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    mlb and bonds

    Just read an article that mlb is investigating as to why bonds isnt signed yet...are they insane....any team who brings him in is insane....i dont care if he has hit a million homeruns ...bonds is the biggest #### in all of baseball...he cheated and his ego would corrupt any team who hires him.� I hope no team is pressured into signing bonds.......why doesn't he just do what macguire or palmerio did and disappear.��� MLB should just spend their time wisely on showcasing their present talent....for these players are the future of the game.

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    mlb and bonds

    Bonds cheated his way to the most sacred record in all of sports.� He did so while maintaining an aloof and arrogant attitude.� He never deserves to step between the white lines again, and it's a shame the commissioner didn't stop his scandalous pursuit of Aaron last year.� There's no collusion in keeping him out of MLB, only justice (and too little too late IMO).

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    mlb and bonds

    Lol, you're too funny.� The irony is just last nite I was watching the most outrageous moments in reality shows (which btw I truly despise) and there was an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.� I don't know how in hell the censors let that one slip by, one of the cast running naked through the house with a pink hat covering the essentials.� Lol� And to recall he was one of the guys who through the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park had me cracking up.