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    Pizza thrower should be....


    Imagine for a moment that the thrown piece of pizza had hit its intended target. I believe it is Garrett Anderson. He has a great professional reputation and has had a terrific career. The possible mayhem that could have ensued would have been embarrassing and hurtful. Look how the fan who got hit reacted....upset, vulgar and confrontational, just how I would have been! In the shadow of Jackie Robinson Day Red Sox Nation narrowly avoided a black player being assulted by a white fan....nice job you nameless knucklehead. It reminds me of the Gary Sheffield/Rightfield fan episode, that fan crossed the line and thank God, Sheffield held it together. I'm not calling his actions racist, he was most likely drunk, but the rest of the sportsworld would have seen it such. I hope that fan is dealt with severely and to the full extent of the law. I believe that when one person is insulted or targeted then we all are. I am a loyal, diehard and passionate SOX fan just like "most" everyone else. It bothers me that I would have lumped into that "pizza throwers class" tonight on ESPN SportsCenter.

    Your turn........

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    I did not see the throwing. I did see the upset fan who got hit, though. And we all do get bad names for the idiocy of a few. I haven't even been to a Sox game in over 10 years, and my reputation as a fan suffers because of this dumba$$.

    In defense of Tito's glib response, I doubt Tito had seen the whole thing, and may not have known anything about it prior to the question. It sure sounds like he is encouraging it, and I doubt he meant that at all. He doesn't seem the type at all.

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Please, Gary Sheffield did not "hold it together" last year when Mr. House swiped at a ball that he was trying to get as a souvenir. Sheffield did over react by nearly going into the stands.

    Security go rid of the pizza thrower--he was pretty stupid to waste his money on the slice to begin with and then he was more stupid when he hurled it at the other fan.

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    ...Sheffield did "over react" by "nearly doing" something? How is that possible? Mr. House made contact with Sheffield that was not reasonable......for a fan going after a ball. Remember it was a fair ball House interfered with, not foul pop into the stands like today. Sheffield was justified to be upset and held it together by not touching House. I agree with your security assessment.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    I think its even funnier that folks on here are making a big deal out of it! Damn, worse happens at every game in every sport everyday, it is just not caught on TV! Yawn
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Looked like EXTRA cheese, too - Remy said he would eat it. How bizarre. Lol!
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    i've only heard about what happened today, does anyone one where i could see it online?

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Everybody needs to chill out about this. Did the pizza hit anybody in this thread?? It was funny because it made no sense at all.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Funniest baseball moment of the year...Props to NESN for capturing great, multi-angle footage of the incident. I agree that people should lighten up, I can't imagine the guy will need counseling to overcome this...maybe a dry cleaner.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Thing is, Sheffield did not get hit. House did not connect when he swung for the ball.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Sheffield was brought into the discussion positively, not to bash a New York Yankee. I feel Sheffield did the right thing, and he WAS struck by that fans arm, unlike the claim by another poster that he was not.

    My guess is that the pizza thrower does not own the season tickets to the seat he was in, otherwise he would have been more careful about his behavior. A friend brings me to Foxboro a couple of times a year. He has my word to not start @$%! at his seats. I hope the Sox do revoke the tickets of whomevers seat he was in. I bet this guy would rather get arrested than loose those seats especially if they belong to a buddy or family. If he bought them through a scalper the this is the perfect opportunity for the front office to make statement and publicize the revocation of those season tockets.

    Ask yourself this. Say the Sox win game 7 vs. the Mets and I'm on Yawkey Way, in my excitement I thrown a dish of nachos on a Boston police officer, in my defense 10 people run up to him and say don't arrest that guy it was funny as hell. Or how about if the Sox announce the signing of Clemens as I'm enjoying a Rem-Dawg on the corner and I launch it at Tom Caron during the pre-game show. So many people are laughing they beg me to do it again! Last Friday a friend told me he was bringing his 10 year old to his first game at Fenway for his birthday on Patriots Day. The kid was estatic...his Dad said, "...I hope everything goes OK and we're not sitting near troublemakers" his Mom said she thinks they're 'ready' to go to Fenway. How sad is it that familes have to even consider such a senerio?

