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    September stretch run discussion

    I want to serve notice to all my fellow yankee fans who are trolling here. Stop talking smack about chokes and stuff like that. The red sox fans are correct to point out 2004 was the biggest choke in the history of all sports period... So please. If they blow the division is it a choke yes but this happens almost every year in baseball.
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    September stretch run discussion

    Your point about 2004 is a valid one, however...

    Choking is the trademark of the Boston Red Sox.

    * six pennants between 1918 and 2004 without a single World Series title and some really painful examples of losing. 1986, anyone?

    * 1978 - Bucky Dent. Yes, BUCKY DENT.

    To Yankee fans, 2004 was an anomaly not another example of choking tradition.

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    September stretch run discussion

    You are, in fact, wrong about 2004. I have been over 2004 since early 2005.

    Yankee fans have a century of winning to fall back on. We have Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Ford, Mantle, Maries, et al. We also have New York, the greatest city on the planet. I have also been personally fortunate - I saw the Yanks win the 1996 World Series at the Stadium while 55,000+ kicked like the Rockettes during "New York, New York". I hate to break it to you, but 2004 was not nearly as catastrophic for us as you may think.

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    September stretch run discussion

    surabaya, you are right about that. While it was painful at the time, 2004 was soon forgotten in 2005. I actually respect the Red Sox and I do hope they make it to the playoffs and that they can face the Yankees again. By reading the posts here it is amazing how much loyalty these fans have for their team. I do think that for them it goes more deeply than for us. Still, I do feel that the Sox have nothing to worry about since they are going to be in the playoffs. For us it feels great because it was 14 1/2 games and this Yankee team feels different than those in the last few years.
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    September stretch run discussion

    The thing that amazes me is that a lot of Red Sox fans seem to be more upset about possibly being overtaken by the Yankees than not winning the division. It's crazy, the Sox are in the playoffs and at that point anything can happen (think 2004). So relax guys and enjoy the ride this is supposed to be fun, remember it's only a game.
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    September stretch run discussion

    The Angels knock off the Yanks , the Sox beat Cleveland. The Sox beat the Angels and who ever the NL puts up. Walla another World Championship.

    with the lack of offense the sox have, you really think they are going to steamroll over cleveland? perhaps you don't realize that you will be facing c.c sabathia and fausto carmona twice in the series.

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    September stretch run discussion

    As a Yankee fan I would rather not see my team have to go full throttle to catch the Red Sox until the end of the season. It doesn't matter in the playoffs whether you are the wild card or division leader. Something that should be changed by the way. Perhaps making the wild card team play all the games in the first round on the road although something would have to be done with revenue distribitution for the two home games they would of played. As an observer of baseball what puzzles me is how the Red Sox management can put up with Manny's antics. It seems like he runs the team and Francona.
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    September stretch run discussion

    Francona is a LOSER! He has turned the team into a bunch of wimps.
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    September stretch run discussion

    Francona is a LOSER and WHIMP!
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    September stretch run discussion

    I think I will reiterate what I said last night:

    I will admit it, I am a Yankee fan, and really I just came by here towatch all you red legs sweat, but even for you guys, this is a bitmuch. Fire Francona? This is the guy that got you something only yourancestors ever knew: a World Series victory. And with nine games leftin the season, sitting in first place, you are ready to throw him underthe bus?

    Surely this kind of attitude has helped keep championships to every 80 or so years.

    Takea look at yourself, you have three major injuries, your catcher is beatup, and you think it is somehow the managers fault that the team isfloundering?

    Manny is sitting out until the playoffs, get usedto it. You will be there regardless, so would you rather have arested, injury free Manny or one who is just "gutting it out"? WithoutManny, your post season is already over. Without even getting a hit,he changes the game. Pitchers can easily handle big ploppy when he hasno backup. Francona and the front office are right by not rushinghim. In fact, I would not be surprised if you don't see him until thelast 1-2 games.

    Now I will agree, Francona hasn't made thebest decisions, but that can happen when you are a gut guy. Playingwith his gut, he buried the curse, so don't be so quick to kill the man.


    And to add a few things. About the big Yankee "choke" in 2004. If you are calling that a choke, then, well you are doing that Red Sox team a dis-service. I mean to imply a choke is to say that the Red Sox had no business winning that series.

    Anyway, it hurt that year, but the massacre last year really helped patch that up, and well, if the Sox go to lose the pennant, that will just about heal all wounds.
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    September stretch run discussion

    What we shouldn't lose sight of in this discussion is that the Red Sox weren't a great team to begin with and are pretty bad right now. When you factor in the injuries, they may be the least threatening team in the playoffs in either league.

