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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    I've been a sox fan since the late 50's. They COULD be a dynasty in the making, but just as Theo did with the 2004 team, bringing on a drought in '05 and '06, he will again go by the "stats' and dismantle a dynasty in the making again.
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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    your post is flat out hilarious--here we just celebrated our 2nd title in 4 years and you've been home for weeks after going 4 games over .500 with the great young talent you speak of and the great Jim Leyland--go get yourself a clue and limp back to this board in ten years when you finally make the playoffs again. Nice job getting swept by a .500 Cardinals team last year also

    Go Sox!!! We welcome our Dynasty in Boston and around the country!

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    I am kind of wondering why a detroit fan feels the need to be talking smack on a Red Sox site?

    Anyway, my first thought is win one first and then talk, but then I started to think about dynasty's and how hard it is for baseball teams to develop dynasty's. The Spurs are a Dynasty built around Tim Duncan and as long as he is good they will win. The Patriots are a dynasty that are built around a system and a coach with a core group of players. In baseball you can't build around one player or even several players. I think that in baseball a dynasty begins with the ideas of the ownership and the system they have in place. Boston players were told at the beginning of the season that anything but a WS title was failure. How many other organizations do that? When players are drafted by the RS they are groomed for one thing, performing at the major league level in the limelite of Boston and winning a WS title. They don't care about getting rid of a team icon for the good of the team. If it will help them win a title they will do it.

    The Yankees were setup this way for a long time...win a title at all cost. The problem was that for many years they ignored the farm system. They have rebuilt their farm system but now they removed the killer menatality that winning a WS title is the only thing. As far as I know the Tigers don't have that killer mentatlity and until they win a title they won't. It takes winners to win and Boston looks for winners, they develop winners. Josh Beckett may be equal to Verlander but the last time I checked JB has two rings an ALCS MVP and WS MVP.

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    The tigers, just like boston, have a blend of very good veteran players with young up and comming stud stars

    You forget that the Red Sox have Julio Lugo at short, while all you have is Edgar Rent-a-rrhea.

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    Red Sox Dynasty?


    Yes, they played good ball all season. Yes, they won the championship.

    NO. Two championships in 4 years does not make for a dynasty. As for laying a foundation, that's just talk. The results will be seen each coming year, then perhaps there may be bonafide discussion about a dynasty.

    Until such time, snip it.

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    The thread is Red Sox dynasty? Not Red Sox Dynasty. No one is saying it is a slam dunk, but the pieces are in place. Young talent in the majors, talent in all levels of the minor league system that can be moved in late season deals(provided they arent dealing for Gagne, Suppan et al).

    Personally I cannot wait for 2008. The mix of returning vets and young players now with supstantial playoff experience! Does this say Dynasty, no. The pieces are in place. Remember this is why the games are played on the field, not on paper.

    On another subject, Curt Schilling waisted no time getting home from the Parade and filling his paperwork, and blogging/campaigning for his next contract. Mike Lowell, in contrast did not. Not saying Lowell is staying and Schilling is going, but at least enjoy the championship.
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    Red Sox Dynasty?


    If you are such a big fan learn how to spell the names of the players on your team. Its Joel Zumaya not Joel Sumya

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    I'm afraid I have to take a contrarian position to most of the posters here and agree with you detroitboy ... partially. The American League has several very strong teams of which the Red Sox and Tigers are two. The Angles could get stronger fast if they sign A-Rod, which they may well. And Cleveland is also a solid team who will be sticking around for a while.

    The Yankees will likely dismantle and reform, but it won't take long before they are contenders again, not with the kind of money they have to buy good players. And I have no idea why a team with Toronto's talent underachieves the way it does, but that may turn around.

    Injuries and slumps can happen to any of these teams (Sox last year, Tigers this year, for example), and it will be very hard for anyone to win repeatedly. Any of them could win it any year, depending on the bounce of the ball and the pull of the hamstring. I'm looking forward to some exciting baseball in the years to come, with maybe a Sox WS championship now and then. That would make me happy.

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    Not to sound too arragant, but Boston has BASEBALL fans, not just Red Sox fans.
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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    He was never comfortable in the american league . I'm hearing he wasn't to happy being traded back to the american league.

    link? funny because i read that he was very happy to be playing for detroit and to be reunited with leyland whom he played for before.

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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    Way to go jinxing your team already! Good luck with Zumaya! Chump!


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    Red Sox Dynasty?

    You have Edgar Renteria. Now that's funny. Wait until you see him play under pressure. He'll blame everyone but himself for his lack of hitting & defense. The ball that just went through his legs, the fields fault. That strikeout, the bats fault. The list goes on & on.