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    September stretch run discussion

    Again, the players and management DO NOT CARE about the division. They've said it over and over again. Only we stupid fans cared. Half the starters were on the bench tonight and Francona has already said Ortiz is not playing Friday. A note to upper management: DO SOMETHING ABOUT FRANCONA OR WE FANS MAY NEVER CARE AGAIN!
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    September stretch run discussion

    Hey, how about those Celtics?

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    September stretch run discussion

    Sox 6-1 loss score posted on Yankee Stadium scoreboard and 55,000 fans went wild as did Michael Kay who screamed only 1 game in loss column. Yanks will win division as usual and Sox will be eliminated quickly in first round of playoffs. Lugo with bases loaded hit a weak bouncer to shortstop who bobbled the ball but Lugo was barely running so was out by half a step. Toronto pitcher had been hit hard in last few games but Sox swung at first pitch as if they were packing it in.

    Fire Francona who gave away game last night using Gagne. SO MANY ERRORS BY FRANCONA!

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    September stretch run discussion

    Red Sox meltdown is similar to last year when Manny, Varitek etc became injured in August and they collapsed.
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    September stretch run discussion

    THEY STINK! This is about Francona and Varitek, mainly. They do not function as a TEAM, and the Yankees do, and that's the difference. As usual, these guys have no heart and the sum of the parts is therefore no larger than the parts. Chemistry wins down the stretch, and Boston has never understood this. So once again, they let us all down. A team paid this well, and so loaded with talent has no business playing .500 ball the last 4 months of the season. Period. They STINK!
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    September stretch run discussion

    Lugo should be benched. That's bush...
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    September stretch run discussion


    That is why they are playing like this. The ownership is making money off the fools who still think that solved it all. Do you get paid at work for the stuff you did two years ago? No- you don't . It is nice to remember good times in the past but all they are memories. Yes - they do this every year with one year-2004 the exception. If I am wrong on this show me another year they started out strong and finished strong.

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    September stretch run discussion

    It appears Francona wants to 'save' certain players for a win when neccessary.

    I think that it's a very risky thing to be doing. The horse race is nearly done but he doesn't want to use the 'horses'.

    Going on this losing streak is not the best thing for any team's psych. I can see it in the teams attitude. This is not the way to be finishing a season. And thinking he can flick the switch when playoffs start, I don't think will work.(Hope I'm wrong).

    I don't know any stats, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a bunch of teams that coasted to the playoffs (saving players because of clinching early playoff berth) that didn't fare well.

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    September stretch run discussion


    We were up 14 1/2 games, the Yankees were dead and



    Today is a crucial game against Toronto who has embarassed us. But instead of getting up for the game with some offense, we do nothing. We manage 1 stinking run.. But despite this we are still in the game. So we put in our ace closer to keep them from scoring any more runs.






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    September stretch run discussion

    Yeah, despite my remark, I'm still holding out a sliver of hope. With that said, this has not been Francona's best week. I'll always give him credit for 2004, sending Dave Roberts into Game 4 was a brilliant move. But consider: Papelbon got lit up last Friday night. Hey, it happens. But then Francona bails on him for four straight days, and then throws him in tonight. Closers need to pitch every day or every other day to remain effective; too much rest is harmful. They're the exact opposite of starting pitchers. Not the best strategy by Francona. Hopefully, the Sox can regroup, make the playoffs, and start anew. They were down 3-0 to the Yanks in '04, and look what that led to.

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    September stretch run discussion



    HE IS USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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    September stretch run discussion

    Francona has ripped the heart, what little there was, out of this team with the BS moves - possibly the worst week of managing and for him that says a lot - odd that every person watching the game on Friday could see Oki was not right after back to back homers but tito didn't get it until the trainers had to shut oki down? nothing like killing your closers confidence (if it's not already gone) by brining him in as he did tonight - although I'm still puzzled by Paps comments after the game on Friday - he wasn't mentally into it? what the F does that mean? he's pitched what, like 40 innings this year and he wasn't mentally sharp????

    what a freakin' train wreck this team is - i'd love to hear somebody in the FO say something but they won't - Lugo dogs it out on a potentially game tying bobble and what???? he's right back out there - what a piece of s..t he is - wife beater, allegedly - they'll lose on Friday as the only positive left standing for this team is Beckett but they'll manage to grind out another 3 hit performance against Kazmir setting up another series they drop 2 out of 3 to the Rays - meanwhile the Jays, world beaters that they are, will go to NY and play dead - this managing for the "playoff" crap is going to back-fire - Tito has tried to rest people throughout the last 6 weeks and it's blown up in their faces - he's got to be the WORST manager in baseball - to blow a 14.5 game lead??? Hell, he's blown a 5 game lead in less than a week - how ironic that the yankees rallied the other night from 5 back to win - just like the division - We suck.....