    Much of it has to do with the fact that every thing Theo touches turns to ****. Which also indicates, by the way, poor scouting and evaluation.

    But the Yankees, Indians, and Angels are going to do what they are going to do. 95 wins is pretty good given the lineup this manager is forced to take out every night. Looking ahead to the piching the Sox will be facing (Kazmir, Santana) just making the playoffs will be a struggle.

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    September stretch run discussion

    manny wasn't doing much when he was in the lineup
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    September stretch run discussion

    Red Sox in April: 16-8

    May: 20-8

    June: 13-14

    July: 15-12

    August: 16-13

    September: 10-8

    In the first 2 months of the season, I was saying it: This team isn't that good. Nobody believed me. I felt that their record was better than they really are. And I felt that all the little things were going their way. To the tune of a 36-16 record. Since then they are only 7 games over .500. 5.5 months gone by now. And 3.5 of those months spent being a barely above average team. Can't we all agree now that this team is exactly what I said it was?

    This team had problems going into the season, which is what made it so surprising to me that they could start off so well. But those problems eventually caught up with them. Julian Tavarez as the #5 starter? Come on. The gamble on Daisuke (or Daisucky as I like to call him), which in my opinion didn't pay off (at least not in comparison to the money spent and other available pitchers that were passed on). Gambles on J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo, neither of which paid off either. Trot's numbers aren't as good as Drew's (as amazing as THAT is considering how bad Drew has been). But they aren't THAT much worse. And in the end, maybe one hustle play by Nixon would've made all the difference in the season. If not, certainly one costly error by Lugo that Gonzalez wouldn't have made could've been a deciding play. And for those Francona apologists out there, he plays a part in the wins/losses too. By my count he's lost more games with bad decisions than he has won with good decisions.

    I'm not surprised that the Sox are in danger of finishing second in the east once again. I'm not sad. In fact, I WANT them to slip on into the night. Why? Because they don't deserve to win anything. This team that Theo has put together may have fooled some people early on. But not me. And I'm happy that everyone is seeing them for what they are now.

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    September stretch run discussion

    You can see Francona really wants to win the division, no matter what he says. Brining in Papelbon in the 8th inning of a game that they are losing? That's the sign of a manager and an organization that wants to win. Things just aren't going their way right now but it's certainly not from lack of desire.

    As a Yankee fan, yeah, 2004 sucked. But the fans got over it pretty quickly because it was an aberration. It's like Jessica Alba suddenly getting a large pimple on her nose. Once it's over, you're still left with Jessica Alba.

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    September stretch run discussion


    Whack it, Yankmee.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Didn't you ever hear of Babe Ruth, Thurman Munson, Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Mickey Mantle, or any other of the many "household names" from the Yankees? As a Yankee fan haunting these Red Sox Blogs I can only say, "Look out behind you!"
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    September stretch run discussion

    Uh... the week before the BJ's swept the RS, the EE took 2 of 3 in Toronto.

    What is your point?
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    September stretch run discussion

    There maybe a $25,000 bet Tito made at 1000-1 odds in late May in Vegas that Sox would finish second in AL East. That is why he is making Sox lose by using the useless Gagme. Tito would rather have $25 million than an AL east. The reason I say this is that a man here in Ft Lauderdale is a big time criminal who is a friend of Francona. He said his Red Sox cap was a gift from Francona recently as they grew up together in Pennsylvania if I remember what he said correctly.
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    September stretch run discussion

    Your right, it's 2007

    The only other differences between this year and 78, is

    1. that our collapse isn't complete yet, and

    2. this time, we'll be able to back door it into the playoffs as a WC

    But if that happens, we can add this to our list of "end of the year collapses". It is amazing how often we CHOKE as a franchise. We hide behind injuries and, now, we want to claim the division isn't important. - BULLSH*T.

    I'm sick of the excuses and the spins. I'm also sick of Manny. He continues to be nothing more than an overpaid fat slob who whimps out at the end of each season. How can you take batting practice, looking healthy as ever and hitting the ball as good as ever, and then claim you can't play. Let's release this clown and be done with him.

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    September stretch run discussion

    The 2007 Boston Red Sox remind me a bit of the 2005 Chicago White Sox, who had a fast start (53-24 in the first three months) but who needed to win their final five regular-season games to finish with a record above .500 in the games after July 31.

