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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    The Red Sox would like to pursue a power hitting corner infielder and will look to trade struggling veteran Mike Lowell.

    Lowell hit .274 with 17 HR in 113 games, a year after hitting .324. The Indians, Twins, Tigers, and Dodgers are all in the market for a third baseman, and would likely be willing to make a trade if the the Red Sox picked up most of the salary. Lowell has a solid year or two left, so he could be a solid pick up, especially if you do not have to give up too much.

    Another possible landing spot is the Diamondbacks, who may move Mark Reynolds to second base. The Red Sox would be able to land Miguel Montero in that deal, who could take over at catcher or third in 2009 if needed.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Lowell has a solid year or two left, so he could be a solid pick up, especially if you do not have to give up too much.

    Then why would want to trade him, and pick up most of his salary?
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    I clicked on the link in your post and read the Nick Cafardo article that came up. Seems you left out the part about the Sox trading Lowell only if they can sign Texeira (and for less than 10 yrs/200 million).

    What I want to know is why the Sox are a good fit for Garret Atkins (as per Rotoworld). Says who? Atkins has mediocre numbers outside Coors and would be a defensive downgrade over either Lowell or Youkilis. If Lowell recovers fully from the hip problem, he is rock solid defensively and good for 25 - 30 HRs. Not huge power numbers, but not a slap hitter, either. Looks like Youkilis is a 25 - 30 HR guy at the other corner spot. Not bad production from the corners at all, really. And not the reason we lost in the ALCS. Beckett's health is the reason we lost. If Beckett had dominated game 2, as he likely would have if not injured, we would have returned to Fenway up two games to none. Then the Rays would have pressed, and it all plays out differently.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    So the Sox would pick up most of Lowell's salary along with Lugo thats $18 mil for lugo and s26mil for lowell total 44 mil so what your trying to say is John Henry became a billionare by throwing his money away

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    So the Sox are going to pay some $20mill to Teixeira? And then pay most of the $9mill for Lugo, who won't be dalt for anything useful? And then they are going to deal Lowe,, probably for a similar return? And then they Sox are going to sign a 4th starter? And deal with Kevin Youkilis' arbritration?

    Say they get lucky and only pay 2/3 of the $21mill owed to Lugo and Lowell. The $20mill for Teixeira plus that $14mill plus, say $8mill for Youkilis in arbritration (his production matches up with other $8mill first basemen), and then maybe $12mill for a mediocre 4th starter? That represents $54mill in payroll and no one has even glanced at the bullpen yet.

    Does that seem smart?

    If the Sox sign Teixeira, which they should not, then the ONLY thing to do is deal Youkilis. The guy is coming off an MVP caliber season, and he will never look better to other teams. Youkilis for Justin Duchscherer, in a match of players having career years? Youkilis for Aaron Harang, as Cincy suddenly has pitching depth and a really weak looking offense? (Include Crisp and its Youkilis and Crisp for Harang and Reliever Jared Burton.)

    Maybe a blockbuster deal along the lines of Youkilis and Buchholz for Matt Cain and Benji Molina?

    Of course this asumes they actually want Teixeira..
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Signing Teixeira only to deal Youkilis would be a monumental error. That is a roughly $12-15 million salary increase for marginal production increase. If Teixeira is signed, Lowell will be shopped. They can still pick up a pitcher in a trade, using minor league talent rather than the 2008 American League Hank Aaron Award winner.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    ok first of all there is no way they trade youk. Lowell is the one who would get delt if we sign tex(which i hope we do). Although i think there is a good chance that the sox will sign tex and wait till spring training to deal lowell rather than deal him sooner. Now if a good offer comes along that may change but if not then that would be the smartest thing to do. I still think there is a possibility that the sox sign tex and keep lowell. They can use him as a back up for ortiz, youk and tex. Enough with all the lars anderson stuff, i think u would have to be crazy to pass up getting a proven hittier/fielder in order to make room for a prospect that has yet to prove anything. Sure he has done well in a and aa but lots of players have done well in the minors but could not get it together in the majors.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    The Sox will never match what the Yankmes will offer Tex !! End of discussion !!