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    September stretch run discussion

    At least Terry has realized (in mid-september) that Lugo and his sub-.300 obp probably isn't the best to lead off a game.
    And can we please stop giving Gagne extra "chances to prove himself." There is no time for that, and he has already cost us 4 games in the standings.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Rember Nomah and how he did not give a damm if Sox beat Yanks refusing to pinch hit in 9th which Sox lost in 13th inning. Manny is the same sorry mess bailing last year August 22 and this year August 28. To hell with Manny. Sox should copy Angels and just run and run but that would require a manager smarter than Terry Francoma who is making Sam Palazzo look good as he was fired by the hapless Orioles. Lost David Murphy and Kason Gabbard for a fat useless slob. It is disgusting! Sox pitchers are OK but you cannot keep bullpen unused for weeks and expect them to perform. Theo tried to fix the bullpen with the slob which destroyed the bullpen. Nice job, Blunder Boy!
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    September stretch run discussion

    stress is self induced by thoughts of ones inability to meet expectations they've accepted from others - yup, that about sums it up so your statement is accurate - they are feeling the stress - hard to feel sorry for guys making $10M, $14M or even $20M plus a year and dogging out grounders, misplaying fly balls and sitting again when his team really needs him -
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    September stretch run discussion

    You are dead on - this team has absolutely no fight in them - how do you get 3 hit by the Blue Jays? How do you get swept by the Jays? 5 runs in 3 games? Paps brought in to get a double play grounder (at least that's what it looked like)? Lugo being a lazy piece of crap - they'll back in - and the first friggin' person i hear compare this team to Detroit a year ago i'll hunt down and gut like a fish - I feel like Rip Van Winkle - is it 1978 still????
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    September stretch run discussion

    I will admit it, I am a Yankee fan, and really I just came by here to watch all you red legs sweat, but even for you guys, this is a bit much. Fire Francona? This is the guy that got you something only your ancestors ever knew: a World Series victory. And with nine games left in the season, sitting in first place, you are ready to throw him under the bus?

    Surely this kind of attitude has helped keep championships to every 80 or so years.

    Take a look at yourself, you have three major injuries, your catcher is beat up, and you think it is somehow the managers fault that the team is floundering?

    Manny is sitting out until the playoffs, get used to it. You will be there regardless, so would you rather have a rested, injury free Manny or one who is just "gutting it out"? Without Manny, your post season is already over. Without even getting a hit, he changes the game. Pitchers can easily handle big ploppy when he has no backup. Francona and the front office are right by not rushing him. In fact, I would not be surprised if you don't see him until the last 1-2 games.

    Now I will agree, Francona hasn't made the best decisions, but that can happen when you are a gut guy. Playing with his gut, he buried the curse, so don't be so quick to kill the man.

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    September stretch run discussion

    There is no stress. There is disinterest by players except for rookies. Vets tonite swung at first pitch as they wanted to leave Toronto. Lugo did not run out a grounder with bases loaded which destroyed rally. Francoma gives up a 2-1 lead by bringing in Gagme to restore his confidence while destoying the teams and the fans confidence as Gagme could not throw a strike and gave up the lead. John Henry must be in Australia and Lucchino is in Japean as no adults seem to be supervising Theo and Terry Francoma, both of whom should be fired now. Another ugly end to the season.
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    September stretch run discussion

    I can't watch them anymore even though I pay a premium on DirectTV. They s-ck! They have no heart, no tenacity and no WILL TO WIN. Manny is the biggest dog of all as he's quit on his team two years in a row with phantom injuries, he's the poster boy for what's wrong with the RS as is Francona who is the ultimate wimp!
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    September stretch run discussion

    The good news is that with Schilling gone in a few weeks, Sox can fire Francona who was hired because Curt demanded it as they were together in Philly. If Inepstein has the balls to do it.
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    September stretch run discussion

    It's just so unbelievably lame that they've conceded the division by their lackadaisical play, and think they can come back and turn it on in the playoffs - and management (Theo, Terry) have the chutzpah to disseminate through the media the spin the division doesn't matter? Are you kidding me?

