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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    I am a huge Pats fan.� I am here to say that I hope beyond words that there is an independent investigation and that this thing drags out in to training camp.� My reasoning is two fold:The first is obvious.� The Pats are master motivators and will use the continued scrutiny to their advantage on the field.The second may not have dawned on you yet, Patriot Nation.� If there is a widescale investigation, it is sure to include the entire league and include a more thorough examination of the rule that was broken.� Why is that important you ask?� Well, as far as the entire league being investigated, I believe that by interviewing former players and coaches it would come to light that nfl "espionage" is as old as the league itself, and even goes back to the old days of the inception of the sport and ivy league games.� This will prove that gamesmanship (as any reasonable person would call it), not cheating, is and always will be part of our great game.� Secondly, by truly defining the rule the world will have to understand once and for all that TAPING SIGNS IS NOT ILLEGAL!� Why is it that I can listen to ESPN radio all day long and never hear then clearly define why the Patriots were fined and docked a pick?!It was WHERE THEY TAPED IT FROM, NOT WHAT THEY TAPED!Yes, folks, I want to get on to just watching some games and eating foods that disagree with me as badly as you do.� I am willing to wait though if it means the exposure of these media clowns and government mules.� IMHO.

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Point taken but this has all the makings of a witch-hunt against the Pats.� Senator Dribble doesn't care about any other team...just the one that beat is homestate teams.� If it opened up an all-league investigation of more than just what the Pats did, for example, 49'rs tampering, Dolphins and the audibles game,�creative salary cap maneuvering�by the Bronco's, piped in noise from the Colts, not to mention�the Cowboys and Jets filming.� If all infractions were to be included as well as all teams, then go for it.� But as I said before Senator Dribble has blinders on and is only interested in one team.

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Fascinating stuff for sure.� Isn't this an election year or something?

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Those are great points and I too have observed the fact that if this continues into training camp, the good Senator from PA could provide just the motivation the team needs to pull off the 19-0 season.� Personally, I don't care so much about 19-0 as I care that the Patriots are standing with their Lombardi trophy held high come February 2009.My true feelings on Spector's pitiful attempt to justify his hometown teams losing to the Patriots is he's showing all the characteristics of poor sportsmanship we try to keep our children from learning.� I would really prefer Senator Spector focus as much attention on continuously rising gas prices, boosting�a sluggish economy and turning around the housing market that is on the verge of crisis.� Once gas prices are lowered to pre-2000 levels, Senator Spector's search for truth and integrity in the NFL would be a much easier pill to swallow.

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    im pesonally disgusted that Spector would try to take it that far.� This guy is the senetor of a state that was the "murder capitol" jus 2 years ago, but his focus is on football?� His peers are jus sitting back letting this guy use his positon for personel gain. I Officially Hate the Philadelphia Eagles!
    i have a feeling that they are also behind spectors behaivor. Sore Losers!!!! If I was mr Kraft, i woul launc my own investigation into spector. all politicians have skeletons. lets see how many prostitutes, and mens bathrooms hes playing around in...
    This Is way all political offices need to have term limits. So that they dont have time for this all this grandstanding.�

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    I don't think that the league would ever investigate adn expose other teams.� It would lose legitimiacy and therefore money.

    Between the league having more incentive to hide anything else that may exist and the fact that the only man who's willing to investigate is a man with a vendetta on the take from cable companies who have a beef with the NFL over NFL Network, I think we ought to just be happy that this will probably be going away soon

    That said, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said here.� I go over the logistical impossibility of the whole thing as well as why nothing will ever come of this anyway on my own board: http://boards.boston.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=1&nav=messages&webtag=bc-patriots&tid=20459

    It is sad, this whole run-around.� I hope that the logic from my article becomes widespread so we can resolve this whole thing once and for all.

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Basically, it would be the kind of investigation we should have done on our own GOVERNMENT for decades.The reason why it won't happen in the NFL is the reason why it will never happen to the government:The dirty laundry smells way too bad. �

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Everywhere you look, people think that Sen Spector is looking like a fool:


    He should be careful of throwing stones... Living in that glass house and all....
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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Do�you really believe that an "independent investigation" is going to clear the Pats?-No, but it will effectively shed light on the rest of the dirty laundry the league has to air.� In that event, the Patriots would no longer be villified but empathized as the patsy (no pun intended) for a much bigger problem (even though I have no problem personally and wish the whole thing never happened).Why in the world would you want to� see the Patriots saddled with a monsterous distraction, for the second year in a row?-As a Yankee fan, I am used to the us against the world philosophy.� Frankly, I like it.Do you want to go through another season listening to the ESPN boys, and reading in the media about what cheats the Pats are?The hope for a wider probe is that the Patriots actions can be put in to a proper perspective, and people may finally understand it was WHERE THEY TAPEDIf the Rams were so concerned about his presence, why didn't they have him removed?I agree completely.� I am sure it happens every year.This BS has gone on long enough. The Pats have already been severely punished.� Its' time for the league to declare that the investigation of the Patriots is OVERThat just doesn't seem fair.� I would like to see the Patriots vindicated by the unearthing of what everyone already knows.� There are lots of "improprieties" in football, and all sports for that matter.� To take it farther, there are injustices in every walk of life.� I would personally rather investigate Specter and his involvement in the Kennedy assassination/ Comcast dealings.� I am sure that would be much more valueable to the public.���

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    Maybe the Herald could probe specter!Now thats funny. Tomase could spread lies on him with�no source or basis. Although I don't think it would be hard to discredit any politican.While ironic this would be a way for them to get back on the good side of the�fans and subscribers.good points about the laptop mangina took? �jest filming us? dolphins knowing audibles? and�could goddell tell why the fines were so steep for�a location in plain�SLOW english. So everyone can understand.i.e. espn and there sheeple followingmarshall faulk said on nfl network that walsh was not in PATS gear that day HUMMMM not �what was told by walsh. Wonder if faulk checked everyone that day.�1 lie easily told (walsh or� faulk)so hard to go back disprove and fix the damage. Maybe this is one lesson we could learn from this.People that i talk to PATS fans and fans of other teams are starting to see how stupid this is and how comcast is driving it.

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    Pats fans HOPE Specter investigates!

    I am with you Gimme, Specter is no stranger to scandal, coverup and videotaping....just look back to the Warren Commision where a young specter out to make a name for himself (nothing new there) authored the "One Bullet Theory" which is still to this day considered ludicrous. The bullet played ping pong like his campagin contribution from Comcast which in 06 was over 100k. They even had videotape of two woman standing there videotaping the pres when he got shot.�Yet during his investigation then they found no videotape. This guy didn't get it right then and he can't now ,stop being a pissed off fan and start worrying about the country. Ever heard of recession Arlene, my damn car cost over 60.00 to fill up yesterday, we have guys losing there lives in Iraq and I don't see him passionately seeking a resolution to bringing them home or fixing or economic situation. The guy is a moron maybe his illness is affecting him. The guy has cancer last I checked I think I would be home with my family and not out trying to punish a team that was allready punished......�http://www.geocities.com/justicewell/specter.htm