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    Pats give up best D player & best O player for Zip

    The NFL league trading system is broke. The Pats give away two of their best players for a 2nd round draft pick,crazy. This would be like having the Red Sox give away Yuke and Dustin for a 2nd round pick or the C's sending Garnett and Pierce to NY for a second round pick. If the owners of the Red Sox or C's dumped players for salary savings purposes only ,fans would storm the Garden or Fenway.

    Time to fix the NFL draft and trading system.

    old school

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    Pats give up best D player & best O player for Zip

    You neglected some vital facts here... Vrable was not going to be on the Patriots opening day roster. The Pats did Vrable and Pioli a favor by not cuttung him.. Contrary to the reports there were no REAL offers for Cassell. The Patriots got a very high draft pick and saved about 35 million dollars.. I know.. what am I smoking... Cassells 15m plus the 20m guaranteed $$$ for a top 10 draft pick.. which by the way have less than a 10% chance of working out.. Pioli will also be there someday when BB needs him.. A little insurance if you will.. you would do it the same way..
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    Pats give up best D player & best O player for Zip

    ummm actually its nothing like if the red sox traded youk and dustin for a second round pick. first of all, you can't trade draft picks in baseball. Second of all, until signing extensions this offseason, both those players were arbitration eligable and not free agents (as was cassel, then tendered franchise) or old as hell (Vrabel). Youk and Dustin are in their early prime, the same is not true of vrabel. Basically the pats ended up getting a second round pick for cassel who if the franchise rules weren't in place, they wouldn't have been entitled any compensation for him at all.

    the basketball analogy is whack too. The NFL has what, 54 players on a roster? The draft is 7 rounds and extremely important. The NBA draft is kind of a joke, with players picked in the second round not guaranteed a roster spot (NFL players in 2nd round aren't guaranteed, but i've never heard of one not making the roster).

    if you think the rules need to be changed in the nfl, then it must be the rules that enabled the patriots to franchise cassel and then get something for him. Personally, especially right now, i'm pretty thankful for the way the rules are situated in the nfl right now