    P.S. The Yankmes actually need somebody at First !!
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    [Quote]Signing Teixeira only to deal Youkilis would be a monumental error. That is a roughly $12-15 million salary increase for marginal production increase. If Teixeira is signed, Lowell will be shopped. They can still pick up a pitcher in a trade, using minor league talent rather than the 2008 American League Hank Aaron Award winner.[/Quote]

    I agree that Teixeira is a minimal improvement for maximum cost, which is why I don’t think it is should happen. My position is, keep Lowell and Youkilis and let Teixeira sign elsewhere.
    But if the Sox don’t follow my advice (they rarely do), what can Lowell be dealt for? The demand for 35yo third basemen owed $25mill and coming off hip surgery really isn’t all that high. What minor league help would have to be dealt along side, and what can you expect in return? And considering everything about Lowell, wouldn’t that minor league talent get more in return on their own? For example, what package brings back better players – Lowell, Bowden and Reddick or just Bowden and Reddick? By even including Lowell in the package, you are already eliminating some of the smaller markets, unless we pay off a huge chunk of his salary, too. How many players are the Sox going to do that for? Do you think the Sox should be pay $28-$32mill per year to upgrade from Lowell to Teixeira? I get that Teixeira is better and younger than Lowell, but is he $28-32mill per year better? I know everyone is dreaming of this lineup of All Stars, but this way is unreal and very inefficient. And if we dump extraneous minor league help, who will be left to get another arm or two for the bullpen? Heck, let’s just empty the farm system further. We’re talking about Teixeira here, right? By the way, isn’t this a bit extreme to get a guy who you admit is only a minimal upgrade over the one we already have in his position?
    That Youkilis won the 2008 Hank Aaron Award is more the reason to see what he is worth. He will be 30 next season, and is either peaking right now, or will very soon. Whereas Lowell is at his ultimate low value, Youkilis is at his highest. Current market conditions aside, which the more ideal time to sell a stock? Even if Youkilis has another stellar season next year, how many more can the Sox reasonably expect? (The GM Axiom is the best time to trade a player is when he has one good season left.) If your argument that Youkilis is a minimal difference from Teixeira, then look at the haul Teixeira brought in from Atlanta. And that was for 1.5 seasons of Teixeira, and he was dealt for 5 prospects, three of which were from the Braves’ Top 10, including both #1 (Saltalamacchia) and #2 (Andrus). Of the 5 they received, two are already in MLB (Salty, Harrison) and a third (Neftali Feliz) was ranked last year in BA’s Top 100 and that was before a very impressive season at AA ball at age 20. The fourth (Andrus) is Texas overall #1. That leaves only Beau Jones as failing to get national recognition. Maybe Youkilis – who is controlled for 3 more years - doesn’t get that much, but how far off would it have to be before it isn’t worth it? Maybe he could be dealt for another SP (or for prospects that could be turned for a SP), and negate any foolish signing of Burnett or Sheets, who threaten to be multimillion dollar DL mainstays. If Youkilis could bring back be traded in a deal that brought back, say Scott Baker or Aaron Harang, would that be so bad? (The Matt Cain proposal I made was probably a bit of a stretch, but if Sabean would do it, wouldn’t you?)
    Are the Sox better with Lowell and what they can get for Youkilis or with Youkilis and what they can get for Lowell? I have to think the first choice would be better.
    This is another case of Sox fans thinking trades are for running people out of town. Lowell may not be as unpopular as Lugo, but the common idea among fans is to move him to clear a lineup spot for a shinier new toy. And heck, if we have to sell out the minors and pay his salary, let’s do it. After all, what’s $54mill when you are talking about 100 OPS points, right?
    The fact is the Sox made it to game 7 of the ALCS, and if Lowell is healthy, he already represents an upgrade over Mark Kotsay. The Sox lineup was not having trouble scoring runs after Manny left, and that was in spite of Lowell and Drew being out for extended periods. And Ortiz being hurt. I know everyone thinks his lack of production was due to Manny leaving, but he did miss June with a wrist injury, and the one of the effects of wrist injuries is diminished power, and they don’t heal overnight. And if Ortiz’ wrist still hurts next season, adding Teixeira won’t help it heal faster. So it’s not like we are adding 2 bats to the lineup by acquiring him.
    By the way, where are all the fans who were so insistent on bringing Lowell back after 2007? After repeatedly making posts as the sole voice saying the Sox would be smarter to simply let Lowell walk and move Youkilis to 3b, I do find it ironic that I am actually the only one defending keeping Lowell, who had to be retained after 2007 because he was such a wonderful human being and an important clubhouse guy. I guess those personality traits only get you so far when there are 100 OPS points at stake…

