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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I have moved away from Boston...what is the feeling up there about Brady...being outside now I am worried the ankle is more serious then they are letting on and thats why he struggled against sd...I thought he looked sick...no emotion during that game...I hope he is good to go at 100 percent...this game worries me for some reason.

    like i said, I am outside of boston and everything i keep reading is all giants. I know if the injury was serious BB would never let him walk around the city in a boot (especially the team we are playing).

    I just have a funny feeling and was wondering what the locals are saying...

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    was sitting here watching espn this am and breaking news is brady is limping outside his home...this is torture!
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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    My guess is Brady will be ready to play & will probably play well. In 2001, he bounced back in a few weeks from a high ankle sprain & led the Pats to a SB win. I think the real factor will be how the Giants handle the pressure of the big game. I think they have the talent to make the game interesting. They've beat the best of the NFC (on the road) & played the Pats close in the Regular season. I think the Pats experience will lead to a victory but I wouldn't underestimate the Giants. The Giants seem to be a complete team with talented WR's, RB's & good O & D lines. Plus Eli's playing well. Against GB you could just sense that the RB Bradshaw was ready to make plays whenever he got the ball. Burress looked excellent , Toomer had an off game & the Giants still won. My prediction, Pats in a close game.

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Okay, I just spent the last couple of hours reading this thread (hey, it's Sunday, what can I say). I thought the title meant the original poster was actually giving an analysis. And, felt that with the amount of posts, there was some serious discussion going on. Well, at least there was some. My thoughts, as if matters.

    Anyone who thinks the Patriots are 100% going to win aren't thinking with thier heads. There is always a chance the Giants can win. I found on ESPN.com that ACCU Score, or something like that, have the Giants winning 22% of their simulations (10,000). More on this later.

    Anyone who thinks the Giants are better than the Patriots is also not thinking with their heads. In my book, an 18-0 team is better than a 13-6 team. Even if one thought the NFC is better than the AFC top to bottom (I don't) and think the NFC East is the best of that conference (I do), the Pats played that division during the season.

    A lot of talk about "barely winning" or "barely losing". I don't see where they keep that stat in the standings. You win, you get the W, you lose, you get the L.

    As far as everyone else hating the Pats, well, I know some people here in Seattle, not Patriot fans, who will be rooting for the Pats. And some who are Patriot fans (or at least seem to be) who are lifelong Seattleites. It is true, success breeds contempt. Why do so many people hate the Yankees, Notre Dame, Cowboys, Lakers, Celtics, Canadians, etc. When a team starts to do well, you get those that jump on the bandwagon, and those that jump agaisnt them. Also, people love the underdog. For that, look at the Cubs, Red Sox until recently, the Saints last year. They love to see teams overcome adversity.

    One poster kept saying that the Giants pass defense is their strong point. Really? The stats seem to idicate otherwise. Because a team leads the league in sacks does not mean they have a good defense against the pass. A 7 yard sack can be quickly erased by 2 9-yard receptions. Even with all those sacks, they still allowed 207 yards per game vs the pass, good for 11th. Unlike in college, a sack is credited to your passing defense, not rushing defense. Also, they were 17th in passer rating against. The "poor" Patriots defense was better in both those categories. And if you say it was because their offense scored so much, well, what does a team do when they are down? They pass, or at least should.

    As far as that ACCU Score analysis went, there were some interesting things. One thing I read yesterday was even if Peyton was the QB for the Giants, the Pats still won 63% of the time. There was one way the Giants had the advantage over the Pats: If Brady was the QB of the Giants and Manning the QB of the Pats. Then, the Giants won 51% of the games. All the simulations show that the games the Giants won, Manning outplayed Brady. (Not necessarily the other way around though, when Manning outplayed Brady, the Pats still won many games.)

    Now, my thoughts on the game itself. I agree with the poster who compared the Giants to the Jaguars. I see a lot of similarities. The rushing attack, the tall receivers, the good QBs but a little erratic, getting better later in the season. Defensively, the Giants are a little better, but not much. Better at getting the sacks, but worse passer rating against. About equal vs the run. I see this being a similar game this time. Not as high scoring as the last one, even with the good weather, because I think the Giants will play more ball control and keep the possesions down, 8 or 9 per team. My feeling, Pats 34-24. Yeah, I'll take the Giants and the points. But hey, I have been wrong before.

    Long post, I know, but I want to end with one more comment. Reading all the people picking the Giants and their reasons, I want to paraphrase a quote from the end of the movie "Other People's Money", when Danny DiVito gives his speech. "Amen, Amen, and Amen. I'm sorry, but from where I come from, we always say Amen after a prayer, and that particular prayer was the prayer for the dead. Sure, if Manning does this and Brady does't do that and the defense does the other thing, it could happen, but..."

