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    Pats Dynasty over?

    All that ranting and crying and we still get to keep our hard fought and hard won Vince Lombardi trophies all 3 of them...Pats you're a fun read....LOL! keep on hating...LOL!
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    Pats Dynasty over?

    You are still a troll who can't stand the truth. Funny how you fail to recall that the Bronco's were also fined almost a million dollars too. Legal or not the Steelers used roids to get an unfair advantage over clean teams. You probably believe the East German women swim teams were clean too. The facts are that the filming edict was issued prior to the 2006 season and the Pats caught the Jets filming them but didn't fink on them like the rat Mangini. If you think that the Pats were the only team filming you are a bigger idiot than you appear in your posts. I can hardly wait until we play the Stealers this year with our real QB then we will see how good the So called champs are.
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    Pats Dynasty over?

    Pats going down, you miserable psycho, you're still here. The Colts have piped crowd noise into their wimpy dome for years. Difficult to imagine anything more calculated to give your team the advantage, except maybe having your GM on the rules committee.
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    Pats Dynasty over?

    First of all, the Steelers didn't cheat in the 70s.
    Steroids were legal at that time. Hell, you could get a
    prescription from any doctor for them. Stop comparing apples
    to oranges. The Patriots were specifically told prior to the
    2007 season to stop filming opposing coaches from the sidelines.
    And they did it anyway. THAT IS CHEATING ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT!
    Another thing, even though I don't care about the Broncos or the
    49ers, they gained no advantage on the field during games by cheating,
    like the Patriots have from 2001 - present.
    Remember this?


    You are an IDIOT!

    cheating on the Cap is NOT CHEATING? It is breaking the rules, and means getting better players than the other teams. That has more to do with cheating on the field than anything the Pats have ever done. What is funny is that you think that the Pats actually used the sign stealing in the same game!
    Please tell me what kind of a difference is there if a team was to tape the opposing coaches from the sidelines or from the designated boxes?

    You think that there is an impact to the game, how much?

    Squeelers cheated....steroids were illegal in the US in the 70's. Using illegal substances in the NFL is considered against the rules, if someon got it via a DR, it was illegally obtained....thus the Squeelers were CHEATING!

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    Re: Pats Dynasty over?

    Wait leon played football


    It get better everytime