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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Add Santana to our rotation and we are looking at another 2 World Series or 3! in the next 4 years. Do you think any of the 5 players included in the deal would be able to help the Red Sox do this? I think if we sign Santana to a multi-year deal...let's say 5 years then we can look back at the players we gave up and laugh. Don't get me wrong these young guys are good prospects but that's all they are now...prospects. Santana is nice and to go into Yankee Stadium with Beckett, Santana, Dice-K, Schill, Wake and Buchhy is plain out nasty and it gives me good backup since I live in NYC...

    ...on another note: Has Matt Clement been picked up by any teams in MLB...I know he blew out his shoulder and rehabbed all last year but rememeber he was 11-0 and an all-star before he got hit in the head with a line drive and then his performance decined big time...
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I agree Theo is relaxing probably taking a nap while his staff starts the ball rolling on other trades...theo and the boys will be in their suite watching the Celtics take on Philly tonight having a few beers as they did for the Pats game.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    The lucky numbers tonight will be:

    5,17,27,33,44 and the powerball will be 29

    ...You can purchase some nice Red Sox gear for the fam over the Holidays...enjoy.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    This morning on 'EEI, a beat writer for the Twins was on Dennis & Callahan and was asked the question by Callahan whether Santana would be a the same quality picher over the life of the new contract....or something to that line of questioning. The beat writer replied that he thought the wear and tear was getting to Santana and he reference his small stature in that he's not a horse like Schilling and Clemens. He went further to state that at the end of the season he looks like a prize fighter than went 15 rounds.

    To me....bottom line....I think he's going to slowly decline. If I were Theo I wouldn't budge on the offer out there. If the Yanks or another team swoop in or if the Twins hold out for more so be it. Look what happened with Clement, Pavano....Kevin Brown before him.

    To me it's like buying a car with 70,000 mile on it. It's still good but things can "break".

    All along I've liked Haren better because (1) younger/less innings pitched; (2) right hander; (3) less $$. But he would probably cost more in talent to land.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    That is fairly easy to assess. The Yankees aren't allowed to talk to a player that belongs to another team without that team's permission. So the Yankees can't talk to Santana or his agent about Santana without the Twins giving the okay. And taking the chance and doing so anyway could land the Yankees in big trouble with MLB.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    yeah that wont happen Santana would be stupid to wait an extra year and risk declining performance or even worse an injury that would decrease his value. Not to mention his best chances of winning a WS would be to leave the TWINS ASAP. Besides the Yankees cant promise him anything, im pretty sure that would be tampering or something like that.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    the alternative is pay him $13.5 million, finish in 3rd and get a low first round and sandwich pick in return.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    And then you woke up? Best pictcher in Baseball maybe up there in recent years and def the best on the trading block, but Def not best pitcher overall right now not to mention he isnt the biggest guy and will not be nearly as good in the tailend of a 6 year deal. The Twins can go ahead and keep him just to loose him next year, lets be real your owner will not open his big fat pockets and outbid the other big teams out there. The Twins cannot generate enough revenue to keep their most valuable free agents even with a new stadium! I'm not sure what the whole new Stadium argument is about, but in my opinion new stadium or not if the fan base is there they will come. Just look at them Sox oldest stadium, they sell out every game, and still charge more than any other team. Besides Even if he does give him a competitive offer Santana is not happy in Minn and wants to go to a winning team...he said so himself.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    You have to hear the baloney going on right now on WFAN in New York. Mike and the Mad Dog are confusing the whole issue down here by telling the Yankee fans that they're not sure who Yankees offered. And I continue to listen to comedy radio in New York since I'm stuck here in NJ.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    They're gonna have to move Santana. The Tigers' deal for Cabrera and Willis means the Twins have no shot at the AL Central even with Santana. My feeling is the Tigers' deal cememnted Santana's trade somewhere.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Whatever, the Sox ought to forget the Twins and Santana. They should look to improve the bench and bullpen. This is what they went down their for. If Santana gets to free agency he will wind up with the Yankees, and the Twins will get a sandwich pick in the 09 draft. Good luck to ya.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    4:03 p.m., from Jayson Stark
    ò The Red Sox and Twins continue to have "a lot of dialogue" about Johan Santana, according to one source with knowledge of their discussions. But there is no indication they've been able to rebuild any momentum toward a deal. The Red Sox want to make this deal on their terms, meaning they're still only willing to offer either Jon Lester or Jacoby Ellsbury but not both. The Twins think they need a bigger return if they're trading Santana. So even though their ability to compete in the AL Central took a hit with the Tigers' deal for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, it doesn't appear that has heightened the Twins' sense of urgency to complete a deal. Jeez, either do it or let it go. Personally I would include Ellsbury and Lester in the package with Masterson and Lowerie and say ok...make your decision by tonight. Santana is arguably one of the 2 or 3 best pitchers in baseball. You know what you will get with him. Do we really know over 162 games what we will get with Lester and Ellsbury? Good stats, but maybe not great stats. Sox make the deal!

