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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    My hope is that the Sox are in this negotiation just to make sure the Yankees (or better yet the Mets) over-pay for him. Because I donÆt see how the combination of losing 4 good players (at least 3 who should be on the Twin's ML roster next year) combined with the risk of an 8 year $140 million contract is the best way to improve the Red Sox. And I define risky here as a contract that 1. is for a pitcher (most often injured position in baseball), 2. ties up money for more than 5 years, and 3. has a value over $100 million. The Yanks are more desperate for an ace, and are genetically inclined to over-pay anyway, so the Theo magic here might be to create an illusion of serious interest to ensure that if the Yanks do get him, it really, really costs them. Because sitting out the process and letting the Yanks pay less than they should for Santana would hurt us. Maybe Theo has learned something from all those -->-->Boras-->--> negotiations. . . In which case we can use -->Coco--> to pick up a solid reliever, which is what we need anyway.-->-->--> -->

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Theo is playing chess with the Yankees. IMO, he will make the trade as outlined forcing the Yankees to respond by including Hughes. He wants the Yanks to get into a no win situation of either gutting their farm system or allowing the Sox to get Santana at an acceptable price. The Yankees were trying to get Santana on the cheap in terms of talent, but that will not happen now.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Hey you forgot they also gave us David Ortiz. I love Minnesota for all the generosity.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    If the Yankees give up Cano, that's another plus for the Sox. This is getting better and better.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I hope we make the Yanks put together Melky',Cano and Hughes in their deal for Santana. Theu wouldn't have a starter under 30 on thei whole team. Bleed them Theo bleed them.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I get tired of hearing all the fans of teams that have low pay rolls complaining when they get hammered by teams that spend money. There are a lot of teams that have money and could spend more, but their greedy owners that fought for luxury sharing choose to pocket the money rather than spend it - so shame on them. I applaud the Sox FO for not being afraid to pull the trigger on trades for great players that are franchise builders, ie Beckett and hopefully Santana. And also we're not doing it by destroying our Farm system, we're able to do it because the system is strong and deep, unlike the Yankees.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I guess I'm in the minority. After the great job the Red Sox organization has done to shepherd this young talent along, I'd like to see it come to fruition on the field -- OUR field (Fenway), that is. A lot of fans in New England have been following these guys for years and we want to see them play in Boston, not Minnesota.

    Four gold-chip players for one all-star? I just don't get it. All Minnesota needs is for ONE of these (much younger than Santana) guys to develop into a star... imagine if it happened with TWO or THREE? And they'd be playing long after Santana had rode into the sun (as with any pitcher, possibly earlier than expected due to injury).

    Message to Theo & Owners: Hold. I don't need a World Championship team every year, I just like to see young, talented, hungry players on the field... and if it comes to the World Championship again, it'll taste even sweeter knowing we did it the old-fashioned way -- through our farm system.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Go over to the "Dem Yanks" thread and see the Yanks fans sweat bullets and whine.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    IF....and it is a BIG IF...the Sox do aquire Santana, you should be. That would mean the Sox would have two legitimate #1 aces in the rotation for years to come. Obviously Bucholz is a question mark with so few games under his belt....but judging from those few starts, he should be a solid front end guy. Dice-K is also somewhat questionable as a "stud"....but at the very least he is a solid middle rotation guy.

    Basically the Sox would have a young, solid starting rotation with 2 aces up front. It will be a fun decade regardless, but if they get Santana....it will be that much better.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    You are welcome to come over to this side of the discussion if you want to leave the Yankee friendly site.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Agreed. You have to make this deal as it's been reported (Lester/Lowrie/Crisp/Masterson or Bowden). I hate to be an "as long the Yankees don't get him" fan but it must be at least recognized that if he comes here, he's not going there (duh).

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I look forward to exchanging view with you on either site without characterizations of perceived conditions.

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    meaning I will not refer to the attitude of the Yankee fans as sweating bullets or whining.
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    As you can see i LOVE ellsbury hes explosive offensivly and defensivly and i think this is a great deal
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    If the Sox can get Santana for Crisp, Lester, Lowrie and Masterson, go for it. If not, that bid is high enough to make the Yanks pay dearly for Santana - it will almost surely cost them Huges instead of Kennedy. Boston should then go after Haren, who's maybe a better deal - he'd arguably pitch just as well and costs less.

    If Boston had Haren, they'd be just as much of a lock as if they had Santana - the Yanks would have paid more for someone who Boston could neutralize, giving up less talent.

