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    I don't know, Paplebon didn't have much more history going for him last spring than Chamberlain does now.

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    Hi Chloe...Happy Friday!!...i'm totally with you that the Ellsbury thread went on far too long..but it was titled "Ellsbury Overhyped"...is that the same?...IDK...bottom line it was ridiculous..
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    Joba is overrated? Come on, what about his stuff makes you think he isn't as good as scouts hype him up to be? Is it his 100 mph fastball? Or his slider that breaks like 5 feet? Perhaps it's just you talking out of your a$$ because you wished the Yankees didn't have him, which is exactly what I think it is.�You do realize that the game he "blew" he didn't even allow a hit that inning don't you? It was a passed ball that caused the tying run to score. Granted Joba has to prove he will do it a whole season, but there is a better chance of snow in�Miami than Joba being anything short of spectacular. BTW how about your boy Ellsbury? He's not overrated right? He's proven less than Joba has and he was called the next superstar on this board. I'm not going to say he's not going to be a fine player, because I'm not going to be as stupid as you acting like Joba won't be good. If Joba gets to his ceiling he'll be even better than Papelbon.That's because it's a Red Sox board.� Go to a Yankee board if you don't like it--I'm sure you'll get the same, one-sided opinons about your players as we do ours.