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Lowell is coming off an injury-filled season in which he was still productive. The previous year he batted over .320 and had 120RBI. Lets not write him off yet. He's a top-rate fielder and a club house leader and he's clutch. The only untouchables on this team would be Lester, Beckett, Papelbon, Pedoria and maybe Youk...But I wouldn't be too quick to trade Lowell. I'd love to see Texieria here, but really rather upgrade elsewhere than first or third base.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    First, I think the Sox will match and probably surpass the Yankees for Big Tex. the Yankees need pitching more than anything I am hearing the Yankees are eyeing Cameron for CF and then looking for D.Lowe and AJ Burnett for their staff. The Sox will target Tex only and will probably out bid the Yanks. After that the Sox will fill holes through trades and minor deals. If we head into next April with a lineup like Els,Ped,Papi,Tex,Youk,Drew, Bay,Tek, Lowery Things will look very good for 2009.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Even if NY doesn't sign Tex and lands Lowe and Burnett, we still need to upgrade our starting rotation. We don't have a solid 4 or 5. If we MUST keep Wakefield, then we need a No. 4 at least. Our poor pitching matchups against the Rays demonstrate that; we don't have to worry only about NY any more.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    The rotation will be fine. We have Beck, Dice, Lester at the the top and then we have our choices of Bowden,Byrd,Buch,Wake and maybe even Masterson. When talking pitching the Sox need to solidify the bull pen and shorten games again. I for one think Masterson should stay in the pen UNLESS the Sox go out and get a 2nd tier teams closer and use him in the 8th see Gonzalez of Atl. for example. I have not given up clay being an impact pitcher for the Sox and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sox make that run at the new Japanese pitcher that wants to come to USA (I won't even try to spell it.) My wish list:

    1. Tex

    2. Tek + Young catcher combo

    3. One more dominant Pen arm
    A. We need our version of Balfour to come in and throw pure smoke, I think that is MDC role but he seems to forget that. (FWIW it sounds like the kid they picked up from Tigers yesterday is in that mold)

    4. Fill rotation. It just seems our minor leagues are loaded with starting pitching
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    No. Atkins is a gold glove level 3rd baseman and Coors is not the hitters paradise it was a few years ago. He's a far better player than Lowell, and not much less of a player than Youkilis. I watch him every day.

    1-He spent almost half the season at 1st. Even with Helton's injuries, I find it strange that you'd take a GG 3B and make him a 1B.

    2-He hit .233 on the road and .342. You sure there's no Coors' affect? And even if there wasn't, do you want a 3B that hits .233 on the road?
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    They should pull another Crisp.............keep him in the spring and see what happens (even if they sign Texeira).

    Value will be low so hang on, hang on...............we can get a helluva lot more for Crisp now.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    What is the contract limit for Texeria from us? I would say 8 yrs 160 million. The contract would expire when he is 37. The Rangers had previously offered 7yrs/140mil... So after 2 solid seasons playing for contenders, hitting .300+, 30+hrs and 30+ 2Bs a year he is going to take 6 yrs 120 mil... no he has himself at probably a minimum of 8 yrs 160 million. Baseball has seemingly put the ceiling at 10 yrs 200 million. Yes he is two years older since the Rangers offer but he will reasonably sign for 8 yrs and 160 million. I'm not sure that fits our plans even though he is a tremendous hitter and could be made to fit our long term plans.
    Is Texeria worth 8 million dollars more then Lowell? Both play Gold Glove like defense but at different corners Lowell at a more valueable spot. Yes Youkilis can switch to 3B and be a good defender, but is 8 million dollars worth a difference of +.34avg 10hrs, 4 2bs, 21 rbis, .072obp. Iwould have to say YES! And thats after I projected Lowell stats numbers to Texeria number of at bats.
    As for having to pay half of salaries ... thats not happening. Look at the free agent market Casey Blake is the best option. The second is the always fragile Crede and then there is nothing. Cleveland is trying to aquire Mark Teahan thats the options out there. Other 3B options that are available are Beltre and Mora. Teams that need 3B are LAD, ARI, TEX, DET, CLE, CHW, MIN, PHI, MIL, & SFG. Of these teams with quality third base options LAD (DeWitt), ARI (Reynolds/Tracy), TEX (Duran/Davis), DET (Guillen), CHW (Fields), PHI (Feliz/Dobbs), and MIL (Hall). That leaves MIN and SFG but Lowell presents a ressonably priced and significant upgrade defensively and offensively.
    Do I think Lowell instead of Kotsay would get us to the World Series... Yes but at the same time I think Texeria would allow us to plow through teams.

