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    Moss, let him go!

    Mossis no different from all the other receivers that left, without Brady hebecomes irrelevant again. If he�s not smart enough to know that (like most ofyou dummy�s posting here) than see ya! His career ends and he�s the losers. Bythe way, I wrote almost the same thing two years ago about D. Branch, rememberhim, how that work out for him

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    Moss, let him go!

    if we lose moss it's not the end of the world... walker,berrian,stallworth are still out there and i could see the pats trying to facilitate a draft day trade for chad johnson (bb loves this guy). we have witnessed brady make wr look better than they are and he has won superbowls doing it so to say we are average at best without moss is ridiculous. moss did not win us a superbow l as i recall. if we can upgrade the defense and sign 2 good wide receivers with the money that we�would have to use to sign the superstar moss then im ok with that.

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    Moss, let him go!

    Did you invest all of your money in Moss jerseys?� That's on heck of a man crush you have going on.� Personally, I question if he will be any good this year no matter where he plays.� I think the motivation will be lacking again.

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    Moss, let him go!

    Also David Pattern, Moss is obviously much better than Branch or Patter but as I just posted these guyHey isn't s leave and do nothing but it is the system that helps them look so good. He might end up in Dallas with TO...

    Isn't cinco ocho unhappy in Cincy?
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    Moss, let him go!

    Since Moss had his "Bell Rung" in the Philly game, which lead to Jaworski's " dogging it" comments,�and then again two weeks later he got "jacked up", against the Giants in the first quarter, he has had a target on his chin. The drop off in stats, post Philly can be directly related to the other teams targeting his suceptability to concussion. The Pats know this, it has a long-term/money affect contractually.