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    scared at the Coliseum

    I had on a bright red Sox sweatshirt and from the moment we set foot inside the gate, I was yelled at, sworn at, threatened

    I am sorry to hear that. There is no call for that anywhere.

    I do have a question for those who were preaching to me this offseason that the Sox are the most beloved team in the world. What happened? I thought California was like home away from home for the Sox.

    You have 2 championships in the last 4 years. The bullseye is on your back and you will not be so loved anymore.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    I experienced the same thing. I had my Sox hat on and had many people yell at me, had stuff thrown at me and the like. I rarely go to Dodger Stadium anymore because of the idiot fans there. There are always fights and abuse, even in the so-called 'family sections.' I was hoping it would be different at the Coliseum since it was an exhibition game and not Dodger Stadium, but that wasn't the case. I don't know where section A is, but I was in section 22, right behind the screen in left field and there was a major brawl there complete with other fans throwing beers on the brawlers and others jumping in and taking cheap shots at those who were fighting. That was the 6th inning and we just decided to leave. It had ceased being fun.

    I did take my hat off as I was leaving just to be safe, A sad commentary on baseball fans in L.A..

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    scared at the Coliseum

    I had a totally different reaction from the Dodger fans at the Coliseum as well as what was taking place hours before the game when my wife and Linda were trudging around the jamboree looking over the sites and cavorting with the fans and getting autographs from some of my old Brooklyn heroes.� A few kidded me in a friendly manner and I got into a lot of friendly conversations while in the chow and autograph line.� I sat next to two Dodger fans and there were five in back of me and we hit it off real well.� There were two guys from a Dodger Blues Board who said� they were going to look me up and since I had some words with them on their site some time ago, it could have led to trouble if they had made contact with me.� Then, again, when you meet someone face to face it is a lot different that it is when you have the barrier of the computer and miles between you.� All in all I had a good time as did Linda.� Besides, there has to be an element of jealousy among Dodger fans. After all they haven't won s#it in 20 years, not one post season playoff series, so how the hell are they supposed to feel when they run into a plethora of Red Sox fans in full regalia waxing poetic about our great team?� Think about that!

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Glad you had a good time.
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    scared at the Coliseum

    Next time wear a No. 12 Pats jersey.� Just kidding.� Very surprising to hear that went on from the left coast.� Once upon a time that kind of nonsense didn't happen.� You could feel safe taking children to a game.� Not anymore!!!

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Right Jess----and the Red Sox even won.� Hell, it isn't something they've made a habit of this Spring.� Oh well, as my friends say, it's only ST.� I notice there is a rain delay at Yankee Stadium.� Boy, oh boy, I hope the weather improves by the time I arrive in Boston a week from today.� I can just see my comfort zone going south at warp speed if their series with the Tigers is rained out or partially rained out.� Have a great day my friend.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Concerning the ruckus that is the LA Coliseum, did not know the Raiders still played there.....Rob - See you tomorrow night, also at the game against the A's, and I'd say at least a 50/50 split Sox/A's fans, looking forward to it. We Sox fans will be heard!!!�

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Busch, I'm coming from Southern California on the 7th----always like to come a day early and spend the evening with the crowd gathering on Lansdowne to wait for the 250-300 tickets they put on sale the next morning for the first home game.� These people are terrific.� They bring their tents, barbeque pits, whiffle balls, and plenty of beer and soda and they make a night of it no matter how cold it is.� The police are friendly and it is an atmosphere unlike any I have ever seen in my life-----not even my experiences as a kid in New York back in the 1947-1954 years around Ebbets Field can match what goes on around Fenway.

    I have been fortunate enough to make some very nice new friends----some of them young enough to me my sons and grandsons but they treat me with respect and honor and make me feel very important.� It is great to be around them.� Hey, if you get in on the 7th come on down as see for yourself.� It is a helluva sight to see.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Vic, sucks doesn't begin to describe it.� Here Yankee Stadium is gearing up for its last season as a ballpark and the rotten weather spoils the show.� That's bad enough but why the hell didn't the powers-that-be take precautions in their schedule to have enough adequate time to allow for a make-up of these games?� You know my friend, if I didn't no better I would swear that Selig and his gang are trying to purposely show how inept they are.�

    Fortunately the weather out here was great and my friend Rodney got two tickets to the Dodgers home opener today and we had a good time� Great seats they were, Loge Box right behind first base and my buddy went home happy that his Dodgers won. We can sure use a little bit of this kind of weather in New York and Boston the next week or so.� Best we all keep our chins up on that.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Well Busch, not quite----and sorry for confusing you on that.� No, I already have my three tickets for the Detroit series and got them through "Red Sox Destinations" which sponsors trips to Fenway and road venues for their fans, which includes hotel accommodations and tours of the ballpark and a luncheon with one of the Red Sox players.

