NESN'S parade coverage gets at best a -C. Anchored by the always Woefully Weak Tom Caron, it lacked any signs of professional coverage. Hazel May proved, put a script in front of my beauty and I'm fine, but don't ask me to ad lib. NESN put way too much coverage on Jon Papelborn, did they forget there are 25 other team members? Seriously, big Papelborn fan, but his coverage was way overdone. Also, did their cameramen show up late for work this morning, and not get decent placement on the parade route so with their zoom lenses, we could have felt like we were on the "duck" with the players, instead of watching from afar? And is Tom Caron unaware that TV is teleVISION. Shut your mouth more and let the PICTURES do the talking. Unfortunately in the world of Cable here in Rhode Island, I couldn't view the Boston stations to see their coverage of the event. However, I would imagine it would far eclipse "TC" and company. How does he ever keep his job. Thankfully the Globe's newspaper reporters were on hand for professional comments. Sad, when PRINT beats Television in TV's arena.