You AGAIN? Or rather, STILL? I've never seen someone more OBSESSED with INVESTING their time hating EVERYBoston team. First it was the Celtics, now it's the Sox. Can't wait for the Pats season to start.


Hell, get a group together and start a website about how much you hate Boston. Join one that already exists, even. You're looking in the wrong place if you're looking for people who agree with you, which makes it all the more obvious of your intentions on these boards as an "internet warrior."

Don't bother with the First Amendment rights speech, you already told us that on the Celtics boards.

It may shock you to know that most Boston fans aren't as arrogant as perceived on television or after a few beers. Every team has obnoxious fans. Boston teams just so happen to be winning so our teams are under the microscope. Some of us just want to enjoy watching our teams win or lose because that's what Fans do. Some of us like to discuss and dissect games and teams; criticizing or praising, whatever it may be.

Boston fans are just as TIRED of people spending their lives on BOSTON.COM, jumping to their computers after EVERY loss of a Boston team just to spew garbage.

I'm sure you were a Tampa Bay fan back when they were the Devil Rays, too. You and the rest of the fair weathers that DISAPPEARED after the Sox came to town. ("Game Notes: Attendance was announced as 16,830, down from the 33,768 the Rays averaged for their three-game sweep of Boston this week.") The Rays are contenders as they should be after being in the basement for 10 years, getting high lottery picks every season. It's about time.

But you were also a Pistons fan turned Lakers fan during the Finals. Maybe you're just a fan of hating Boston and a fan of every team that beats a Boston team.