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    fizsh... quite a reasonable post, well said.

    As a Pats fan, I am not saying they will win 100%...and yes, there are a lot of folks here who are quite emphatic the Pats CAN'T lose. I feel real good about their chances of winning and believe they are likely to win given the way they have played this year, game in and game out. The Giants, who are playing extremely well, at the right time of the year, also have a good chance to win. Most posters who do pick the Giants are using the "if" the Giants can do this while applying the "if" the Pats don't do that logic. Not many are picking straight up A game versus A game. The Pats have shown the ability to adjust their game to their opponent and push them into game situations that are not their strong point. Making a rushing team become a passing team etc. Lastly, you made a point about the Giants sack total, 12 of them came in one game against Philadelphia, sort of skews that number.

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Yeah, I didn't know about the 12 sacks in one game, at least, not at the front of my mind. I remember now they had one big game. The other thing I didn't mention was concerning the comments about the Giants being up by 12 in the second half. It also goes to the point that the Charger fans were saying the Chargers were the best 2nd half team in the league (I've been reading some of the posts the last couple of weeks, but don't post myself much). The Pats, and in particular BB, are great at making 2nd half adjustments. Another reason I think this will be like the Jags game. Close in the first half, Pats take the edge in the 2nd.
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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Typical San Diego crap!!!á The Pats are overrated, ok whatever.á Two defeats in one season was luck right?á Oh by the way a potential 19-0 season is a BFD, nobody's ever done it.á You and San Diego are just sore losers--you deal with it!

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    What do you expect from the press of those teams who lost to the Pats this year?á It will be a rare article in deed which will paint a positive picture of the Pats accomplishments this year from them.á There is a lot of jealousy in them hills!

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    The Giants played the Patriots tough in Week 17:
    The banged up Patriots, on the road against a fired up Giants team, took a 10 point lead with 4:36 to go and won by 3 as they took a knee at the end of the game. Their last 4 possessions ended TD, TD, TD, kneel down.The Giants pressured Tom Brady all night:
    Playing without RG Stephen Neal, RT Nick Kaczur and TE Kyle Brady, the Pats gave up exactly one sack. And Brady was 32-42 for 356 yds and 2TDs.Eli Manning has found himself in the playoffs while Brady has looked bad:
    Fredo's passer rating for the playoffs is 99.1. Brady's is 105.7.Brady's nursing a bad ankle:
    The last time Brady hurt his leg in an AFCCG, a game in which he was pulled and never returned, he went on to win the Super Bowl MVP. And there was no two week break between the games.The Giants will be wearing their road whites. They haven't lost in them all season:
    The Pats will be wearing their home blues. They haven't lost in them either. Or white. Or silver. Or red throwbacks. Or...The Patriots offense has tailed off lately:
    In their first nine games, the Pats scored 355 points, tops in the league. Over their last nine, playoffs included, they scored 286 points, tops in the league. And every single one of those games was played outdoors, at night, in the Northeast.The Gints are playing inspired football since that Week 17 game:
    Tampa Bay sucks, objectively. Dallas beat them in every statistical category including 100 more total yards and 13 more time of possession minutes, but a tequila-hungover Tony Romo coughed the ball up in the end zone at the end of the game. Then in the NFCCG, Brett Favre handed the game over to them so efficiently it should've come in a Domino's box with dipping sauce and cinnamon sticks.The Giants will play "physical" against the Patriots:
    We've been hearing this all year. Coming into the Divisional Game, Jacksonville was a threat because they were so "physical." Brady was 26/28 against them and Maroney ran through them for 122 yards."Physical II": Randy Moss "doesn't like to get hit":In the last game, Gibril Wilson decked Moss with a good clean hit to the face. Moss sat out one play as the rules dictate, then on the next play caught a TD pass in triple coverage.You can run on the Pats:
    Jacksonville, No. 2 rushing team in NFL: 80 yards. San Diego, No. 7 rushing: 104 yards.The Giants are on a roll:
    They outscored their opponents by 1.4 points per game. The Patriots outscored theirs by 19.7 PPG. And as ESPN points out, the G-Men could be possibly be the worst team to ever reach the Super Bowl. Oh, and how's 18 straight wins for a roll? Pretty good?

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Love it!!!

    NE 42 - 10!

