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    September stretch run discussion

    I think Francona could be a great little leage manager, but as a major leage manager he stinks. Francona loves letting his pitchers get smack around.

    Just like Chilling should have been out on the 8th inning on Friday night, Gagne should have been out of the mount after 1st walk. Tito should have noticed that this guy didn't have it last night, and might never have it again in his lifetime.

    I don't care if the Red Sox win another world series under Francona, to me he lacks one the most important skills as a manager, the ability to recognized when a player is performing under his potential.

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    September stretch run discussion

    How many more times do we have to see the headline "Gagne Falters Again?" The first half of the season we had an amazing one-two punch with Okajima in the 8th and Pap in the 9th. Maybe Theo was preparing for Okajima to start wearing down as the longer season went on but I think we could have brought up some of the younger guys who are pitching well. At least Gagne is just a rent a player and we aren't stuck with a disaster with a long term contract like Drew. Since he has been here he has only thrown one clean inning. I'd prefer not to see him again in a close game unless we have clinched at least the wild card. I will not feel confident when trots out there in a close playoff game. I just don't know how Francona says in his post-game comments that Gagne wasn't throwing like himself and yet he leaves him in there to load the bases and implode when he could have gone to Pap for 4 outs. Is he really playing for the division right now? It doesn't seem like it because he should have a quicker hook when these guys start getting in trouble.

    And then there is Manny....milking yet another September injury. It makes me sick that he sits in the dugout smiling and laughing when Papi and Coco are out there playing through their injuries and no doubt in my mind Youk will be out there as soon as he can. This team needs a leader to step up if they are going to do anything in October.

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    September stretch run discussion

    I think Francono, Theo and Gagne need to be investigated for fixing games and the season! I know it sounds crazy, but what other explanation is there for what transpired last night? The starting linup looked like something out of Pawtucket! The decision to leave Gagne in after he obviously proved the point that he cannot be trusted with a lead - why leave him in to loose the game? Get him out and try to get the win in the 9th!!!!!!

    Fiddling while Rome burns!!!! Francona is worried about setting the starter for Sunday? And the Sox may loose every game up to Sunday - AND THEN SUNDAY WON"T MATTER!!!!!!!


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    September stretch run discussion

    Tom Caron (NESN) said it best after last night's game: "Only the fans care about winning the division, the players and management don't care about that." You know what? It's time we collectively all stopped caring too. We have been duped for too long. If we stop giving Red Sox management this easy ride, then they eventually will have to start caring about the fans and give us competant leadership. I have been a Sox fan since 1964 and I've seen some good teams and some bad ones, but never have I seen a manager as imcompetant at on field decisions as Terry Francona. Grady Little made a mistake at a critical time and he was fired. Francona continues to make mistake after mistake but he survives beccause he is a yes man to Theo.It is said that a manager directly effects less than 10 games a year with his in game moves. Francona has lost 3 of the last 5 with his eight inning bullpen management and arguably another of those five with his poor lineup decisions. I for one have had enough. I will not be renewing my ticket plan for next year even if they win the World Series. As a consumer, I would be a fool to keep spending money for a defective product. This Red Sox team under the tutelage of Terry Francoma is a defective product. I'll find a better way to spend my time and money. It's a shame that my sentiments will get lost in this board and not reach the Red Sox hierarchy, but Francona recently said that he doesn't pay attention to fan's criticism anyway.
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    September stretch run discussion

    From this Yankees fan, I'd say this -- It's highly unlikely that the Red Sox will not make the postseason. It would probably be difficult for them not to win the division. For that to happen, their starting rotation and/or bullpen would have to completely fall apart and the offense would have to stop making clutch hits. I just don't think that is the more likely scenario.

    I do find it odd though that the Yankees have gotten more good pitching out of their starting roation and bullpen (the Red Sox best attribute for most of this season) while the Red Sox starting rotation is no longer pitching to dominating wins. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Manny sitting out or Youkilis hurt. But, I don't think that their hitting is to blame.

