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    Millar or Hinske?

    I also think it's Moss in the Hinske slot. I liked the way he swings the bat, and he looked solid in the OF. Maybe a little 1B in the fall/winter league
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    Millar or Hinske?

    hey back BRohr

    it's been awhile, but a good while

    I think the gaps we have to fill are pretty small this year

    sign Lowell & Schill, consider Timlin for one more

    of the FAs available, the one guy I'd like to see us go get is Frankie Cordero to gives us just a monster back end of the bullpen

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    Millar or Hinske?

    Millar. It's a no-brainer.

    They both suck but at least Millar is funny about it.
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    Millar or Hinske?

    both millar and hinske have positives. millar had a decent year in baltimore and will always be remembered for his contributions in 04, hinske played his supportive role well in boston.

    i believe that neither will be in boston on the red sox next year. both are probably way more expensive than the sox will likely want to pay for a guy to fill the hinske role. and, millar would cost at least some sort of minor leaguer if not more at this point in addition to his 3 m salary for 08. he might be more available next july if the sox are looking for someone other than moss to fill this role at that time.

    moss brings some nice attributes besides playing for the major league minimum salary. he can play all 3 outfield spots and will be able to play at least as much first base next year as hinske did this year. he also has enough speed that he could be used as a pinch runner on occassion where neither millar or hinske could help in such situations. the only thing he might not be able to do is play a back up to the back up at third like hinske did on a couple of occassions.

    the sox have plenty of money but are very likely to always look to one of their own younger, cheaper kids to fill spots like hinske's.