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    PumpsieGr, you are an IMPOSTER! I was here DO NOT want to be confused with me, trust me.

    You should seriously consider getting a new screen name, lest you be subject to all manner of abuse here. I could suggest "Pumpsie II".....I AM THE PUMPSIE GREEN!!

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    As far as i have read they have had 1 demand and that was 2 of the major 3. They have not changed that one bit. It is the RS that keep trying to low ball the twins.

    The fact of the matter is, like the Yanks, the Red Sox feel they have made a fair proposal. I give the Yanks and Sox both credit for not overpaying. I do not believe either team has lowballed the Twins with their respective offers. The consensus is that both have offered significant talent in return for technically one year of Santana. Masterson and Lowrie are likely as good if not better than anyone the Twins could expect to get with their compensation picks, and Crisp and Lester are legitimate MLB talents (it's not that the RS are trying to dump Crisp, btw, it's just that he has become expendible due to the emergence of Ellsbury - at the same time, Ellsbury has been offered up as an alternative, because we would still have an acceptable option in Coco).

    The Red Sox are usually good about placing a value on something, and moving on if it doesn't pan out. Hopefully they stick to that practice here. What the Twins need to decide, essentially, is if Lester and Coco, and saving $8 million or more in salary, is worth giving up one year of Santana. Frankly, I would have strongly considered the Yanks reported offer as well, if I were the Twins.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Jacoby Ellsbury is the most exciting player to join the Red Sox since Nomar. His bat control, speed, and defensive ability are a rare threesome among Red Sox outfielders. Don't underestimate the speed factor, which is something the Sox have avoided for far too many years. They would be fools to let him go.

    There are enough pitching prospects to find at least one blue chipper based on previous performances.

    Forget about Santana. Find a catcher, solidify the bench, and let's see who steps up in spring training!!

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.


    His/her brain is probably too small to even begin to think about his/her own screen name! if i were you, id take this "mockery" as a compliment. you must be doing something right!! = : )

    BB, actually, I was afraid for his life. I have a reputation to maintain on the board as the voice of gloom. I would hate to think that someone else might suffer severe physiologic embarassment as a result of MY actions

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I think the Twins got too greedy and overcalculated the Yanks vs Red Sox thing, they thought they could pressure the yanks to throw in Kennedy and when that didnt work they tried to pressure the Sox into throwing in Ellsbury with Lester and it looks like the Sox are smart enough to walk away.

    So the Sox have a chance to trade Coco for someone decent and put Ellsbury at center, if not I will take the extra centerfielder gold glove caliber at that. The Sox will also be keeping Bucholz to see if he can become a starter midway throw next season if not from the get. And they will be able to see what lester can do after 1 extra year of experience and only his 2nd year back from cancer, not to mention first full year. Not only will all three be very inexpensive, but the Sox fans will be happy and Ellsbury Jerseys will be selling like crazy $$$$$

    In Theo I trust

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    Its interesting to me that as much as I would like to see Santana in a Sox uniform, I am also split 50/50 with the other side say its no big deal if he goes somewhere else (as long as its not NY.)