    Of course, in the postseason the 2005 White Sox lost only one game enroute to the World Series title.

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    September stretch run discussion

    Of course we all want to win the division, but to win it all IN OCTOBER is the paramount goal... so let us not kid ourselves, if by playing a game at a time we win, DIVISION, great, but have the team in top shape for october is more important than anything, so let us have a sound strategy for success in postseason... SO IF NEEDED, FORGET YANKS AND BE A PROUD WILDCARDER LIKE IT WAS IN 2004
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    September stretch run discussion

    I'm afraid your arguement is old and boring. Yes the Yankee organization spends money. They do it to field a winning team. But who bought Gagne for the stretch run? And who tried to get A-Rod first? And who will probably tender A-Rod the sky to leave the Yankees? And who spent more money this off-season signing free agents? The answer to all of these questions is, of course, the Red Sox. For a Red Sox fan to accuse the Yankees of having the best team money can buy is a compliment actually. Because the once and returning strategy of the Yankees is to groom stars in the minors and pay to keep them in the majors.

    Almost every player I named except for Ruth were homegrown Yankees. Mantle, Munson, Dimaggio, Jeter, Bernie Williams, Cano, Posada, Berra, (and should I point out the crop of young players coming up that are bound to become household names and maybe even baseball legends?

    I didn't start out to disparage the Red Sox. But they spend almost as freely as the Yankees and have far less to show for it historically.

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    September stretch run discussion


    As for your state of affairs concerning the Red Sox, I think you have gauged a couple things wrong in my opinion.

    First of all, Veritek has shown tremendous leadership this year with all the new pitchers in camp including Matsuzaka and Okajima. He has handled the pitching staff up to this point very well. Offensively, I wish we could get more from him, but his main leadership role for this team has been handling the new talent and getting them to have the best chance to win in this league. It isn't his fault if he sets up for a pitch inside, outside, up or down and the pitcher misses location and the opposition gets a hit. That is lack of concentration and mechanics on the pitchers fault. Overall, if you see what he is trying to call to set up hitters behind the plate, I think you would have a vastly different opinion of his leadership on this team.

    Secondly, JD Drew! Sure he has been a major disappointment, but I think it will come out that his son's health has weighed heavily on him throughout the season. Therefore, affecting his play on the field. Who knows, maybe next year he will break out like Beckett did this year after a down year his first year here. I say cut him some slack knowing his home situation. Take this year from him as a major down year for him and hope that he can rebound strong next year. I am surprised he hasn't taken some major time off this year to tend to his problems at home.

    Thirdly, Theo and Larry haven't been as bad as others here state they are. Look at what they have done. First of all, they have kept the team at a competitive level and the team has averaged over 90+ wins a year in thier tenure here. Secondly, they have built a thriving and successful farm system that is really just starting to produce the talent that should help this team for years in the future. Thirdly, even though some trades and free agent signings haven't worked out, some major acquisitions have been made.......Remember the buzz the day they signed David Ortiz....what about the organization beating the Yankees to Schilling....Lowell and Beckett in a trade (one the heart of this team now and the other a A.L. Cy Young favorite)........DiceK and Okajima and knowing that DiceK should be a 15 - 20 game winner every year after the 3rd year with his array and variety of pitches.

    Fourth and lastly, Francona hasn't been a good manager down the stretch. His decision making in some games have cost the team WINS and that is unexcusable in my book. If we lose this division lead to the Yankees, me and a ton of other posters here could probabally come up with 5 - 10 games that he has grossly mismanaged and cost the Red Sox WINS.

    Other than that, I agree with the rest that you said......especially Manny. Personally, I think Manny is doggin' it and has dogged it since he pulled himself out of the lineup with a mystery knee injury (some reporters and media types have questioned if he was even really injured last year) after the Yankee crushing 5 game sweep last year. Whatever his beef with the Red Sox, it has played out to the fact he shuts it down come the end of the year when the Red Sox really need his bat. He is a paycheck player and that is all he will ever be. Hopefully, they will find a suitable trade partner for him (maybe Anaheim with thier young talent) who is looking for a power bat in the offseason and use his freed up money to go after a power bat to replace him.

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    September stretch run discussion

    At some point Red Sox Nations must begin to question if Francona is throwing these late September games........Kind of funny we go all season pulling our starters before the real damage gets done, last three weeks he leaves them in until they're fried.

    Better check the books, of call in an MLB investigator, something is up.