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    Pursuing Tex a mistake

    [Quote]Why does the quote feature here sometime work perfectly, and other times gives the crappy version where it spells out "quote"?[/Quote]

    Because this board is complete sh**. It used to be good, but they decided to go with a "so called upgrade." I guess that means they were saving money so they decided to "let them have cake."
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    Pursuing Tex a mistake


    I understand your point, but why in the name of god do you care if the Sox keep payroll down? Do you hear any Yankee fans griping they just spent 450 million signing Sabbathia, Burnett and Texiera? Henry and company are richer than dirt. He should pay for bigtime talent. It demonstrates to the players that winning matters to him. After losing Manny it was imperative he brought in some big lumber to bat behind Ortiz. Even Ortiz said the same thing. Oh well, the payroll gets trimmed and Epstein gets a bigger bonus.[/Quote]

    Henry & Co. may be "rich as dirt", but that doesn't mean they are willing to overpay FAs and then pay a luxury tax on top of that, if they think the money can be spent better elsewhere. I must admit, I expected the Sox FO to spend more after not landing Tex, but there wasn't much available, although Abreu for $5 Million looked like a steal to me.

    I think the Sox will always have a lower budget than NY's and every signing or trade must be viewed in the context of how it will effect the budget for years to come. I think even paying Tex $150 for 8 years is too much. Sure I'd like him on the Sox, but if it meant we'd be cash strapped for 8 years, I don't think it would have been worth it. We have a great Gold Glove, young 1st baseman and a capable 3rd baseman, who we may have had to deal and pay part of his salary. I know Theo and Co. don't usually try to sign pitchers to long term deals, but I prefer to have "extra" great pitchers than a great 1st baseman.

    I know we will miss Manny and Ortiz may miss him more than anyone, but I really think the whole "lineup protection" thing is over-rated. If Ortiz comes back to form, I don't think it matters who is behind him as long as it is not Lugo or Varitek. Youk, Bay, Drew are good enough to keep pitchers from walking him all that much. I actually like Youk up 3rd, due to his high OB% and more RBI opportunities for Ortiz up 4th (or even 5th if he is still stuggling).
    So, 1)Ells, 2)Ped, 3)Youk, 4)Tiz, 5)Bay, 6)Drew, 7)Lowell, 8)Tek, 9) Lugo.

    I think we be OK during the regular season, I worry more about who will step up to the plate like Manny did for 4-5 straight years. Only time will tell.
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    Pursuing Tex a mistake


    And yet somehow the NL opponent ended up in the WS. The Sox were clearly superior to the Cards and Rockies, but to say they were very easy match-ups seems a little silly.[/Quote]

    To say they weren't was silly. The Rockies were a .500 team in the NL West until they went on a stupid run of 20+ games to get to the playoffs. Their number one was Josh Fogg. They're one of the worst WS teams in recent history.

    It doesn't matter, the sox won. But to claim they weren't playing a weak team isn't true, especially in comparison to 2003 Florida.
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    Pursuing Tex a mistake

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