    In all likelihood, the Red Sox should focus on getting a quality 6-7 innings out of their starters and hand over the ball to Okajima and Papelbon .. their most consistent pitchers for the bulk of this season. If not, and/or if they try and rely on complete games by Dice-K or Schilling (or, even 8 innings), they won't last very long in the postseason.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Will Gange & Drew be on this roster in the playoffs?

    What was Tito thinking when Gange could not throw it in the ocean? It was shades of Grady Little in #7 of the ALCS 2003.

    When is Manny's contract up? How long and how many years do we have to put up with him not showing up in the stretch?

    The Sox just don't have a prayer against the Angels, Yankees or Indians this post season unless Drew & Gagne are left out.

    I don't know if this question was asked, but what is the fascination with JD Drew?

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    September stretch run discussion

    "Only the fans care about winning the division, the players and management don't care about that."

    There is a fair amount of wisdom in not caring about winning the division, just making the playoffs. Anything can happen in a 5 or 7 game series, but statistics even things out over the course of 162 games, and over that span the better team is going to have the better record. And although I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan, I must say it's pretty obvious the Yankees are the better team and the Sox have just been overachieving this year.

    Think about it ... how many position players on the Yankees would you not swap for gladly with the Sox player at that position? I'd say none, except for Manny when he's healthy, which he's not. Sox have an offensive advantage only at DH.

    What about pitching? Sox have slightly better starting pitching and a comparable closer, but middle relief is killing them these days.

    It's time to start getting your players as rested and healthy as possible (especially the pitchers) and take your chances with a short series. If we can get Manny back in good shape, my outfield would be Manny, Coco and Ellsbury. I'd put Buchholz on the playoff roster, if possible. Pitching, speed and defense is going to win it, if anything will.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Ahhh who cares! Tito is giving guys extra rest; setting the rotation up for the playoffs. We're in regardless and we KNOW the Yanks don't have the pitching to win in October. I'm not scared of Cleveland or the Angels.

    I WANT to meet the Yanks for the ALCS...there's not better matchup.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Why dont the Sox go with a 6-man rotation? Plenty of arms so why worry if Dice-K and Oki can handle the change to a 5-man rotation? Why worry if Schill can hold up, if Wake's back can hold up? Start with a 6-man at the beginning and hopefully get more quality starts throughout the season and hold up till the end.

    Yanks are running a 6-man .... and, well, they are goiing to take the Division ....
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    September stretch run discussion

    Francona does not know how to manage his bullpen . . . ridiculous.
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    September stretch run discussion

    Like so many other Red Sox fans, I'm in a foul mood today and try as I'd like I can't quell the anger I feel towards Terry Francona. Despite all the claims to the contrary by the organization he is not a good manager. He's a walking, talking, contradiction who generally, in the words of the immortal Bill Lee, "falls out of trees and lands on his feet." Every now and then,however, he will land on his head as he did last night when he elected to go with, and stay with, Gagne. This could have been a huge win! John Lester had pitched his heart out and the Sox were beating A.J. Brunet. Instead, it was a heart-wrenching loss. And the media??? Where are they, with the hardball questions and the scrutinizing relections? Nowhere to be found! We have Tina serving up the softballs and batting her eyelashes at Terry and we have Terry responding arrogantly, dictating the course of the psuedo-interview.

    Suddenly, all of the talk is of "magic number 4" and just getting into the playoffs, almost like they've conceded the division title to the Yankees. Suddenly Clay Bucholz, who after pitching a no-hitter and was relagated to the bullpen because "he's to be brought along very very slowly", is now being rushed into a start by the same manager who justified the gradual introduction to the big leagues.

    If they get in, after a 14+ game lead, as a Wild Card, I will just tune them out and tune in, full-time, the class of New England - our Patriots.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Well i think the redsox will end up with the best record in MLB this season. The team is just making some adjustment right now for the playoff. Tito just needs to make the adjustment quickly so the team can end the regular season with a " BANG " .. once Manny is back and Coco with no injuries the redsox will be just fine .
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    September stretch run discussion

    People, stop your bellyaching for just one second and ask yourself this; Why is it that the Yankee fans are the only ones that make any sense on this message board?....