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    The possibility of missing out on Santana and getting Haren for less is enticing considering the position of strength Theo is operating from. Don't know if it would ever happen bur Bedard and Kazmir are two othe lefties who could become available, although I doubt a deal could get done within the division
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Schilling is slightly better then Mussina

    Even at this stage in his career, I'd say Schilling is more than "slightly better" than Mussina. Mussina is washed up; I'm not convinced Schilling is yet. When he did pitch this year, he pitched quite well, and he was a huge commodity in the playoffs.

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Not sure how I feel about a trade. We won the series in large part due to the young guys.

    • Yes, we need to have another starter as Schill winds down, maybe Lester or Buchholz will fill that void.
    • We need a young catcher that can take over for Tek eventually, someone he can mentor.
    • I am sure Dice will have a better 2008 now that he has been through an entire year in MLB.
    • How many more years of Manny do we have?

    Maybe we drive the price up on Santana so the NYY overpay and back fill with Haren who could cost less???

    All I know is I enjoyed the h*ll out of wining the AL East, coming back vs. CLE, and sweeping COL (one sports removed from the Broncos).

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Not too good to be true--

    It is written in the stars--

    Sox are the Team of the 21st Century--

    So begins the rise of one of the greatest baseball dynasties in history--

    It's just hard to recognize when it's happening live...

    We'll miss you Johnny Lester, and thanks for the memories, Coco, and for some of the finest catches ever in the Fenway center field. You will never be forgotten...

    I think we should call for off-season cryogenic freezing, just to keep everyone healthy and off the booze...

    Start saying it--First One-- Awesome, Second Was Great, Third One's Comin' in Two-08!

    We're going to repeat, you heard it voiced here first!

    GO SOX! GO PATS! GO CELTICS! GO BC! GO BRUINS, EVEN!!! Finally hit our numbers!!!

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I'd have to agree, kind of sounds like a joke to me too. I think it might be a ploy to get the Yankees to give up bigger prospects much like the Yankes were doing with Lowell... Lowell playing first base... everyone had to think that was a joke... the guys a gold glover 3rd baseman.

    I do feel that Justin Masterson is a faily big prospect.... not major league ready but he'll be a solid starter if not above average at some point. I've always thought that Lester would be the corner stone of any trade. Given his success thus far they probably feel they can get a good return on someone who very well may have already shown the peak of his abilities (his numbers are pretty good). Coco is the best centerfielder in Major League baseball right now. He's a stud out there. He hit .300 for Cleveland and I think he could do it again. There are two things Coco lacks, hits and power. Power will never happen but if he can hit the ball... well then... he'd be an All-Star. I think his issue is his tendencies at the plate... he's a bit crazy up their... psyching himself out rather than relaxing. So, yes I think this is a joke but I wouldn't sell any of those players short.

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Offers and deals like this are the worst kinds for the inquiring team... talk about having your balls in a vice! You work a deal offering a hell of a lot of solid prospects because that's the only way you can start talking to Santana. You offer to sell the farm. Then you talk to Santana and he's demanding unheard of money to sign. I have to beleive that neither the Yankees nor Redsox are going to offer anything close to what the Twinks are asking... Crazy if you ask me.

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Who knows how the back room deals are really made. Are these offers accurate? Who is leaking the info? Have the Sox had contact w/Santana's agent to get an idea of a informal offer on a contract? Who knows?
    How much will we have to pay and for how long? All questions none of us know!
    I would love to see Santana for the current rumored offer. I think it would set us up very well for years to come. If we don't get him it won't be the end of the world either. There are many other options available this year and in the near future, which have been previously discussed on this board already. Santana would give us the upper hand for sure.
    However, LF,mid-RP, and future C are also needs that will need to be addressed in the near future.
    GET SANTANA OR JACK UP THE PRICE!!!!! Both are good options!
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    Not that I want this but losing ellsbury isn't the end of the world -Andruw Jones for short years can be had
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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    here's my take on the santana trade...any time you can get a top 3 pitcher you do it. if yo have to give up ellsbury, you do it. i personlly think the lester/masterson/crisp/lowrie deal is good for both teams, but how often do these prospects even work out. we got pedro for carl pavano and tony armas jr. and they chose pavano over brian rose...anyone remember him? we shouldve just thrown him in the deal. the point is that the only certainty is that santana is a stud. the rest of the guys are question marks. they may wind up being good players, but if they end up producing like crisp and lester do these days, the sox have the money to wind up and trade them anyway...

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    Santana-Sox-Yanks: (closed 4:14pm)

    I would not do the Santana deal w/ Lester, Crisp and prospects! The Sox are given up way too much in this deal!

    Santana's best years are behind him ( he's 29, not 24) and his ERA has risen steadily for the past 2 season!

    I would not compromise promising prospects and Jon Lester (if he can pitch the way he did in the 4th game of the World Series the Sox have a legitimate 4th starter).

    Let another team give up too much for Santana. I think the Sox should not do this deal!!