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    No. Atkins is a gold glove level 3rd baseman and Coors is not the hitters paradise it was a few years ago. He's a far better player than Lowell, and not much less of a player than Youkilis. I watch him every day

    Obviously I don't watch him every day, I am only going by what I have read. I don't like his splits at all, and his 2008 season begs the question of whether he is much more than a .280 htter on another team, going into the future. Since Lowell is a lifetime .279 hitter I don't see the "far better playerl" label working for you. As for gold glove caliber...is that a euphemism for decent 3B? Lowell HAS a gold glove, and his lifetime fielding pct. is higher than Atkins has had in his best year at 3B! Atkins splits a lot of time at 1B and is being pushed out for a younger, unproven player at 3B. That makes me very suspicious of your claims of Atkins defensive skills, as well. Especially since I have read that it would be a defensive downgrade to go with Atkins over Lowell or Youkilis (which is why I posted exactly those words).
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    Don't sign Tex!!
    Let the Spankees overspend for him and Manny.
    Get another big name pitcher and keep our family of players together for another year. Everyone was singing Lowell's praises in late 07' when he was MVP of the WS, now its trade the guy cuz he is old? He's Jeter's age! He has a couple more years left he can play the field, then be relegated to PH/DH duty. Let the Yankees again be what they used to be... big spenders with no team unity. Tex for them wouldn't be that much of an upgrade offensively over Giambino(I know your all gonna crucify me for that statement).

    We have a s**tload of money now that "Daffy" is no longer our responsibility to pay while hitting for someone else... And Curt is no longer collecting AARP, but we will need some of that money to pay Youks/Bay/Pedie when their time comes due.

    I personally like this team(providing Tizzle gets better next year) with just a little more starting pitching and a new backup catcher to split duties with Tek. I could live without Lugo and would make that talked about swap with the Tigers for Dontrelle if possible.... not that he would be the answer to my request for a frontline SP, but he could be Wake's replacement if he ever gets right again.

    Get C.C. or A.J. and save the money for Youk/Dusty/JBay.

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    I was one of the biggest "bring lowell back" advocates after the 2007 season. The guy is an awsome fit for the Sox. Great defense, gritty player, plays injured and always gives 110%. That all being said, I would like to see him retire in a Red Sox uniform for sure. I think most Sox fans would agree they love Lowell and want to see him retire here. Baseball is a business though... I want to see Lowell here as much as the next guy, but will not villify the front office if they see fit to trade lowell to make room for Tex. From a business standpoint, you make that swap any day of the week. Youk was a 3rd baseman for his playing career until he needed to fill a void at first. He is more than an average 3rd base fielder. Tex is 28 years old, and already a 2 time GG winner, and among the leagues best in offensive numbers for the past 5 seasons. Lowell is 6+ years older than Tex and not as much of an offensive force. He's also getting older, and who knows how fast he can bounce back from injuries anymore. Plus with Tex, that gives us a fairly young and very productive infield, with the exception of our aging catcher. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and short all together can be set for the next 5,6,7 seasons and be very very strong defensively and hold thier own with the bat. They would be sacrificing at least 6 - 7 years of a very productive infield to hold onto lowell for 2 more seasons...like I said, from a business standpoint, which has nothing to do with loyalty or heart, this makes sense. And to me, a lineup that looks like : Ells/crisp, Pedroia, Ortiz, Tex, Youk, Drew, Bay, Lowrie, Tek...looks pretty darn good to me, both defensively and offensively. Tex and Ortiz could go in either the 3 or 4 hole, I would have ortiz bat 4th b/c he really is a cleanup hitter.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    the sox need another quality starter(d.lowe, a.j. burnett),
    the sox need some bullpen arms.
    if the sox can sign texiera and still pick up another quality starter, fine, that would be great. tex gives boston stabilty at 1st base for years.
    i'm also fine with keeping wakefield as the number 5 starter.
    masterson should stay as a set-up guy in the bullpen. he seems comfortable with that.
    i can even live with keeping lugo to share time at s.s.
    who knows, maybe the competition with lowrie will make lugo better.
    i like mike lowell as a player and a leader; but he doesn't have longevity at 3rd and the sox will have to go after either a 1st or 3rd baseman in the near future; i don't think there's another texiera out there.
    what the hell, it aint my money. john henry, sign tex for eight years and the sox will never be out of the playoffs.
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    I don't see a Lowell trade coming for a long time. I don't think I have to tell anyone that he won't be traded until a deal is reached for a replacement.

