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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    In agree, the fact is that as much as we love our own home grown talent, they are all still a crap-shoot. Even now, we have no idea what Clay B. will give the Sox and Joba will gove the Yanks. Their upside is amazing, but Santana is only 28. We are not talking about a pitcher who has long passed his best days. We are talking about someone who is easily the equal to Beckett.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    the thing is if we send ellsbury in the deal what do we do with coco ho was replaced by someone with 2 months of mlb exp so how confident are we in coco i still hope for another deal for an outfielder
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Don't discount this kid Khalish. He is as fast as ellsbury and has more power. He also has the Pedroia gamer mentality and is an up and coming big time prospect. MLB evaluators know who this kid is and this is definitely an upgrade to our offer.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    The Sox (I hate to use "we") are definitely giving up a lot but his is a deal you make. I, like everyone else in New England, was really impressed with what Jacoby was able to do but it was a very small sample. Teams didn't have abook on him etc., etc. Santana is a two-time Cy Young Award winner; teams do have a book on him and have seen him a lot. This might explain some of his drop-off this year; however I am concerned with the HRs allowed but Beckett did the same in '06. Point is, Santana is a proven star whereas Jacoby et al. are unproven commodities.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 8:21pm: Theo Epstein expects negotiations with the Twins to carry "well into the night." He says the Red Sox are being flexible, so it sounds like they'll hammer something out.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    This new GM for the Twinkies reminds me of a little kid in a toy store who has to choose between two or three really good toys but can't make up his mind. "Um, Mom? I can't decide which one I want, so can I just have all three? Huh, huh can I, huh?". No wonder Darth Vader Jr. and the Evil Empire put a deadline on them.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Giving the Twinks way too much...I think Theo is on paterity leave already.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    This trade would be a no-brainer imo. I love the young kids but you do not pass up on a front line starter with Santana's stats, experience etc. Pitching wins.....plain and simple.... Anyway.... I love this quote from Jason Starks article:

    "If the Red Sox get Santana," said an executive of one NL team that's grateful to be in the other league, "they might be the best team in the history of the frigging universe."

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    The amount of $$$ the Sox are going to have to shell out for Santana along with how it effects future Sox signings plus the amount of talent being giving up....I would rather have someone else take on that risk. Sox should be concentrating on a backup catcher who can step in when VTek slows down....BP help & solidifying the bench. The Sox have everything else in place.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Don't you just love the Winter Meetings.....every year we throw all these rumors around, and in the end...it is what it is. But if the Theo pulls off a deal for Santana without trading Ellsbury or Buchholz , I think we can all agree, we have the best GM in baseball.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I disagree...I just don't understand some people. Isn't the goal to win the world series? We'll be contenders as long as we have Becket and Santana to anchor the pitching staff. Dice K will improve next year. The kid's a gamer. We'll also have Clay B ready to go soon.

    Do the sox quit scouting just because we traded away some young talent. Of course not. We have scouts and coaches that will continue to draft well and develope young players. We'll have at least 4 years trying to win it all...maybe we'll do it more than once. There's no reason not to think other young talents will emerge.

    Santana is a proven winner. Yeah, he can get hit by a bus tomorrow but highly unlikely. It's also highly unlikely that his production will decline. He's a big game pitcher. He's in his prime. Does anyone seriously think opponents would welcome drawing the sox in the playoffs with the starting pitching we'll throw out? Geez.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    PapiFan, I am not saying anything negative about Jacoby. I love the kid and will be sorry to see him go, but my basic point is that his type of player is much easier to find....and they are usually fairly cheap, especially compared to #1 pitchers.

    I just think that if the Sox need to surrender even a star outfielder in order to have 2 stud aces in the rotation, you do it no questions asked. When I think of a rotation that starts with a power RH in Beckett and is followed up with a power LH in Santana....it just gets me drooling, especially in the playoffs. Imagine a team having to face Beckett and Santana twice in a playoff series....or facing them each once in a short series.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    That's just plain silly. Of course no pitcher is worth that kind of money......NO player is worth the amount of money they are getting. A bench player getting $500,000 is WAY over paid in my opinion. But when you compare their salary to the rest of the league, then yes he is worth it.

    And anybody who says "we already have an ace" clearly doesn't understand the game. The old saying is "you can never have too much pitching"...Theo learned this lesson all too well in 06.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    totally agree with Chris in this...just the THOUGHT of having Beckett and Santana at the top is unbelievable.

    from what i understand, the latest has it that the Lester, Coco, Masterson, Lowrie deal is back to the forefront, letting us keep Ellsbury. If that's the case, it's the best of both worlds - we get to keep the kid, keep the lineup intact, and oh yeah, add the best left-hander in baseball into the same rotation with the best right-hander in baseball.

    this is not even close to being up for argument - if the Twins are willing to go through with this offer, GOD yes!

