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Right again fred. I knew Pedro was out of here no matter what the Sox offered. Though it was denied by his camp, he couldn't stand the fact that Schilling arrived in camp in 2004 as #1 and ended the year historically. No way could Petey share that spotlight with Curt. IMO he merely used the Sox to up the ante with the maniacal one in NY, and successfully (for him) so.

    Laughed last week when Petey pronouced himself "fit" and baseball was "fun" again. He's going into the last year of his contract. Look for him to start the whining about an extension/re-signing next March. Let's see if he's as quick to turn on the Mets as he was Boston with the "respect" card.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    While Crisp may not have been a complete bust, he certainly has not played at the level the sox FO had hoped when they traded for him. Of course much of this had to do with health issues, but he is well on his way to getting labeled injury prone and that is not what we need. Drew on the other hand was a complete bust (aside from the postseason). I would assume he can only get better, or he will be a very costly mistake.

    The biggest factor with resigning Lowell is that he is a proven big game player and has shown he can handle the pressures of Fenway and the intensity of sox fans. He showed no signs of fading as the season came to a close and there is no reason to assume that he will not be able to play at or near this level for a few more years (at which time we may have someone in the system who could replace him and cost pennies compared to what we would spend on A-rod). It will be a mistake for both Lowell and the sox if they part ways.
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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Mike's agents are reportedly thinking they can get up to $56m for 4 years on the FA market. If Mike can get that, even from NY, then more power to him - IMO that's too costly for the Sox. If the Sox max out at 3/45m, that puts Mike ahead of Drew who was digracefully ahead of Papi!

    If we can't sign Lowell for 3, then replace him with A-Rod. Give NY some of their own medicine (Damon, Boggs, etc.) Manny isn't going to be a great hitter forever - we need to have a power bat in place when Manny leaves, whenever that may be.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    If he is looking for the 4th guaranteed, it may be time to move on.

    Yes, that is what he is looking for.

    How do you know this 30something? Is there some information I missed? I thought the negotiations were not publicized in terms of the details.

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    Mike Lowell: updates, negotiations, etc.

    Option C: "Bring me a Miguel" - Cabrera or Tejada. Others can explore the detail - I really wouldn't like either on the team because of their lack of commitment to fitness and in Tejada's case lack of motivation when on a bad team (unprofessional, if understandable). I also wouldn't want to give up anyone tradeable for Cabrera, or, God forbid, Joe Crede.

    Tejada and Cabrera in the same sentence ?? Cabera is the best young hitter in the last 10 years and and could hit 40 a year for Boston till 2018. If your heart tells you you NEED Lowell , fine , but don't underestimate the potential of this 6' 4" Phenom. Tejada is a fix, Cabrera is a franchise.