    Ultimately if we do not make this deal, if he stays a Twinkie, or, if he does not sign the big contract, we will have a shot at him through free agency next year without coughing up the kids.


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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    This is just getting dumb. Yesterday this deal was all but done. Today, appears as if it wont happen. As much as I hate to say this, I think Theo should pull a Hank and set a "deadline" to this thing. It is clearly dragging on and it would allow us to move on with other possible trades.

    Well, lets not exactly hope he "pulls a Hank and set a deadline," LOL. Theo may have already set a deadline with the Twins, but we likely won't know because Theo does not negotiate publicly. It can be frustrating for fans sometimes and it doesn't make for good headlines, but it's the right way to handle things.

    The longer this goes on, the less leverage the Twins have. Already the Yanks have pulled out, as there is less pressure due to the Pettitte signing. More trades/signings will continue to develop with the few (one or two, now) teams in the running for Santana - teams will eventually move on, and options to trade him will dry up.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I can see why the Yanks set a deadline on Santana...I'm beginning to wish the Sox would do the same. The Twins are just trying to drag this thing out and get more teams involved. If they can't make up their minds, Theo should just walk away. We have more pressing matters that need to be addressed (bench, bullpen, catcher).
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    A Streak? I think thats a bit of and understatement. He was hot in August/Sept. then sat out the first half of the playoffs, then came back in and hit 390 during the Cahmpionship and World Series. Ellsbury is a guy to hold on to. What do Santana's post season numbers look like? Not good.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    What do Santana's post season numbers look like? Not good.

    Irrelevant. Santana is an ace and would be a tremendous addition to the team-for the right price. With this silence I think that one of two things is happening:

    1. The Twins know that the Sox have made their best offer and are not happy with it and are looking elsewhere for alternatives realizing that there is no time limit on what the Sox have offered.

    2. The Twins have already accepted the offer and the Sox are now negotiating with Santana's agent and there is no news because of the inevitable circus that would follow the announcement that a deal has been reached. Epstein has shown little affinity for such public circus type atmospheres while negotiating in the past.

    This is a win-win situation for the Red Sox unless the Yanks end up with Johann Santana. Either we get him and have a dominating SP staff or we do not and get to keep our prospects and trade some of them for other needs.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    What do Santana's post season numbers look like? Not good.

    Really? These are the numbers from his last two postseasons. Granted, Santana's postseason stats prior to 2004 aren't great. But he also wasn't a full-time starter until midway through 2003.

    Year Round Tm Opp WLser G GS ERA W L SV CG IP H ER BB SO
    2004 ALDS MIN NYY L 2 2 0.75 1 0 0 0 12 14 1 4 12
    2006 ALDS MIN OAK L 1 1 2.25 0 1 0 0 8 5 2 1 8

    I would love to see the Sox pull off the deal without losing Ellsbury. But honestly, Santana is probably worth Lester, Ellsbury and prospects. Anything less for him would be a coup. The dude is the best pitcher in baseball. Period.

    Would you trade Ellsbury for Pedro in his prime? I would. And that's pretty much what you're getting with Santana.

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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I'm with you, man. I agree with everything you said. And let me tell you something else. I wouldn't even make a 1 on 1 trade : Ellsbury for Santana. If Ellsbury stays in Boston that'll be my Xmas present.
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    Santana-Jacoby: closed.

    I saw Ted Williams play, too. He was a power hitter with a great eye that forced pitchers to throw him strikes. Jacoby is more like Johnny Pesky, the one they named the pole after. You expected homers from Williams, singles from Pesky. Unless he dumped one in the stands by the pole for a short homer.