    No, what I meant is that I go a day early so I can cavort with those fans who DO arrive at Fenway a day early and make an event of it.� I have made some nice friends the past two years by going there and partaking in the festivities, and as long as I dress warmly I am ok.� It does get cold in Boston on those early April evenings, but you know what?� I hardly feel the chill all that much.�� Food is plentiful, the drinks, hard and soft, are all over the place, there are games galore, conversational most of the evening, and when I usually return to my hotel around 1AM no one has turned it yet.� As far as I know I don't think too many of them get any sleep at all.

    I cannot see how I can be criticized for saying what I'm going to be saying next and that is nowhere, anywhere on this universe is their any fandom even remotely resembling Red Sox Nation.� You have to be there the evening before the game to see it for yourself.� I sure as heck had never seen anything like it in my existence as a fan, and our reputation is spreading all over the country.� Yesterday a friend of mine got a couple of good box-seat tickets for the Dodgers Home Opener with the Giants and those fans were in awe of my Red Sox jacket and Bosox personna.� Out on the West Coast they know all about us and are amazed that our ranks keep growing year by year, and you know why?????� Simple, really.� When new fans jump on the Red Sox bandwagon they do not jump off and the wagone has to be extended year by year.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    I had the opposite experience at Saturday's game.� Sure, a lot of Dodger fans gave me grief about my Red Sox gear.� But there were many more who told me they admired the Sox for sticking it to the Yankees back in 2004, and for achieving the greatest comeback in sports history.� (And they didn't mind pointing out that an ex-Dodger, Dave Roberts, helped make that happen).

    I've taken a lot more abuse at the Oakland A's games I regularly attend (and where I'm looking forward to making an appearance tomorrow night).� And to some extent, I can understand why.� It must be disheartening to have your home stadium packed with fans of the opposing team (I'd estimate it was at least 40% Red Sox fans on Saturday) and Red Sox fans are not known for being modest or demure in their support of the team.

    It's easy to be a Red Sox fan at Fenway.� Taking shots when you're supporting your team on the road is no fun, but a fan base that chants "Yankees suck" at every game can't really expect the fans of other teams to be any more understanding.That's so true.� We kinda get what we deserve in that respect.� Still, no one should feel like their safety is threatened.� The odds of finding more Aholes in a sea of 100,000+ people is far�greater.�

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Yes, things could change Busch but it does look like a good piece of news.� Now if only our team can give us some more good news tonight it will wind up as a very good day.� See you on Landsdowne.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    The demographics have certainly changed around Dodger Stadium the past ten years from where I sit.� Many more Hispanics there and one thing I notice is that those people are diehard Dodger fans and have taken to the team as their own.� I had very little trouble my time at Dodger Stadium and the Coliseum the past few days.� I got into some nice baseball conversations with them and had a good time and there was a lot of latent respect for the Red Sox.� Yes I was kidded but it wasn't malicious at all.� It's the ones who have too much to drink that cause trouble.� At the LAMC on Saturday I surmise there were about 15-20 percent Red Sox fans and no trouble at all.� Yesterday at Dodger Stadium even less controversy.

    As for those white Angels fans you talk about, that is a mixed bag, too.� Last October after we took them in three straight there was one Angel fan who refused to shake my hand, calling me a lousy Boston fan and telling me my kind were the worst of all fans in baseball.� I do take issue with your "last bastion of the white Republicans".� Cuban and Vietnamese Americans are among the most loyal of all Republican constituents, and the Koreans aren't that far behind either.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Just think about it Eddie-------Notice how our RSN has exploded in growth the past few years?� I really think it started before the 2004 miracle, too.� I'm of the mind that the 2003 ALCS bonded many fans to the Red Sox who probably said "that's enough" at what had happened to that team over the past eight decades and decided to throw in their lot with the team.� Hell, I only came on board in the summer of 2000 so I know about these types.� I'm told we are now the most popular draw in the country and that must have something to do with our success, but also the fact that we have grown and multiplied in leaps and bounds the better part of this decade.

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    scared at the Coliseum

    Busch, there was an old baseball saying from long ago that "you fall in love with a team that suffers bad and crushing defeats."� I think 2003 did that for many fans who decided to throw in their lot with the Red Sox----and they certainly got rewarded fast, didn't they?� Now our ranks are swelling and we have to keep this going.� I would imagine that we are now right up there with all the elite teams in baseball and that's the way we all want it to stay.