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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    �� I am interested in people's thoughts regarding how the current team compares to last years' team.� I realize there is still a draft to go through but I am assuming no incoming rookie will have�a major impact (which may or may not be true).� On paper�it seems as we may have taken a step back butr I will still pose the question: How does this years' team compare to last years' . . .�� Please disregard the schedule issue and the spygate controversy but things like coaching changes should be considered.�

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    The Offense will be as good... better if McDaniels ever grows up and stops being a stubborn teenage-dork and starts adjusting his gameplans rather than trying to force them to work even when the Defense is laughing at him because they know what is coming.The Offense will have a healthy Jackson and Thomas to offset any production loss from Stallworth's departure.� Other than that, same guys, same Offense.The Defense is going to take a nose-dive... as Willie McGinest astutely noted after the 2005 season... you can have great schemes, coaching, and system, it won't mean cr*p if you don't have the players.This year reminds me a lot of 2002 and 2005, when they had significant losses on Defense, and tried to patch it together with 2nd rate cast-off players.� The only thing I've been saying about their pick-ups for Defense so far is Who-dat?� They either can't play worth a damn, or have been hobbled by a major injury... either way, it seems awful reminiscent of Victor Green, Duane Starks and Monty Beasel.�

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    We will never see in our lifetime another team like the 2007 Pats' "35 Seconds to Perfection" team.� They will be good, very good, in 2008 but not perfect; never again...which makes last season's ending so so difficult to accept.�� So I look for the Pats to still dominate but finish 13-3, and hopefully roll through the playoffs and Super Bowl. Their age will show earlier this year (note the lose of speed as their legs got tired in the last part of the season)....but hopefully Belechick learned something during this past year's run for football immortality.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    Have to agree - who are going to sign for the defensive backfield next? Helen Keller? Why is the defensive backfield always a patchwork afterthought? Doesn't appear we've learned defense wins championships. Scheme is an issue - lineman are supposed to stand up their guy with the linebackers applying pass rush, opposed to the Giants Lineman that pour it on you - and won a superbowl with a sub par offense that made a few plays.

    I know, i know - you idiots that will defend our defense conveniently forget we put up 40 points a agme during the regular season. Nice work if you can get it. The bad news is that we offered Zack Thomas a contract - which means Belichick is NOT changing how he builds this team - and he has three superbowls to back that up - I'm a recovering gay white crack #### with HIV - so maybe he knows a little bit more about football than I do.

    Still I'm concerned that his style of defense and players didn't have it when we needed it - in the playoffs. I think its too early to know what this team looks like for this year.

    Why did the Brady/Moss thing stop working? Not just for one game but several.
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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    It's all speculation at this point in time.� Let's wait at least until after the draft and also let's see what Bill and Scott can pick up when teams begin cutting players when Spring practices begin.� Or for that matter what trades they might pull off.� I'm confident that they have a plan in place that goes way beyond the few signings they have made to date to increase the teams depth.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    Who have we lost on defense that was in the playoffs?� Samuel? Gay?� Maybe Seau?� Don't even mention Eugene Wilson.� That's one, possibly two starters.� So why is everyone panicking?� The D was pretty good without Colvin.�This year, Merriweather will be able to start, which at the least means Harrison will get some rest and hopefully stay injury free.� Seymour might get healthier.� Thomas will know the system better.� So will Woods and Alexander. �Bruschi and Vrabel will be�one year older, not a big deal.What we need to worry about is injuries.� Super Bowl teams get decimated by injuries.� Look at the Colts this year and us in 2005.� The only way I can think to prevent this is to try to eat up the clock�on offense like we did the first half of this year, but that can only�happen if the D can get off the field on 3rd down.� Against those elite defenses in the NFC West and AFC East, this shouldn't be much of a problem for 10 of our games.�

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    The D was pretty good without Colvin.�I guess if your ok with being pretty good and winning half their games after his loss by the skins of their teeth (and losing the SB) rather than dominating teams on both Offense and Defense, then its no big deal.IMO he was the difference between winning the SB and losing it... I don't think the Giants ever march down the field in the final minutes to score, if Thomas is inside and Colvin rushing.Then again, if Colvin hadn't gone down in the 2006 AFCCG, and the Defense hadn;t collapsed in the second half of that game, they probably would have won the SB in 2006, and who knows what would have happened then in 2007.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    The D without Colvin didn't give up a touchdown for 7 straight quarters in the playoffs.� Held the Steelers to 13 points.� The Giants scored 28 in the regular season, but one was in garbage time.� But they choked in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl ... you can't pin that on one player.� If the D plays like that all of next season (with a little less choking), that will be more than enough to support Brady.�

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    You're delusional... teams marched up and down the field on them with far greater ease starting with the Eagles game... the Pats had far less success getting to the QB.The Ravens had a horrid Offense, so did the Eagles, but they were waltzing up and down that field for most of the game... and they have Offenses that suck.� The Jags were a grind it out Offense that was able to sling it at will for 3 quarters (pass rush wasn't getting there in time)... the Chargers were a beat up shell of themselves (Gates and LT and Rivers were all injured) and settled for FGs rather than attempting for 1st downs.You can sweeten it however you want... but that Defense wasn't nearly as effective without Colvin.Go back and watch that Defense shut down teams like the Chargers and Colts during the 1st half of the season... then watch that Defense struggle those final few games without Colvin... world of difference that is obvious to see... they were not getting the same rush, and not getting the same coverage in the middle.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    And yet the D was good enough for us to win every game but the last, even though our offense wasn't putting up record numbers anymore.� And the D kept us in the Super Bowl down to the last minute even though the offense was abysmal.All I'm saying is, there's no need to panic.� Obviously we were better with Colvin.� And with Asante.� We already lost Colvin and continued to win.� Asante mattered far less.� The D is gonna be just fine.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    No one has mentioned Sammie Morris.� He was a main cog in the offense being able to be so balanced and keeping defenses on their heels.� I'm hoping he's back at full strength.� He also makes Maroney more effective.

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    I have never been so disappointed as a sports fan as when the Pats lost in SBXLII.I still can't watch a single highlight of it.� When I try, I end up spending at least a minute or two reliving the crucial plays in the final drive.��I think of Rodney and Asante having interceptions in their hands on the sidelines�I think of Rodney just knocking the ball out of Tyree's hands.� I think of holding against the Giants I think of Eli being in the graspI see Ellis fallThen it all fades with me being sucked in to Michale Strahans big mouth and right through the gap in his teeth!It keeps happening.� Should I seek therapy?

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    Pats comparison: 07' vs 08'

    I think Colvin will be back with the Patriots if they have room and his offers on the open market are worth matching.

    Just a hunch and a hope