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    Philly spares MLB humiliation...

    And tell me what you know about class? I've been to Sox-Yankees games in the Bronx.

    NY Yankee fans have been allergic to class since Gehrig retired. Classless, beer swilling, foul-mouthed drooling, knuckledragging malcontents.

    And that's when the Yankees are winning the game. (Which last season wasn't often)
    The Tampa Bay Rays strutting around, cursing at Red Sox batters, beaning players who get the better of them...classless organization. The Rays played like it and the Phillies whipped them.
    [/Quote]If I told you about class then I wouldn't have any would I?

    Well, FYI sox pitchers have been beaning hitters also.For years and years. All teams pitchers have done this. It is part of the game. I believe cursing could be considered part of it too as I have seen Beckett let off some good ones in interviews. So if he can do it I guess it must be ok. You seem to have a problem with other players doing the same things your players are doing. And probably every team's players are doing, including mine. You really are sitting high on that horse aren't you? Well the Ray's fans have more of a reason to strut this year then most anyone except for the Phillies fans. I think you are having a hard time dealing with that. I'm not. It is part of the game. You really should talk to someone about this grudge and anger you are displaying. It can't be healthy.

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    Philly spares MLB humiliation...

    your right diva you should be ashamed to be here.your yankees are has beens.and its ok for you,and law to fear the new beast of the east.for we will only get better.dosent matter where we play,but beating down you guys next season,and winning it all again will be priceless.as for what you did in the past 100yrs dosent matter.its what we did in 10yrs,and beyond.