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    New O/T rules discussions?

    The argument about a full extra quarter is for the networks and the time slots and length. The league should figure out, on average, how long it takes for 2 possessions to occur in a game and then play an OT of that length. If it's 7 minutes then go with that. Now, if the team that wins the toss is able to eat up 7 minutes on a drive and the other team doesn't get the ball then at least they'll have earned it by sustaining a long drive. If it ends in a tie.....so be it, the Eagles survived one this year and it's better than losing the flip and never seeing the ball.
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    New O/T rules discussions?

    If you shorten the period to an eight instead of a quarter tons of teams will e complaining that they should have had the regulation fifteen.

    Like a lot of people say an extra quarter sounds reasonable, but like you say it conflicts with the television makeup.
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    New O/T rules discussions?

    Simply eliminate OT in the regular season and call it a tie. Playoff games need a winner and have to go to OT, but a way to eliminate tie scores during the first 60 mins of play is to eliminate the PAT which is basically automatic, and make teams go for 2 after TD. As its only about 40% successful every year its been in effect, this would eliminate a lot of tied games at the end of regulation. Another option is just change field goal scoring, 20 yards and in 1 point, 30-45 yards 2 points, and 45 and over 3 points...
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    New O/T rules discussions?

    Hey Underdogg....
    i know this happened to the pats this year (jet game) - I understand it was talked about then as well. Of course, I prefer the pats in the playoffs versus not in playoffs.
    The point I was trying to make was that since it now happened to the Colts (esp in the playoffs) I feel now there will be a bigger push to change the OT rule now.
    Peter King has a big voice, yes, but Polian is on the Rule Committee - I would say Polian has a much louder voice than king does. King just reports what he hears.
    For example, the year the pats beat the colts (when ty law had 3 picks) - the colts cried and cried - the next year - - the nfl refs where going to enforce the pass interference rule.
    Go Pats.
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    New O/T rules discussions?

    I get the notion of "hey play defense". However, some teams have a better offense than defense and vice versa. The fate of a coin flip to a good offensive team leaves that advantage too much to chance via a coin flip. For 60 minutes both D' and both O's battled it out. Why in OT do we basically
    restrict it to one or the other? I agree with giving both O's and both D's at least equal chances. As stated before this would encourage teams to score TD's rather than FG's. I think each team needs to touch the ball on O at least once each...even if it comes from a turnover...whatever the case may be.
    After each team has had the ball at least one time then I think I'm ok with the next score wins.
    Or... play 10 min quarters until someone wins... no ties.
    Coin Toss Sucks !!!

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    New O/T rules discussions?


    I agree. That is the basic problem with OT.

    Every NFL game is decided on the strength of each team's Offense, Defense and special teams.

    So why do people keep proposing scenarios that take one out fo the equation in OT.

    I think sudden death style OT could work with more modifcations.

    Even something simple like letting the other team have a chance to match or better the score, and if they fail it is game over.

    I don't think it matters much to that Colts/Botls game, because nothing the Colts offense and Manning had done showed me they were going to move the ball again. But in many games it may.

    It just seems silly that a team can go into OT, draw a deep interference flag, kick a chpshot and get called the winner.

    Too odd.