    The Boston Red Sox have built an economic empire. They will sell out games for decades under this management. Now that the park is full they should concentrate on filling it with the right kind of fans. Make a statement Theo! Families are watching!

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    And how do you propose to stock the right kind of fans? I suppose they have to be wearing dockers and have a cell phone stuck in their ear. Be a card carrying yuppie and work in a corporate office? Those fans are precisely what we don't need. They can't even name the starting lineup. Clueless. I say lower the prices so the blue collar workers, union guys, can afford to take their families to the games. Let the suits go to the ballet. Hell maybe Epstein will go with them.

    Try going to Yankee stadium when they're chucking batteries from the upper deck. A slice of pizza wouldn't seem so bad. As for Sheffield acting like a badass out there in right field, he should count his lucky stars it was Chris House in the stands. I know guys that if he had even dreamed of mixing it up with them, he'd have been on way to the DL.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Wow, mrstohl, go play in traffic. Seriously. Do you even understand what you are saying? In one forum, you are calling a poster a racist because he called JD Drew a dirt dog. In this one, you are calling a man, throwing a slice of pizza at another man racist? From your viewing of the video, you were able to deduce that this guy was racist? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You are the friggin racist, guy. Say that the thrower was intending to hit Anderson. Are you willing to bet, that had we been playing the Jays, and the left fielder coming into the stands for the ball was Johnson and not Anderson, that the pizza thrower, in that situation, would not have thrown the pizza? Your logic and reasoning are so full of stupidity it is almost unfathomable.

    The two guys were just heckling eachother. It resulted in one person getting a slice of pizza thrown at him. Not a big friggin deal. No rational person would ever call for this guys arrest. When people go to games, they get drunk, they consequently do some stupid things some times. If you ever went to college you would know this, but judging by your thoughts conveyed on this board, you probably dropped out of potty training.
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    To fenwayjack, I agree, the right kind of fan at Fenway should involve familys with kids. The wrong kind of fans are those that create problems for others.

    To naa15, please quote any of my three other posts claiming someone was a racist, I was very interested in your opinion until you got your facts wrong. Since you misconnected me to someone elses post, I had to ignore a good chunk of it. I am looking forward to your next post though.

    I do agree that after the other angles were shown the thrower was aiming at the other fan, not G.Anderson. I wrote the first post as it unfolded, in fact PTI just announced that the two fans had an on-going disagreement.....about pizza. But just because a different human being was hit doesn't change my opinion about whether or not he should be arrested. If we do nothing about the "pizza" will he graduate into a battery thrower like others posted about. Again, if you or I hit a cop with a slice, what would happen?.....Exactly!

    My main point is that it is not what people say it is what other people hear. To connect, many of us would have seen a guy throwing a piece of pizza, not the end of the world but an assult nonetheless. I wrongly assumed the food was thrown at G.Anderson but from the original centerfield camera angles that's what I saw. We are witnessing greater sensitivity in the new "DON IMUS" era. Due to that, it would have exploded into an ugly incident for everyone. No, to answer your question, if it had been R.Johnson it would not have been as big of an issue. If it was Anderson it would have been a race issue to the perception of most viewers outside RedSox Nation and to many within. I was very interested in the Jackie Robinson aniversary, and I'm sure that's where my first gut reaction originated from.

    Enjoy the game tonight.

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    The Pizza Toss:


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    Pizza thrower should be....

    Great commentary by remdog on it though. "AND HERE COMES THE PIZZA!"
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    Pizza thrower should be....

    loved the pbs electric company "one of these things is not like the other greyout with the circle around the thrower in full pats garb. hilarious.

    he was in no way trying to hit anderson, he got his man. that was the only thing that made me laugh all day. it reminded me of a simpsons episode where sideshow bob got hiy by a pie, stealing his brothers dreams.

    the pie gag only works if the saps got dignity crusty said.

    are we still allowed to laugh in the usa?

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    Pizza thrower should be....

    humor boys.

    this is a sad world. laugh while you can