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    and oh yeah, based on the Sox' currnet payroll, i don't think money is an issue.

    Beckett and Ortiz are gamers and winners, not players more concerned about some new acquisition getting paid better than them.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Why do so many on this board worry about Beckett and Papi being upset about Santana making more money than they are. Didn't Drew make as much or more money than Papi this year ? Didn't Beckett perform more like a million dollar pitcher in 06? I don't recall him offering to give the Sox back any money. These guys understand the business, and they took every dime they could get at the time they signed their contracts. They know they are on the verge of something far beyond any monetary rewards. They are part of a team that could go down in history as one of the best. Beck will be fine with Santana's salary, and I think he will be motivated for RedSox nation to look at him as the ace of the staff. He will be challenged by the perception (who's our ace) part not the salary. Remember Pedro made more money than Schilling, but it was Schilling who wore the sock.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    oh, i definitely don't have a problem with staying pat, keeping things as they are, if that's the way it ends up.....i just think that you definitely need to entertain an offer like this if it comes up.

    as far as team chemistry goes, that was the key to the 04 win and all the doubters this year pointed to how the Sox only had a handful of guys left over from that team, even though the team was great on paper. the result? another WS win. so, i have to wonder whether the clubhouse would really be rocked by this if the core guys on the team knew that ithis was obviously a move to improve the team and continue to win.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Asolutfriggin right on....my concerns exactly!
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    thank you, cures86ed.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Espn/Sportscenter just said that the Sox have scheduled a meeting at midnight to further discuss the Santana trade.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Except Papi and Santana are tight friends, David would never bad mouth him or the chance to play with him. In fact he is one of the most vocal supporters in bringing him here.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Hello Sox Fans,

    I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation of Santana joining the Red Sox. But part of the reason I'm on the edge of my seat is I'm worried the Red Sox are going to pay a really high price for just one player - a player who has been great up to now - but he wants six years - he will be 35 by the end of his contract.

    And look what has happened with Matt Clement - he has been on the injured list longer than it takes a snail to crawl from Minnesota to Boston.

    I hope the Red Sox get Santana - but I hope the Red Sox don't give up Ellsbury!

    Lastly, what is wrong with a rotation of Beckett, Dice-K, Buchholz, Schilling, and Lester?

    Best Wishes to Red Sox Nation!

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I do not like the delays in this thing..the longer it drags on, the more I think it is not going to happen.


    It appears the Twins might be waiting and waiting for that magic offer from some team to come in out of the blue. I do not buy into giving a team a deadline but they really should make a decision one way or the other...This is starting to remind me of 2003 and that Arod debacle(we got lucky we did not get that no playoff winning brat though!)..how we had him....and then didn't with extended negotiations..back and forth..back and forth..until it was no longer

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I don't care if we get Santana or not!

    How is that for Flame Bait!

    Frankly, we have won 2 World Championships without Johan and we can win another as our Core Players will all be returning. I would expect that our Pitching will get better in 08 with or without this Santana.

    Also, I am not one for giving up our Youth (Elisbury) for this Guy. Yeah, I will not argue the logic of this trade, but I like Jacoby and believe this guy is more important to our needs long-term. I truly believe this Kid is a Superstar in the making. and I will not be happy if he leaves us for this deal.

    This whole Deal is a joke.

    People here are acting like a bunch of panic-struck 85 year old ladies who are sitting around spreading gossip about neighbors. Get a life folks!

    The Twins are smartly dragging this deal out to the very end so that can get MAX Exposure and return on their investment from as many bidders as possible. The media and forums like this help spread the hysteria and frenzy. Very clever shrewd business on the Twins part.

    This whole issue makes me laugh as Its all actually comical.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I read the NYT this morning about H. Steinbrenner's comments about the Santana trade. He and Cashman both appear kind of relieved to be out of the hunt. They're content to hold onto what they have in the way of young talent. I can understand their point. While I understand the other side, we're talking about giving up a lot of young talent for one guy -- and also a lot of dough. I'm beginning to think that at this point, I'd be happy just to pass.Here's some excerpts from what they said in the NY Times. We'll see how long Boston.com let's me keep this up:Melky Cabrera, the key players in their proposal.ôIÆm very pleased,ö Steinbrenner said. ôWe got Andy Pettitte back, and everything I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the off-season has happened. We got Pettitte, Rodriguez, Posada and Rivera back. WeÆve got our young pitchers. IÆm very glad we didnÆt have to lose Hughes and Cabrera. Everything is copacetic.ö>>Cashman weighed in too:Brian Cashman would not comment on the breakdown of the Santana talks, but he said: ôWeÆve worked hard to get guys to a certain point where weÆre ready to grow with them, and hopefully, we can. It doesnÆt mean weÆre not going to move them at some point, but at this stage, IÆm happy to say that weÆre holding onto guys.ö??