    Some of you people may want to believe that Tito had absolutely nothing to do with winning the World Series in 2004, but everyone know that that is simply not true. No team had ever done what his team did to that point, and he deserves every bit of the credit.

    Now, having said that, he does not seem to have the best idea in the world when to go out to the mound with the hook. This is something the bench coach and the pitching should help him out with. The manager cannot excute for the players, but he can put them in a position to win...

    Everyone knows that is is not how you play over a two week period that counts, but how you play when everything is on the line (ie October) that counts. Yankee fans, as much as it hurts me to say this, know this better than anyone. Soon we will find out what this team is truly made of. The Sox will pull it together and play thier way through this. They have to. They did not arive at this point with (still) the best recors in MLB by being a bunch of limp dicks...

    Do I like what I am seeing? No way. Is thei still time to turn it around it around? Absolutely...

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    September stretch run discussion


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    September stretch run discussion

    Is it at all possible the Red Sox were playing above their potential and the Yankees were playing below during the first half of the year?

    As in life, everythign evens out in the end to how things should be. Not to hate on the Red Sox, but if you look at the lineup, only half of them arelegit hitters, did Youk really think he can continue his performance all year or an aging Tek?

    its totally different in the playoffs and we will see how the teams fair.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Posted by bostontopdog on 3:19 PM


    I wouldn't say the Sox are playing HORRIBLE. I do think they kindachoked against the Yanks recently, but if you think about the weekendseries, there were TWO isolated issues:

    1. Papelbon imploded - Friday game

    2. Jeter got lucky and sent one out of the park in a tight game - like I said, Jeter should be walked every at bat - Sunday game

    You fix those two issues, and the Sox sweep the Yanks - Season isOVER. So, for those who don't understand the game, this looks like theYanks are running away, but it's actually much closer than you think,and in a short series, i.e. ALCS, Sox will NOT implode (b/c at any signof implosion, they will bring out Schilling, Wakefield, anybody to stopthe bleeding), so the Sox win the ALCS = World Series. Comprendez?

    Frost wrote a poem called 'If'.

    For those who do understand the game, it is all about the 'W' next to the score. Bottom line is that the RS have more today, but there is much hesistancy to claim that will be the case at the end of the season. We shall see, and it will be fun getting there.

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    September stretch run discussion

    I think overall it is fair to say that the Sox are much like daylight savings time: Spring ahead, Fall behind ...
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    September stretch run discussion

    dreamer007, you are so eloquent with your words, kudos to you for using proper grammar as well.

    Not directed to you, but to all Red Sox fans and fans of sports teams in general, why do fans like to hold on to the past when they need to focus on the present? Its been 3 seasons since the Red Sox won the world series, how long do we need to still hear about it on the radio and in print? This year is a new season, you dont hear the White Sox fans saying....Yeah, but we won in 2005, or the Yankee fans saying yeah, but we wont in 2000, or Cards fans with 2006.


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    September stretch run discussion

    1 hit in 6 innings against this guy? He's 5-9 with a 4.13 ERA!!!!!! He's not NOLAN RYAN!!!! Good Grief. This team needs to wake up!!!
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    September stretch run discussion

    The lack of offense is just unbelievable! One hit against this guy?

    I can just hear the spin afterward: "He had great stuff, really had our number tonight...blah blah blah blah:

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    September stretch run discussion

    The guy hasn't hit 90 on the gun all night. One hit!
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    September stretch run discussion

    Now 2. Whoopeeeeeee!
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    September stretch run discussion

    Say good night boys, the season is over.
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    September stretch run discussion

    The division is gone. The Sux will be in second place by Monday. But at this point I am almost hoping they completely fade and don't even make the playoffs because no matter who they play they are going to get completely embarassed.