    Looks like the division and home field matter to Cleveland, NY, and LA! But I guess they don't have the "vision" or the "statistical analysis" that our management has to see the "true picture."

    As has been pointed out earlier, they've done a great job lining up their writers and talk show hosts to deliver this bogus spin. It's pretty transparent, and more than a little insulting.

    Isn't going to be fun watching the Yankees douse each other with champagne, and the sports world talking about their fabulous comeback? And we can "celebrate" by being the last AL team to make the playoffs - gee, after all those days leading the ALE. Oh yeah, sorry, all that doesn't matter.

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    September stretch run discussion

    It's a bit sad that the Sox are in a tail spin at the moment. You must give credit where it is due. The Sox have had the best win loss % in MLB for many months now. They have had their implosion in September and the Yankees had their implosion in May. NY has always had the deeper team, just look at the payroll.

    The problem is the Yankees rookies and young players have contributed greatly down the stretch. The Sox should at least get the wild card. If they don't , then it is time to get the Axe out bigtime. I trust they will get the act together and right the ship. So all the Nation should net panic (yet) and get ready for the post season.

    The scenario of NY playing the Angels and the Sox playing the Indians might be the best possible out come. The Angels knock off the Yanks , the Sox beat Cleveland. The Sox beat the Angels and who ever the NL puts up. Walla another World Championship.

    Saying this, I still believe Francona needs to find another job. He gave too many games away early, he chronically mismanages his pitchers. He thinks that the runs will just keep coming, doesn't consider the possible loss of Manny Ramirez, Keven Youkilus, he Knew Big Papi had knee problems, he knew Drew is a bust , he knew Lugo isn't as advertised. He knew all these facts, but he still let games get away. I have always believed that games in April , May ,June were just as important as Sept games. Not Francona , he gave games away in those months , because of pitch counts, days off for key players, sticking with struggling veterans.

    Now of course the other shoe has dropped, now he can't manage, because the players who he has grown to rely on have lost a bit of the old fastball. He puts them out there now, when he wouldn't in April, May, and June. A win is a win, whether it is April or September. Maybe that genius , the Rocket Scientist , Bill James needs to work that one out.

    Better yet they should give the genius a one way ticket to Salt Lake City.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Tito did mismanage some games this year, as every one does,Torre included, but he has to play the hand dealt ot him. He was not going to sit Drew for any length of time because he makes $17 mil per annum. As we have seen lately, he is turning it around, howbeit 5 months late.

    Boston dealt away 3 minor leaguers, two of whom were better than descent, for Gagne who he is going to use because after October, he moves on to another team. Gagne himself is responsible for three losses (two in the 4 game Baltimore set and the Toronto game of 9/18.) but as we have seen Papelbon is not automatic anymore either.

    On the whole, Tito has managed the team well, hey, were the best team in the majors for most of the season. He did his best to save Papelbon for the end of the year and it has not helped. The power outage in the lineup was unforseen.

    They can still win the whole ball of wax, but the play has to come up big time especially their failing bullpen and lack of TIMELY hitting. Another sad stat is they are UNDER .500 in one run games. Champions win the one run games.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Fenwaymark, your right about the Sox having a less than .500 winning % in 1 run games. This all goes to the heart of management. I hate the Yanks first of all, but when I was a kid I used to love to watch the late great Casey Stengel manage the Yanks. They had Mantle , Maris , Martin, Boyer,Richardson, Skowrun, Berra, Howard, Bauer, Ford , Arroyo,Duren, you name them , They had em.

    They would be leading the American League by 10 games in July, 15 Games in August. Have it wrapped up by Labor Day. But if you watched Stengel Manage his pitchers you'd think they were in last place,. He never gave a game away. Fight to the death, that was the little Professor. Mel Stottlemeyer is an old friend of mine. Mel said Casey never called him Mel, he called him GROUND BALL. That was Casey, he wasn't the players friend, they had a job to do, and Casey had a job to do. His job was to make sure they did their job.

    Francona is the master of the blow out. Give me a 10 run lead and I can manage. Make it a one run game and I am not sure. Francona couldn't carry old Casey's Jock Strap.