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    Pray for a Ravens L

    Pats... our chances for the division aren't too shabby, either. You are asking for a Raven's loss, well, we can ask for the same for the Jets. We need both the Bills and Miami to beat them in their next meetings and have the Phins lose one more game. The division title also means a home game for the first playoff game. Granted, the Pats need help to get to the playoffs from other teams as their fate isn't entirely in their hands if they win out. I'd wish for the AFC East title and hope for the WC as a consolation prize.
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    Pray for a Ravens L

    hopefully things will go that way...i'll never give up and you pat's nation don't give up too....anyhow,for what we've been through thus far,who would expect that season sans TB??? no matter what they're in or out,i'll be proud of them...check this out next year tho.....

    montreal pat's fan

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    Pray for a Ravens L

    Our best chance is winning the division, in my opinion. As the Pats need help wither way, I would rather depend on the Jets losing than the Colts or Ravens. The Pats still have to pretty much win out regardless.