    That being said I think a team with Youk at third can without a doubt win a World Series. IMHO, when he moves there he instantly becomes the second best all-around 3rd baseman in the AL (I don't think there's an argument about who's #1).

    My problem with Texiera is how I can't get over what a jerk he looks like. I mean he's a good player, but he just looks like one of those guys who looks like he'd tell a 10-year-old to "F-off" for asking for an autograph.

    That being said a lineup with Pedroia, Ortiz, Texiera, Youk and Drew in the 2-6 spots sure would be tough on opposing pitchers.

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    can anyone tell me what happend to Hazel May of NESN. I think she was great, and I miss her?
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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    If the RedSox went and traded Mike Lowell, the WS MVP and a player who accepted LESS money to stay with the RedSox last year I think it would send a very unpleasant message to any other future player who might think about taking less money to stay with the sox. Loyalty has to work both ways and it has to be rewarded.

    Lowell has been a loyal, solid contributor for 3 years now. Despite being in terrible pain at times this year, he still went out to EARN his paycheck. At a time when many players beg out of the lineup for acne outbreaks and chipped fingernails, this guy (who doesn't need to play for a new contract )had to be pulled from the lineup when his torn hip labrum would not allow him to run.

    Please fill my lineup card with 9 players like Mike Lowell.

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    First off, the sox are shaving Schillings 8 million, Manny/Bay difference of 12.5 million, Renteria comes off the books, and a few million for Timlin, Cora, and Casey. Who knows what will happen with Tek. Plus we did not spend any significant money last year. Also, who cares how much we spend? Tickets are going up no matter what.

    Texeira is a perfect Red Sox. Theo should set a price/year limit and go hard after him. Let him go if it becomes too long or expensive. He is patient (more walks then ks), young, switch hitter, powerful, and a great defensive player. He also had a pretty impressive playoff series vs Sox.
    Tex, Pedroia, Lowrie, Youk would be a great infield for years to come both defensively and offensively. Lugo moves into utility role (albeit an expensive one) Outfield of Bay (a 35 HR guy), Ellsbury and Drew/Crisp is another championship quality team. And we would still have a ton of young talent that could come up and help or be spun in a trade for a pitcher (Peavy).

    Lowell is the obvious man out, Sox never wanted him in the first place, and didn't want to sign him last year but caved to the fans demands. He has been great for us but it is too much of a risk to wait and see if he comes back from this injury and we can't wait until middle of next year because Texeira won't be available.

    What exactly do you think we need for our pen? Who is out there that is really going to solidify it for us and how much are they going to cost? Our pen was solid at the end of the year.

    Youklis schould not be traded.

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    Red Sox To Trade Lowell

    If the Sox did sign Texeira would they have to deal Lowell? Consider that if those 2 plus Youkilis and Ortiz shared 3 positions they'd average 121 games each....plus Youkilis might get some games in left....Ortiz & Lowell are getting older and might benefit from some extra rest, the L/R platoon, pinch hitting, and great insurance should one of the 4 suffer a season-ending injury. The same concept worked very well in 2008 for the 4 outfielders and they all seemed to be satisfied with their playing time.

    The obvious flaw in that theory is that we would want Tex and Youk to play a minimum of 150 games each, leaving 186 starts for Ortiz and Lowell to share (plus the other benefits). If Papi played, say, 140, that leaves only 46 starts for Lowell. Still, I think it's worth considering....and Lowell could still be dealt during the season if it wasn't working out.