    Go Pats

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I love all the spygate BS, when did that happen??á How many games did they win after that??á The taping had NOTHING to do with the skill level this team has or the fantastic coaching.á I think it's great that the entire nation is routing for a team from NY but once again they will come up short to a team from MASS.á Sorry nation your facing a DYNASTY!!!áá Get over it..á Nobody hated the 49ers when they were nasty stop your crying..PATS 42- Giants 10

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    i should have prefaced this by saying it was sent from a friend ;)

    but yeah, i really didnt agree with that, Tampa is a good team, not great, but good.......

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    NYC is bigger so yes it has better restaurants, more commerce, more expensive RE and higher profile residents. MA has better schools, more affordable housing (not by much) and BETTER SPORTS TEAMS.á If NYG lose, no one will care what kind of season they had, and their draft slot will be worse than if they lost in the 1st round. Yankees have no shot at overtaking the Red Sox and the Knicks are the laughing stock of the NBA.á Stating "We had a good season anyway" is the mentality of a loser.Enjoy

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Seriously, didnt we see this same match up a few months ago...team from a weak conference/league that was "hot" versus the undisputed best team in the dominate conference/league...and everyone around the nation was excited about the "hot" underdog team.

    we all know how that turned out: SOX 4 ROCKIES 0

    we all know how this will turn out: 19-0

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Oh and according to you even if they lose they had a great season

    2004,á Yes, even if we lose I would consider this a great season, given the playoff run. It may be hard for a Patriots fan to understand, since you expect excellence and you receive excellence from your team.á The Giants were 8-8 last year, and looked bad doing it.á This year we improved to 10-6, and actually looked bad doing it also. Many of our wins were squeakers, when they shouldn't have been.á Eli was horrendous in several games, shaky in others.á Our secondary is our Achilles heel.á If I played against the Giants, I would pass continuously until they proved they could stop the pass.á One big plus was our toughness and ability to find a way to win on the road.
    á In the three playoff games, a different team showed up.á Eli became a dependable quarterback.á He didn't lose games.á The secondary played better, coming up with big plays.á This fills Giant fans with confidence.á
    á Sure, we would be disappointed with a loss.á But,á considering we thought the Superbowl was a longshot when the season began,á and impossible after our first two blowout losses, it was a really good ride.á More than most of us expected.
    áá Don't think this is a loser mentality.á Just being realistic.á You probably know from the Red Sox board I'm a Yankee fan as well.á Different story there.á We expect to win.á Red Sox fans call it arrogance.á Given our history, and money spent,á anything short of the WS is failure.á As a Pats fan, you can understand a winner's mentality.

    Enjoy the game.

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I can see why Giants fan would consider this season a success if they don't win Sunday. During the season, folks would've laughed if one suggested that the Giants would be in the SB. That spot was already reserved for Dallas or GB.

    The Giants have had a great run in the playoffs. Pity it has to end. If they were playing any other team, I'd be roooting for them.
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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Thanks, Niz.áá Don't you think Boston has had enough winning for a while?á On any given Sunday.......

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    Let me think,...Um,... no!!á :-)

    I'm not saying the Giants have no chance. "Any given Sunday" is true. But, I think the Patriot will have to make more than a few mistakes to let the Giants make a game of it. I just don't see this team coming unglued now, after the season they've had.

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    The Patriots have a lot more to lose than a Superbowl.á They are the best team in football with a perfect record.á The Giants have momentum, and an "underdog mentality."áá I see three possibilities.

    1.á Eli becomes unglued,á Brady scorches our secondary,á and the Patriouts romp.

    2.á A close high scoring game, like the last one.á Patriots win at the end.

    3.á Eli plays a great ball control game.á Giants control the ball for 38 minutes.á (see Giants vs. Buffalo)áá Brady throws two more interceptions.
    ááá Giants win.á

    Niz,á I'm going with option 3.á

    Enjoy the game.

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I came across this pretty good analysis of the Super Bowl, this guy makes some good points from both sides... lunchhournews.com

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    go PATS!!

    SCREW the giants!!

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    The Pats are gonna win it all! Yeeeeha!

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    In defense of poor Bret Favre, he's old and it was -20 degrees.. how good do you think you would play in that kind of weather...
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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I understand your point, but i hear the same argument from my Yankee friends saying "Well, poor Joba had to pitch in a sea of bugs.....it wasnt fair...."

    Brett Favre has great numbers.....BUT......there is a reason why he is the all time leader in Touchdowns AND interceptions....... he makes bad reads, bad throws and some of them just happen to be caught.....buy a receiver or a defender......

    He BLEW the NFC/CG...... Its ok to admit it......

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    Patriots-Giants matchups / analysis

    I see the game being very close....but New England has probably reviewed their last mistakes from previous games and will most likely prevail due to better coaching, playing and better focus.