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    Should Lucchino go?

    Seriously, why waste time asking this question? All it is gonna do is get LoserLaw2005abcdefg posting anti-Sox stuff all over this thread. This isn't meant to sound insulting to you but think of it this way: Were you actually IN the room? Do you actually know EVERY detail of the Sox' entire pursuit of Teixeira? And can you HONESTLY say that the whole pursuit of Teixeira wasn't even just for show so that at least Sox fans would THINK that the front office made every effort to aquire him? The answer to all of those question is the same: NO.

    The truth is that we will never know what honestly happened. I'm sure that if you asked Theo, Larry, Henry, Boras & Teixeira what happened then you'd get a different story from all of them so the fact is that it really is impossible for us to ever know the complete and true story. And not to mention that Teixeira wanted to be a Yankee all along-- how is that Larry's fault?

    I realize that you're probably as bored as I am with the lack of news but come on, now-- don't post this kind of stuff when we honestly have no business answering this question since we hardly have anywhere close to all the information we'd need to make an honest answer. If you wanna talk about a player's stats, preference to bring a player here, players you like or dislike then fine, but let's not go ripping on people when we only have one small piece of a huge story.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    Great Post, you hit a big source of the Red Sox FO problems on the head. Lucchino is not a Baseball guy, he is a business guy. I don't know why the Red Sox insist on allowing the guy who should be signing off on the color of the drapes in Lux suites or picking the best brand of toilet paper to provide their customers, sitting in on Baseball related meetings. Come to think of it, why is John Henry even there? Don't they trust Theo judgements? You lay out the parameters of the contract before hand and let your GM go do his job.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    You start the thread, you argue with yourself about a topic no real Red Sox fans care about and then you finish the threads. Spectacular.

    Where did this information come from? Do you have a link? Peter Gammons seemed to have a pretty good idea about what happened in the negotiations and I didn't see him mention Luchino, but maybe he did.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    I wish my life had such a purpose as to be an agitator on another team's message board. How proud my parents would be.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    If you want to have an actual discussion about it, I welcome that.

    Yes, I get the feeling you're right about Lucchino. I get the definite feeling he's a pompous _______. I didn't understand where you information was coming from and that's my fault. I'm just thinking the Sox have more important things to worry about expecially in light of the fact that by now we all know Teixeira had NO intention of coming here.
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    Should Lucchino go?


    Good companies have people who are like minded at the end goal but also have differing opinions about things. It helps to keep the mind going and think of solutions.

    All I know is since Henry took over the Sox won two WS, 2 7 Game ALCS's and a WC birth. 2002 had to be one of the best teams not to make playoff's i can remember. They are positioned to continue the run for years to come.

    He has made mistakes, but they were not getting Tex anyway as it turns out maybe he knew that at that meeting? As for A Rod we can agree to disagree if he came here in 03 forget it, they sox would also have gotten Ordonez and McCarthy I think. Think three rings, without A Rod Ny is a 85 win team the last three years.

    The Manny chapter was coming to a end no matter what I think.

    They are a championship team, I dont think they should change things until or unless they fail and it is proven he had a hand in it. Theo runs the club or else they would of made a bad signing like they did when he was kinda running they show with Clement, Wells, Ren a wreck type signings.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    I'm sure Lucchino has some redeeming qualities probably having to do with charities, but he's never really been one of my favorites. But, hold him up to someone like Jeremy Jacobs and, well, don't get me going about JJ.
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    Should Lucchino go?

    Total BS spin on events. When engaging in multiple person negotiations many times people play "roles" during the proceedings. Kinda like good cop/ bad cop, only in this case it would be gentle persuader and tough negotiator with the teams goal being to close the deal. Blaming any part of the team for the failure to close is like blaming the second baseman for a lost game. Maybe mistakes were made by individuals, but it's still a team sport. The REAL problem here was Henry and his arrogant refusal to recognize that the cards were unfavorable to us this time around. He instead chose to pretend that they were ,and failed to place an adequate bid on the table. He further complicated things by firing off an unwise and deliberately inflamatory email to the press-further fouling the waters.

    Luchino has been very good for the Sox and balances Theo's youthful exuberance well. I fear losing him this is expected to be the year he moves on. We shall see.